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UPS@EMA 13th Aug 2007 07:22

With Sterling signing up so they offer CPH, OSL and ARN for a minimum of 5 years, how do you think they are going to compete with SAS from BHX and is it going to be a strong network for the sterling group???? i personally think they will do ok and will go on to offer Billund and maybe another route ontop if it succeeds.

Also any news on UKIA's proposed start up? I know they have flown recently to DSA, SNN and LPL for testing and circuits, so whats next????

Please lets not ruin this thread.



dumdumbrain 13th Aug 2007 08:53

Personally I think these new routes are very exciting for EMA, its nice to see a change from sun routes and Ireland.
I think its future depends on many of the current pax at BHX, on these routes are business travellers. What is the level of servise like with Sterling, is it a true low cost airline, or is it more like Monarch?


Chilli Monster 13th Aug 2007 16:18

More like Monarch - and have been in the business for a similar number of years.

OltonPete 13th Aug 2007 19:22


Remember SAS only offer Copenhagen from BHX at the moment with
a load factor approaching 90% most months, which suggests it is all
low-yielding traffic or they are laughing all the way to the bank.

Stockholm and Oslo remain uncovered and nobody interested apparently other BHX management. Norwegian have started well with Warsaw and
I would imagine that they will serious look at Oslo.

I think it is an extremely brave attempt by Sterling and I am sure Stockholm will pick up West Mids traffic as well as East Mids but I am
not convinced at all by Oslo. Copenhagen should take some leisure pax away from SAS.

These would have been good routes for Aer Lingus at BHX but of course
they can make more money flying Faro/Malaga/Barcelona from Belfast:}.

All in all with no Ryanair flights to compete with and very little competition from BHX, they will never have a better chance at the moment.


Nimrod6 14th Aug 2007 08:19

Allegedly, UKIA will be doing their (or a) proving flight on Friday. I'm not sure how far a successful flight would get them in terms of closing in on serviceability, as I am by no means an expert.

Does anyone actually know how far this would get them? It seems like we're getting closer to the possibility that this could happen!!!

egnxema 14th Aug 2007 08:26

Additionally, while the region may not have scenery to beat much of Scandinavia, what we DO have is pubs + shops, and lots of them. At LHR SAS operate a very busy schedule all day every day - with a strong business bias. At weekends they are full with high spending weekenders. The cost of living in the UK is a lot lower than Scandinavia. Sterling's schedules are very leisure orientated, so I expect they will be strongly marketing these routes in NOR, SWE and DEN and we can expect to see an increase in the number of Scandinavians drinking in our cities' pubs and shopping at weekends. :ok:

UPS@EMA 14th Aug 2007 10:18

When should we be expecting an announcement from Ryanair about the proposed 6th aircraft arriving in October???? it must be soon as its getting a bit late.

Also i see the airport have applied to the local council to make the land at Finger Farm into operational land. What have they got planned for this does anyone know???????



EGAC_Ramper 14th Aug 2007 10:22

Not being local to EMA though living in Castle Donington where is "Finger Farm?"


UPS@EMA 14th Aug 2007 10:41

Its the farm at the East end of the airfield at the back of the pegasus business park.

First Bag 14th Aug 2007 11:36

Havent seen anything mentioned of the two new freight operators to start out of EMA in the next month or so. Aeropostal and Varig, I also here theres going to be another translantic flight to, anyone know anymore?


EGAC_Ramper 14th Aug 2007 12:10

Ah cheers for that UPS@EMA possibly with its location extention to the cargo apron, shift the cargo apron slightly further to the East few more stands. Interesting be keen to keep an ear to the ground for that.

UPS@EMA 14th Aug 2007 12:25

First Bag, Where did you hear about Varig Log? is that the Luton service changing so routing SAO - EMA - FRA - SAO?

And is the Aeropostal, the Venezuelan airline or is it a French airline?



First Bag 14th Aug 2007 12:30

Its Aeropostal the French airline doing a post office flight as fars as I am aware, I hear the Varig Log is doing a twice weekly flight from September and its the ex- Luton flight but was just seeing if anyone would confirm it on here


almost professional 14th Aug 2007 12:46

Aeropostal B737 came through last night-Edinburgh+return, we all assumed it was a Sub for Channex, does this mean its going to be a regular visitor?
Varig news is also new to me, does the Finger farm change herald UPS expansion?

Flyboy543 14th Aug 2007 17:36

Have herd that the outbound PHL UPS flight is going to be upgraded to a B744 soon. It is from a reliable source but is there space for a 747 at that time of night down there? Seems bit of a jump from a 767 to a 747.

almost professional 14th Aug 2007 18:56

is marked for B744, but at angle so you would lose two stands in effect, but happens after the posties so may not be so critical

Stu707 14th Aug 2007 19:57

747 Stand
Have it on very good authority that work will commence on new 747 stand to be built at the end of the UPS ramp work to start in October.

cargohappy 15th Aug 2007 16:34

I while back the rumor was a new state of the art hub on the likes of DHL at EMA,
In my own opinion this will now not be the case, due to the new tamworth facility ( UPS.s
second largest sorting facility outside the US ).
I beleive a smaller than planned facility with no sort, just air-trailer movements to tamworth.

As for the aircraft change from the B763 to 747, the last I heard the EMA-PHL route was
being taken over by the MD-11, however this may of changed due to rise in cargo and not
just package volume, on a typical night there can be upto 41 positions of frieght for US destinations.

Same as usual we will wait and see, and just speculate for the moment.

SexyladyEZY 16th Aug 2007 16:10


Well i am on my days off and in shock !!!
I am a Senior At Easyjet at East midlands and i have been warning you for a long time about this.
Well at home this lunch time, and i thought i would check my intranet site with work and catch up on my Emails, and got one which has shocked me and my fellow colleagues.
Basically as business and pax numbers are down at EMA, our base manager is looking for crew and Seniors who are willing to take unpaid leave from Oct to March 2008.
I have been with the company for several years after starting at LTN and then transferring to EMA about 4 years ago.
I do feel NOW that EZY is looking at pulling out now at EMA as they are looking for crew to be laid off, so PAX loads are down, no new routes at all, except for the Shitty chavvy IBZ flight, which is only once a week.
Well FR have beaten us, i hate to say it, but i think they have now.
Myself and other crew do feel strongly that BHX will be come the next base and just transfer everything up the M42.
I really did believe in EZY would put a fight up, but NO they have just took all the crap from FR, well the best man has won.

Maria xxxxx

bmia330 16th Aug 2007 16:30

But Maria, didn't this happen last winter at EZY? Or was it going to happen? This seems to ring a bell!

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