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OltonPete 20th Jun 2008 21:35

FR winter
Just checked some Nov & Dec dates and I could not find flights
for the following: -


I believe that some of these stop every winter but MAD is the surprise.


EGAC_Ramper 21st Jun 2008 19:23

Yup EGC/AHO/RIM and FNI stop for the winter.


chris647 22nd Jun 2008 13:51

scq stopped last year and never came back.

NJTCF 22nd Jun 2008 16:52

RYR Parking Aircraft at EMA This Winter.
Ive Heard RYR are going to park 2-4 aircraft up over the winter at EMA. Can anyone confirm this and i presumbe they will be parking two aircraft on a stand will they be using the stands near to JCB Hanger.

RingwaySam 22nd Jun 2008 16:54

Flying to Las Palmas in July on TCX, does anybody know what aircraf are based at EMA for the summer season? Can't remember the flight number but it departs around 9pm and arrives back in EMA at 7am'ish.


almost professional 22nd Jun 2008 16:57

Pair of A320's

almost professional 22nd Jun 2008 17:00

unlikely to be down by JCB, may get one/two on the 40's overwinter or on the fingers on maintenance taxyway-could go at bottom of that taxyway of course if we can get rid of the purple poppadum!

RingwaySam 22nd Jun 2008 17:59

Cheers AP :ok:

OliWW 22nd Jun 2008 19:14

Could they put a B738 on stand 5? possibly even stand 30

Flyboy543 22nd Jun 2008 21:50

Re parking Ryanair a/c, most of the finger points are full with small props, that leaves the wash bay the only place that they could park a 738 that doesn't obstruct any other a/c (assuming the UKIA stays put) I did see the other week a Ryanair on a 'new' stand which does have a white chalk like on the floor but nothing permanent of 31L. If Ryanair keep 6 based a/c then the 40s will be needed for operational a/c.

The airport has just built a new road connecting the DHL apron with the central apron which could mean they are planning to park a few down there over winter. Having said that I haven't been down there in a while so don't know how many stands would be free all the time.

Interesting to see that Astraeus have lost the Gambia flight, surely Hamburg Int. would spend a lot of cash ferrying these a/c about unless there's something we don't know about yet.

Readability 5 23rd Jun 2008 12:11

Stand 31L is designed for a/c up to B738, but isn't often used because the airlines prefer a front stand that doesn't need to be coached both ways. Stand 5 isn't large enough for a 738, and 30 is currently used for night-stopping Thomas Cook a/c.

As far as the Eastern and Western aprons are concerned, although they are mostly unoccupied during the day, they are very busy at night.

There are only two places I can think of which could accomodate a 738; at the rear of the Prestige hangar, although this may interfere with the Helimed operation, and the other is taken by a large purple aeroplane!


alright_pal 24th Jun 2008 13:59

They could always park them with the b727 on the north edge of the field, give something to the fire section to do during the winter months...:E

NJTCF 26th Jun 2008 11:16

BMI Baby.
Both the WW5602 BFS + WW5476 AMS Are Arriving by coach from BHX this morning are Baby that short of aircraft. FR Must be rubbing there hands on the BHD Route if you are going to keep on bussing your Pax up the M42. Ive heard there second aircraft is in Canada at the moment but they are not sure when this will turn up. Think the first for delivery is still in Budapest its painted up just got a whole load of defects on it which need sorting before it can be signed over.

UKIA 767 Could be Moved over to the North of the field to replace the Turkish 727 Over there and become the new fire trainer. I Think Once the engines are removed and a few other bits and bobs this will all it be good for. To get that beast airborne is going to take a hell of alot of time and money would it be worth it. Its Not Moved for Over 6 Months. Did here a Rumour it might go to Cambridge. But Dont Think thats Going to happen.

Its Was Good to see a Kalitta 747 Operating a cargo charter from here Tuesday. :ok:

OliWW 26th Jun 2008 11:27

bmibaby really need to sort things out... they have had the BFS flights going to birmingham nearly every night on the 23:15 flight in the past week, and the BHX Jersey is being diverted to EMA and no doubt you can expect the late BFS to be coach up from somewhere tonight... with Ryanair about 15 cheaper than bmibaby it wont be long until people have seen it and had enough

OltonPete 26th Jun 2008 18:25

BMI Baby
JER-BHX diverted to EMA I believe (G-TOYE?)

Per acarsd G-TOYA midday CWL - AMS on 25th nothing since
G-TOYD No flying today at all thus far
G-TOYJ BFS-CWL on 24/5th and nothing since
G-BYZJ started today on lunchtime BHX-BFS?
G-OGBD showing BHX-WAW today as first flight.

I know acarsd has to be taken with a pinch of salt sometimes but it sounds like a bad couple of days.

Th other worrying thing is if they got all the pax on BFS-BHX & AMS-BHX
or were others re-routed. The way BFS has been I suspect they would
have come close to accommodating them all on the one aircraft.

G-DBCK A319 is operating on MAN flights.


Misunderstood some info the AMS-EMA aircraft was diverted in to BHX
the pax were not all on the BHX aircraft (there would have been too many anyway).

Little Blue 26th Jun 2008 22:50

.......and I wonder just what Ryanair would have done for the pax in the same circumstances? I think we all know the answer to that one !

NJTCF 27th Jun 2008 16:20

Security Cameras Now On All Approach Roads to the Aiport.
In the last few days Security Cameras have been Erected on all Three Approach roads into the Airport. There are cameras watching you in and out.

FR Parking Aircraft at EMA Over the Winter. If the UKIA 767 was Not there How many 738 could they park there. Did BMI Park 2 x A321 There when there were the cut backs after 9/11.

Justin Cyder-Belvoir 27th Jun 2008 17:36

Completely correct Little Blue. Ryanair would have flown in a nice shiny brand new 737-800 from Dublin or Stansted to operate the service.

Let me see 160+ 738s or 15 manky old 733s,4s and 5s? :ugh::ugh::ugh:

Probably wouldn't let the situation arise in the first place as the aircraft are so new :D:D:D:D:D:D

Little Blue 27th Jun 2008 17:38

I think we BOTH know that would never happen, don't we?

bmia330 27th Jun 2008 19:18

I think we both know Little Blue!! I agree with you!BTW Justin, since when did Baby have 'manky old' 737-400???News to me and I fly on their aircraft 6 days a week and I've never been trained on the 737-400!! Get your facts right before you slag us off!

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