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North Stand Tier3 10th Sep 2008 14:38

The -300 is on heavy maintenance at SNN so the -400's only covering for it

OliWW 10th Sep 2008 16:04

regarding the new routes from EMA congrats to bmibaby for bringing Almeria. Its 3 times a week, okayish flight times, good times on a Saturday.

I cant quite but notice but during the week the Malaga, Alicante flights depart at about 9am, and the Palma on a Monday and Tuesday is at 9.05. Tuesday has the Nice departing at 9.20, so that could come of a Belfast flight which landed this year at 9.20 on a Thursday which then went onto a Faro flight. Then on a Thursday there is a Faro flight at 8.45 and Nice at 9.25 with the Malaga and Alicante, will these times stick or are bmibaby not even bothering with the domestic flights? Unless they are having about 7 aircraft here next year, they will either keep these times, or stop domestic flights and flights to AMS and CDG

NJTCF 10th Sep 2008 16:30

Bmi Baby 2009 Summer Schedule.
Just Wonder if they have Used Zulu Times and 9am Zulu Shud Read 10am Local Time In the summer.

5am to AGP On A Saturday Means Checkin Opens at 3am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Means the Staff would have to be up at 2am to get to work as Not All Live Locally Poor Souls:(.

OliWW 10th Sep 2008 16:49

Oh yes, that would make more sense

Because the evening Palma on Wed-Fri is at 18.30, and is normally around 19.30, so that makes sense yes.

19031968 11th Sep 2008 18:57

do we know which handling company is handling the cruise flights?

OliWW 11th Sep 2008 19:04

I would have thought that Barbados and Accapulco is on a Thomsonfly B763 so Servisair and Miami and Montego Bay with Thomas Cook A330 or B763 which is Menzies

Flyboy543 11th Sep 2008 22:12

Tomsonfly are doing the Bridgetown, Montego Bay, Accapoluco and Miami flights according to their cargo schedule so they will all be Servisair with the 763. Not sure what TCX are doing but they are currently handeled by Menzies. The TCX handling depends on the contract negotians at MAN as TCX are doing a 2 station deal at MAN & EMA, rumour has it they are not that happy with Menzies at MAN.

OliWW 14th Sep 2008 17:58

So with Sterling leaving, XL gone, First Choice going into Thomsonfly and loosing a aircraft here... Not much left next year :ugh::(

JulietNovemberPapa 14th Sep 2008 18:13

Just moved to a place around 10 miles from EMA.

Flew FR EMA-BHD a couple weeks ago (78 on it). Had never previously been to EMA.

Took the bus from where I live - it took 38 mins from leaving our apartment to entering the terminal, including 10 mins waiting for the bus.:ok:

NJTCF 16th Sep 2008 16:10

Bmi Baby 2009 Summer Schedule.
Guess What All the 2009 Summer Flights Have been changed by an hour. Seems as per my comment Above Was Correct Someone loaded them into the system in Zulu Times and Not Local Times. Its Took them Nearly a week to change this. So the AGPALC In the Week Are Now Back to there Normal Departure Times of 10am:ok:.

NJTCF 16th Sep 2008 16:26

Freight EMA.
I See On the MAN Thread there is talk of a New Super Freight Terminal 1.5Million Square Feet Being Built At MAN. Is MAN Trying to Take as Much Freight Business AWAY From EMA Before it Sells The Airport?

Im Amazed Hardly Any Money is Being Spent At EMA. The Airport Makes A Good Profit for the Group But it All Seems to be Reinvested into MAN:(.

We NEED New Apron Space Being Put Down. The Departure Lounge is Shocking Who Designed that wants :mad: A 8ft Gap Between Duty Free and Perfumes to Walk Threw. Some of us Who Travel Often and Are Not Interested in Buying Stuff In There. Gate 10 Is Not In A Good Position Right at the End of Duty Free. The Arrivals Hall is Not Big Enough if U Have More Than 5 Flights Arrive at the same Time its Sardines:(. And then theres the Xtra 180mtr Runway Extn Still With NW Leics Council 8 Years On.

Come On EMA its About time You Put EMA 1st and Not Give All Your Profits to MAN Spend Some of This Money On EMA:ok:.

OliWW 18th Sep 2008 19:46

All baby flights for S09 now on sale, apart from Warsaw, where's that gone?

Heard from someone today that baby are to release Bilbao 4x Weekly, Naples 3x Weekly and Bologna 3x Weekly

OltonPete 19th Sep 2008 18:49

bmi baby summer 2009

They won't get those frequencies in with five based unless they chop
a couple of days off some existing routes, go for less frequencies on
any of the possibly new routes mentioned or base aircraft six.

Again I have only checked the first week in June but there is very
little space although there is a Wed, Fri, Sun gap and they could
probably get some more weekend flying in and late night in the week.

Three or four out of the five based units have eight sector days in the
week except Thursday when it looks as if all five have eight sectors.

Twenty aircraft required to cover all the bases by June, which is what they have at the moment, I believe.


OliWW 21st Sep 2008 19:12

Well on a Wednesday and Friday they both have a space where the Warsaw used to be, but not on a Monday because Palma was put there and Almeria in the evening, which is a gap of about 6 hours. Its possible for a flight Saturday evening, after the Nice flight and what seems to be on Sunday one aircraft only doing one flight to Amsterdam, I dont know whether anyone else has seen that, Ac5 seems to only be in action on the AMS at 19:30. So there could easily be 2 flights within the Sunday as well. So there is still room for good expansion.

Also does anyone know what went on with the TOM Paphos flight yesterday, was surpose to leave at 7.35 on Saturday, and departed at about 7.55 this morning?

Mr Angry from Purley 21st Sep 2008 21:36

Would'nt worry about it DHL have a 757 stuck AOG in CDG since thursday am, it's all part of lifes rich tapestry! :\

timmyp 23rd Sep 2008 00:06

Does anyone know why FCA602 to Bodrum is delayed this evening? Should have departed 2 and a half hours ago, but the departure board still doesnt show an expected departure.


North Stand Tier3 23rd Sep 2008 18:39

FCA to Bodrum
A321 with lightning strike out of SRM limits. Think they positioned a 767 in to cover?

Right, I'll get me coat.................

SAM-EMA 23rd Sep 2008 18:48

Bit spotterish sorry, but would that be the TOM 762 that was parked on the forties late this afternoon?


NJTCF 25th Sep 2008 17:37

I See From the RYR Forum They Have Dropped SNN-EMA Last Flight 31st Of October. Thought this Route Would have survived With Them Dropping ORK. So Now the Airport Has Lost 2 Routes In the Matter of Months to the SW/W of Ireland Not Good. Sadly PAX Numbers Will Be Heading Downwards Especially When NB Pulls Out At the End Of Oct and XL Already Gone.

Heres Hoping WW Will Reinstate the Cork Flight or Maybe Regional. But I Hear CGN Is Having Good Loads. And Cannot See Regional Putting Two Aircraft In EMA. Even Thou I Did Here A Rumour About EMA-CPH:ok:.

And I Gather theres Nothing In The Computer System Yet Regarding WW 3 New Routes That Oliww Mentions Above:(.

RYR Promised a 7th Aircraft Would be Based at Ema From April 2009. The Way Its Going We Could be Down to 4 or 5:(.

The Real Slim Shady 25th Sep 2008 17:55

EMA SNN is operated by a SNN based aircraft. It doesn't affect EMA based numbers.

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