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Self loading bear 7th Feb 2021 07:34

Originally Posted by ea200 (Post 10985191)
As soon as I saw your latest I thought I'd seen it somewhere. Pretty sure it's Page, AZ.

Indeed Page Arizona.
Take it away EA200, you have control.

ea200 7th Feb 2021 10:50

Thanks Bear. Spent a bit of time around there. Great scenery.

How about this one?


teusje 7th Feb 2021 18:08

Complete stab in de the dark really, but the first place I thought was, was Split.

mustbeaboeing 7th Feb 2021 22:49

Dubrovnik Cilipi LDDU. DBV
Open House if correct

Max Tow 8th Feb 2021 05:49

My mountain experience is limited to INN & CMF, but the latter does have a distinctive control tower which stays white even after the winter snows, so perhaps Chambery if there's a lake at the end?

chevvron 8th Feb 2021 08:28


ea200 8th Feb 2021 14:43

Some good guesses there but Max Tow has it with Chambery. I was surprised we haven't had it before but it doesn't appear on the list. There is indeed a lake at the far end. The instrument approach is over the lake. Pretty quiet in summer but very busy in the ski season.

Max has control.

Flap40 8th Feb 2021 15:58

We have had it before. I posted it about 5 years ago.

Max Tow 8th Feb 2021 20:54

Try this - an historic airfield. The aircraft type is a good start

chevvron 9th Feb 2021 06:52


Max Tow 9th Feb 2021 07:19

I'd suggest that the scenery is far too lush for those bullet holes to have been inflicted in the back and forth of the N.Africa campaign.....

Asturias56 9th Feb 2021 08:29

Is that a CAC Boomerang?

Max Tow 9th Feb 2021 08:37

No, afraid not. Another photo might help as the day is drawing on in Oz


OUAQUKGF Ops 9th Feb 2021 10:14

Burma Campaign ?

sycamore 9th Feb 2021 10:36


Max Tow 9th Feb 2021 10:49

Yes, one of the above is correct.. The aircraft type will lead you there. If not, here's a bit of the runway which found a new home and the countryside a few miles North - you'll not get the aerial of the runway just yet.
Bed time in Oz now so answer on my desk by the morning please!


sycamore 9th Feb 2021 13:21

Curtiss P-75 Mohawk,possibly 5 or 155 Sdn....?

BSD 9th Feb 2021 13:45

East Malaysia perhaps?

Shackman 9th Feb 2021 16:45

Well, Changi had a PSP runway post Japanese occupation, which was still a taxiway until the development of the airport when the PSP was removed, and Kallang was the only airfield still operating till the surrender (and also had PSP). Go north from both and you get the causeway/Jahore River and various islands (and at the time Singapore was part of Malaya).
So - Kallang!.

Asturias56 9th Feb 2021 17:26

Doubt that's Singapore - no shopping centres in sight and that river bends and twists in a most un-Singaporean, indisciplined manner

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