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chevvron 13th Feb 2021 07:10

Is that an airship shed just above the hangar?

OUAQUKGF Ops 13th Feb 2021 08:37

Well having done a bit of poking around I think nvubu will be our winner.........?

Asturias56 13th Feb 2021 15:06

As I'm off for the evening I'll confess a bit early - yes it is Stoenhenge -& nvubu has it

Surely the UK's Most Historic Aerodrome - I was astonished they built one there right beside the stones..............

nvubu 13th Feb 2021 15:49

Thanks - I guessed at it based on your clue about the surprising location - before going and looking up the challenge I posted in 2018 :)

Here is the next challenge - the airfield is under the smoke. Will provide more images later.


Self loading bear 13th Feb 2021 20:43

I feel lucky today:
A few years back I did a hole-in-one when answering (tong in cheek) Udvar Hazy on a very hazy picture.
If this is a German airfield where they have problems with smoke extraction, then this must be Berlin Brandenburg airport (then Schonefeld)

OUAQUKGF Ops 14th Feb 2021 10:39

Is it Metfield, Suffolk ? (Bomb Dump Went Up)

nvubu 14th Feb 2021 13:13

SLB - you aren't lucky this time as this airfield isn't in Germany.

This isn't bombs going up, but rather bombs going down - having been dropped by the aircraft in the picture.

Self loading bear 14th Feb 2021 16:18

Volkel then perhaps?

nvubu 14th Feb 2021 16:43

Or perhaps not :)

you're a 6 to 6:30 hour drive away from the target location.

This image should provide a little more context.

India Four Two 15th Feb 2021 01:00

Are we in the Po Valley?

On second thoughts no. Apple tells me that's an 11 hour drive for Slb. Paris is in the six hour plus range, so northern France?

nvubu 15th Feb 2021 07:24

Yes, we are in France, but about a 2 hour drive beyond Paris.

Asturias56 15th Feb 2021 08:19

Could be in the Chateaudun to Blois area - somewhere like Blois le Breuil

Max Tow 15th Feb 2021 09:37

I think Asturias has hit the target with Chateaudun (a bit difficult to verify the layout on satellite photos as the current airbase is deliberately obscured, it seems).
Incidentally, I was having a look at the history of one of the B24s in the 14 Jun 44 raid (presumably the second photo) and it certainly had a busy schedule in its one year life from delivery to scrap...I guess that the chances of surviving so many raids were much higher as the German air defences collapsed?
USAAF Nose Art Research Project - Dumbo

nvubu 15th Feb 2021 16:50

Sorry for the delay, busy at work. Yes, A56 has it with Chateaudun. If you use Google Earth historical views and go back a couple of clicks, the pixilation goes away.

Some of the dispersals on the images I posted are still recognisable once you go back in time.

Over to you Asturias

Who is going to win the prize for being the one to get to 1000 pages :ok:

Edit to add:
On my last image, around 9 o'clock, Would that be the ammunition storage for the airfield? It is rail connected - although I think no longer used as such, and seems very overgrown.

Self loading bear 15th Feb 2021 20:45

Originally Posted by nvubu (Post 10991141)

Who is going to win the prize for being the one to get to 1000 pages :ok:

Or the 20.000th post?
or the 2,5 million views?

Asturias56 16th Feb 2021 07:51

No - I only pointed out the area (which was pretty big) and then plumped for Blois le Breuil

it's MAXTOW who looked closely - over to her/him

Max Tow 16th Feb 2021 08:11

Tks Asturias. Try this:


...and now (I'll admit defeat to anyone who can read the road sign!)

India Four Two 16th Feb 2021 10:59

Norfolk pines, palm trees, driving on the left. Australia?

Max Tow 16th Feb 2021 11:09

Yes, Australasia as your observations could also apply to NZ. Signing off till Weds!

Asturias56 16th Feb 2021 15:22

Saro London - probably RAF 204 Squadron visit to the nether regions in '37-38 5 aircraft in the longest formation flight ever

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