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BombardierCR7 4th Dec 2008 10:44

TravelMole reporting Bmibaby will add EMA-MAH this forthcoming summer

Flights will run Fri, Sat, Sun between May 22 and October 24.

bmia330 4th Dec 2008 11:21

I've heard a rumour of three new routes from EMA with Baby. Mahon looks like one, I've also heard Naples, the third could be Almeria, or is there another??

aidoair 4th Dec 2008 11:42

Almeria has already been anounced with the last batch of next summers flights. Hopefully they will start these new routes be great for the airline and airport.

Balair 4th Dec 2008 13:13

New route announced on Baby's website!

[email protected] 5th Dec 2008 13:21

2nd new route for EMA in 2 days.

EASYJET to start flying to Nice 3 times weekly ops Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in Summer 2009 commencing 2nd April



orange1 5th Dec 2008 23:04

wow EMA NCE not even announced on company website!! Well staff always are the last to find out. I wouldn't get too excited it will either mean another base is operating it or we will lose a route, what they give with one hand we lose with the other.

OltonPete 6th Dec 2008 10:01


I have already posted on the easyjet thread it appears Prague
has gone from daily to four a week to accommodate the Nice.

So it would appear no extra aircraft and not even a new route
for the airport as Baby are still (at the moment) offering Nice.

Baby must feel that they are being targeted in the Midlands!


Balair 6th Dec 2008 17:38

Appears to be a good tactical move by Easy, they are maintaining the competition with FR on Prague's busier days and by adding NCE they are increasing their offering from EMA.
It is good to see some positive action from two of the airport's resident airlines; I wonder what FR have in prospect?

OliWW 7th Dec 2008 14:58

Just been on the bmi website, and seen Oslo and Stockholm in the drop down list from EMA... are these new routes, or just there for the sake of it?

SAM-EMA 7th Dec 2008 15:09

The BD Oslo and Stockholm flights operate via Brussels. They are codeshares with SAS from Brussels to Oslo and Stockholm.


First Bag 10th Dec 2008 12:28

A miracle has happened today, the UKIA B767 has been moved to BMI's hangar at 13.20 today !!!!! After nearly 12 months being a gate guard to the maintenance area it looks like we are finally getting rid of this heap.

HeliCraig 10th Dec 2008 12:51

To save me trawelling through the posts.... do we know what the future holds for the beast?

Presume BMI are making it airworthy for it go on somewhere and be moved to a different register?

NJTCF 10th Dec 2008 14:53

Hopefully If BMI And Who Ever Else Is Looking at it in the BMI Hanger Give It The Ok 2 Fly Should be on its way To Filton Might Even Go With its Wheels Down All the way That Should be Interesting. Thou Would Need A Day Like today to do that Sort of Flight. Fingers Crossed its Given the Clearance to fly and its Finally Out of EMA Way:ok:.

HeliCraig 11th Dec 2008 13:14

Anyone know what the plan is at Filton? Will it be returned to service on the G Register? Or is it bound elsewhere?

(Incidentally, this months AAIB bulletin contains a bulletin about an A320 which was ferried from Kos to Toulouse with carriage down following a hard landing!).

Budfrey27 11th Dec 2008 14:24

...wasn't that a Mytravel A320 G-DHJZ..if i remember rightly...LGW-KGS last year sometime!



HeliCraig 11th Dec 2008 14:33

Thats the one!

Mr Angry from Purley 11th Dec 2008 19:11

UKIA is back "home" but looks like the titles have gone, certainly the UK at the back looks as though it's had a spash of paint to cover it :\

Mr Airtours 19th Dec 2008 15:20

Monarch EMA Summer 2009 ???
Just saw on "Monarch 2" that there is a rumour that Monarch might possibly place an aircraft at EMA for S09 !

Don't think it likely but you never know.

bmibaby.com 19th Dec 2008 23:47

Though it would make sense to soak up some of the capacity the airport has lost from XL, LTE and Futura, plus an apparent drop in the number of flights done next year by bmi charter, apparently Monarch are already operating a smaller flying programme than last year with the departure of some of their 757s which aren't being replaced. Would be useful though.

OliWW 27th Dec 2008 20:31

Is there any more news about Ryanair releasing some more routes from EMA. I looked at their timetable again, see if it had differ from the last few months, and there are still 8 departures on a Sunday morning but only 5 departures on a Saturday morning

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