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Balair 20th Aug 2008 08:47

All three routes were initially shown as operating during the winter, but none of them now appear on their schedule; in fact Oslo will now cease at the end of August and both Stockholm and Copenhagen on the 26th October.

Their load factors never really reached the levels required to make the routes viable and in the current climate they appear to have taken the view that any future growth is unlikely.

FR's introduction of services to Oslo and Stockholm from BHX was probably the final nail in the coffin, so I doubt that we will see the routes re-introduced next year!

OliWW 20th Aug 2008 09:13

I am sure that the Copenhagen and Stockholm flights were a bit busier in the winter period, im sure there pax figures were better than they have been this summer.

Ive also just noticed on the EMA arrivals board and departure board, that we seemed to have picked up the flights from Coventry, have they been diverted or is something going wrong there?

Mike16 20th Aug 2008 13:13


Ok thanks for that, was getting my hopes up then on a new route for EZY, so have sterling finished now at EMA as from 26th October ?
Seems a shame, was going to book an oslo trip in Jan for a weekend, shame they are going if they are !


OliWW 20th Aug 2008 21:24

I thought they signed a 5 year contract?

stuart-travel 21st Aug 2008 10:21

new airline for ema
XQ sunexpress flights summer 2009
xq521/522 east midlands-bodrum
sun 09.25/09.45
extra princess cruise flights 2009/10
should be operated by tom or tcx


19031968 21st Aug 2008 17:51

runway closed for repairs i think

OliWW 23rd Aug 2008 14:38

Does anyone know what registration the aircraft will be on Monday and Tuesdays on the Cork flight?


NJTCF 23rd Aug 2008 17:42


:confused:Presumbe U Meant The RYR Flight Rememeber DHL Operate 2 Cork Aswell!!

RYR Have 6 Aircraft Based So It Will be One Out Of Those 6 Think the Only People that will know will be RYR Operations the Night Before:ok:.

egnxema 24th Aug 2008 10:23

OliWW - can you keep your spotter questions in the Spotter Forum please?



OliWW 27th Aug 2008 15:43

Ryanair are to cease flights from EMA to Cork from 25th October :(:ugh: I have flown on this flight twice this summer, there and back twice... and all 4 of the flights I have been on have had over 180 people onboard them, and I cannot believe that they are cancelling this flight. I hope that bmibaby or another airline take the route up, as I would have been using it a lot in the future. Aer Arran maybe?

NJTCF 27th Aug 2008 17:09

BMI Baby Summer 2009 Flights Going On Sale Soon.
As Many Like me have received an email from baby to let us know the summer 2009 seats will be going on sale in the next few weeks. Think its the earliest Baby have ever put seats out for the following summer. Think they are trying to get the people who book early and who are Not Bothered who they fly with as long as the price is right. Think this will be good for baby and it will be interesting to see how long before EZY + RYR Follow behind with the bread and butter Routes Like AGP, ALC + PMI.

Also Notice they put in there email they will be flying some new routes. Hopefully some from EMA With a 6th Baby Based.

I Remember When baby used to Fly to Cork!!!!!!!!!!

Would Love to See Newquay for the Summer:ok:.

ATNotts 27th Aug 2008 18:32

BMI Baby Early S09 Release
I would have thought this has more than a little to do with improving cashflow- paying for this autumns fuel with next summer's ticket sales.

That's not to suggest that WW has a cash flow problem any worse than anyone else, they will all be playing the same game this year I would have thought.

NJTCF 28th Aug 2008 15:27

RYR Cork Flight.
The Above Was Pulled:( Because of a Spat between RYR And Cork Airport Over Charges. So Unless Cork Airport Relents to RYR We Will Probably Not be Seeing that service Reinstated. More Info On the Ryanair Page.

This Will be Another Loss of Pax Numbers to the airport with Sterling Pulling the Plug Also Pax Numbers Are Only Going One Way and Thats Down Sadly. Im Hoping Baby Might Operate the Cork Again But Baby Are Not Going to be Charging 1 Each Way Like RYR.

nema/robin hood 28th Aug 2008 17:29

Has it been confirmed that Sterling are to cease all 3 routes from EMA?

I know that flights don't appear to be bookable, but the only reason I ask, is that there is no announcement of this either on their website or the website of the airport - In fact, EMA's website has a banner advertising Sterling flights to both Stockholm & Copenhagen!!

Bizarre, to say the least!!:uhoh:


Mike16 28th Aug 2008 17:39

Hi Guys

Well my mate was meant to be going to Arlanda in Nov, and has not been officially told his flight has gone, it was only through me and the info i have here that i warned him, so he rang Sterling and they have confirmed to him that they have cancelled and he has had his flight transferred to London now, he is well pissed off as to this date, they have not sent emails or told anyone they have gone !
This is bad really and EMA should inform pax !


Charlie Roy 28th Aug 2008 17:52

he is well pissed off as to this date, they have not sent emails or told anyone they have gone!
This is disgraceful but typical airline behaviour.
They intentionally do not tell you until as late as possible, that way they get to hold on to your dosh and earn interest on it.

Charlie Roy 28th Aug 2008 17:54

Ryanair cancelling Cork

This Will be Another Loss of Pax Numbers to the airport
Probably not.
The EMA based aircraft will instead be used on another route...

Mr Angry from Purley 28th Aug 2008 19:29

Mike - Language please :mad:

Mike16 28th Aug 2008 19:32

Hi Mr Angry

I am very sorry for my little outburst there, you should here my mate then, his is terrible..... lol

Sorry if i caused any upset for anyone here

Mike :O:O:O:O

NJTCF 28th Aug 2008 20:39

Charlie Roy.

And What Route would that be? Do You Know Something We Dont.

As far as im concerned the RYR Aircraft will just sit idle for those 3 hrs during the Winter months Instead of doing the Cork Rotation. Or Any Other Flight. Wether an Existing route or New Route.With the price of oil still high Its Not Worth it.

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