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NJTCF 1st Aug 2008 13:00

Heard a whisper We Might be getting MD-11s:ok: within the next 12 months, Can any of the guys down at UPS confirm this.

OliWW 1st Aug 2008 17:41

On behalf of DHL on EMA recuritment I noticed a job for DHL saying they are looking for staff as DHL will be expanding from 22 B752F at EMA, and will be adding 3 B763F in the upcoming year...

bmia330 1st Aug 2008 17:44

Why was my post deleted last night??

I was informing everyone, that TOYI was in the hanger with huge Billboard style Bmibaby.com titles, I saw it through the doors

Beavis and Butthead 1st Aug 2008 18:26

Nothing sinister bmia330. It wasn't deleted, it was moved to the spotters forum. The mods are working overtime on this thread which keeps drifting to reggies and bmibaby ... not East Midlands itself.

bmia330 1st Aug 2008 22:30

Ok thanks, fair enough, it's just that there was talk about TOYI on this thread, just thought it would help! As crew, can't wait to fly on it!

SAM-EMA 4th Aug 2008 10:59

Emergency landing at East Midlands Airport after bird strike

A cargo plane was forced to land at East Midlands Airport shortly after take off yesterday because of a suspected bird strike, according to press reports. Emergency services were called to the airport after reports the Boeing 767 had been involved in an incident.
A Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service spokesman told AFP they were called to the hub just after 06:00 to reports of an ‘aircraft emergency’. He said a Boeing 767 had been involved in a possible bird strike.
The service sent six fire crews, as well as a water carrier, rescue unit and command support unit. The spokesman said: ‘The aircraft landed safely and was inspected by the airport fire service and there was no action by Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service.’
An East Midlands Airport spokesman confirmed a cargo plane had left but then landed back at the airport because of a suspected bird strike. She said emergency services were called out as standard procedure and that she believed the plane was not damaged in the incident.

EASTMIDSMAN 4th Aug 2008 16:18


EMA was planned to have had MD-11 in 2006, but UK growth has not been as predicted, It is very likely ups at STN will be first for the heavier equipment while at EMA the 763 will contine doing the work.

rgds eastmidsman

NJTCF 5th Aug 2008 01:19

Ema Ups.
Thanks for the comments. yes the Ups Senario has been going on for years will it be 747s Etc. The Only Reason I Put it on Was That i heard this from someone who works at Ups at Ema. That we would see Md11s Within the next 12 Months at EMA. It Would be Nice if they did. As for STN I Would Hope UPS Would put the Bigger Aircraft in EMA First. :ok:

[email protected] 5th Aug 2008 15:56

Ill find out for deffo about expansion plans for UPS at EMA when i go to the Derby match on Saturday.


[email protected] 7th Aug 2008 08:12

MD11 will be coming to EMA instead of the usual B767 poss from Winter but i have had it confirmed.



Mr Angry from Purley 7th Aug 2008 10:48

Hope you get that exciting MD11 news at Derby on Sat as it's the only excitment you'll get, let alone 3 points....
Have to admit whilst i like the MD11 it ain't harf noisy, jumped out of my bed last night thinking the LH EMA-JFK was about to crash it made that much noise...Either that or i was having a deep dream of the mighty Crystal Palace putting one over Derby! :\

NJTCF 7th Aug 2008 16:04

UPS MD-11s

I Hope it is Confirmed By you when u go 2 the derby match saturday and make sure Derby Win Please!!:ok: Also Whats the position with the Ups Hub is the lease on the building comming to end soon have they managed to extend the lease or are they Moving?

EMA New Resident...

JCBs New G550 Was Delivered last night Direct from SAV. G-JCBB.

[email protected] 8th Aug 2008 08:00

Confirmed - UPS to change equipment from B767 to MD11. Unsure of date, but will happen.

Also Mr Angry, a Palace fan i presume. Will you be coming to the Derby game??? if so good luck. Derby to win 2-0 on Sat :-) :D

Simtech 8th Aug 2008 12:32

Originally Posted by [email protected]
Derby to win 2-0 on Sat :-)

I don't care what the score is, as long as they WIN... :ugh:

OliWW 9th Aug 2008 14:04

If you think of the progress of EMA... It is good, but then, it isnt. They built that new pier, which was great when its in use, but ive been looking at the timetable for W08/09 and XLA are pulling out for the winter, and FCA are leaving in January, so there will be 3x TOM and 2x TCX, thats it for charter. I mean, last year, there were 2x B752 for TOM, and 1x B752 for TCX, and now its 1x B752 and the B738, and then 2x A320 for Thomas cook, there has been no real charter expansion. For S09 we have basicly lost a A321 for FCA as TOM aren't replacing it with a aircraft, and who knows if XLA will come back. I think TOM should put more aircraft at EMA, or put larger aircraft here, maybe a B763, B752 and B738, to cover seats lost by FCA and with TCX using a B752 last year, they should have downsized it to a A321 surely? The growth at EMA seems to to be increasing with Ryanair, but seems to be decreasing with Charter and they built that new pier for expansion, yet for W09 and S09 I doubt it will get used much

SAM-EMA 9th Aug 2008 14:56

Well there were rumors that TCX are going to upgrade one of the A320s to an A321 for S09 and also TOM were considering switching from 1 B752 and 2 B738s to 2 B752s and 1 B738 for S09. But I've never heard anything since, so who knows. Anyone know anything else?

And also, I'm assuming FR will need 7 a/c by next summer what with the new routes this winter and then the seasonal routes returning next March/April. We obviously won't be having (or if we do, very few) Salzburg flights back for the Winter because Salzburg is one of the airport cuts for the 6 week period.


OliWW 9th Aug 2008 15:52

I hope TOM do bring back another B752, I cant see that 1x B752 and 2x B738 will be enough with the merge with FCA as they had a A321 with 220seats, and the B752 only has 235... It will also be good if TCX bring a A321 to EMA to boost passenger figures...

Ryanair have also lost Budapest from EMA as I recall, they are closing this base in the winter because of fuel costs, so I hear... so maybe Prague being replaced by this, Faro replacing Salzburg and then Fuerterventura as a new destination slotted in somewhere, so I know FR wont be putting a 7th Aircraft here this winter atall.

SAM-EMA 9th Aug 2008 16:13

I'm not aware they are being replaced as you say because the cut is only for 6 weeks from 4th Nov to 19th Dec. The new routes to Prague, Faro and Fuerteventura will I'm sure fill in the gaps left by the seasonal route stoppages. And it won't be just Budapest and Salzburg that are affected. EMA will also loose Krakow and Valencia between the said dates, but will return after, they are not being suspended full stop. But as all routes, including the seaonal ones will be back operating fully by next March, I would think that the 7th a/c would be needed then. So, the routes arn't lost, they are just temporarily not operating.


Jet2 9th Aug 2008 18:29

Derby to win 2-0 on Sat :-)
Ahh well .... good news about the MD11 eh? :}:}:}:}:}:}:}:oh:

Code 100 9th Aug 2008 18:38

Must have been so annoying to go to Derby to see Crystal Palace - then Doncaster Rovers turn up instead!

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