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sabredog 20th Aug 2011 09:59

Thank you,Brian. Apologies for the delay in responding.
the next is;

RegDep 20th Aug 2011 10:41

My first obvious thought is: somewhere in Croatia :E.

Čazma airfield (LDZC), an unassuming little strip located about an hour’s drive east of Zagreb….

Very unassuming indeed, if you look for it in the Giggle Earth.

sabredog 20th Aug 2011 11:43


RegDep 20th Aug 2011 12:10

Thank you sabredog!



evansb 20th Aug 2011 16:32

Reading, PA ?

RegDep 20th Aug 2011 16:34

No, Brian. Different continent.

merlinxx 20th Aug 2011 17:05

Looks like a couple of Flamonts 312/315s ?

RegDep 20th Aug 2011 17:12

Looks like a couple of Flamonts 312/315s ?
It would be very plausible for the location…...

sycamore 20th Aug 2011 21:40

Dijon....? actually `Flamants`..

RegDep 20th Aug 2011 21:43

Correct country, wrong corner, sycamore.

Of course Flamant :ok:

Noyade 20th Aug 2011 21:47



RegDep 20th Aug 2011 21:55

Not Cambrai Graeme. This was last year. Organised by a club that has 35 members.

By way of a further clue, here is a view to the site through a window of one of the two Dassault MD 312 Flamants.


evansb 21st Aug 2011 16:00

Angers-Loire ?

RegDep 21st Aug 2011 16:14

No, Brian.

The organising club's name was "Les Ailes Armoricaines"

Duckbutt 21st Aug 2011 17:01

Given that huge clue presumably it's Guiscriff, Brittany then.

RegDep 21st Aug 2011 17:09

Duckbutt has it!

L’aérodrome Bretagne-Atlantique Guiscriff–Scaer-Gourin, 15 August 2010

Over to you :ok:

A bit obscure, admittedly. But I found the story a 35-member club attracting 6,000 spectators, and all the performers contributing, just worth a homage.

Duckbutt 21st Aug 2011 17:11

Good one Reg, I identified the Texan F-AZRB soon enough but until your clue couldn't find the right airfield.

I've had a good go lately so I'll declare open house.

descol 22nd Aug 2011 08:06

thank you DB open house -
try this one - I don't see it on the list


asw28-866 22nd Aug 2011 12:31

Looks very green, so Emerald Isle? Donegal?


P.S. OH in the unlikely event of getting it right!

descol 22nd Aug 2011 12:52

interesting reply 866 - but not Donegal

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