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OltonPete 27th Sep 2013 22:38

flybe have updated their East Mids winter schedule and as I guessed the base closes for winter (if it is classed as a base), the based Q400 is not required.

Paris is reduced to daily and is operated at midday by an EDI based Q400 EDI-EMA-EDI-EMA-CDG-EMA-EDI-EMA-EDI and the Amsterdam is operated by a Glasgow based Q400 with an identical pattern to the EDI/CDG but one hour later. This means that EDI & GLA are reduced from 4 to 3 a day in the week.

Belfast is also reduced to three daily all Q400's.

Jersey changes times to 13.55 in 14.20 out and is the Jersey based aircraft which operates Southampton all day, this means a 10 sector day for that Q400 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Summer 14 is showing double daily Paris and all other frequencies restored at the moment.

East Mids is not alone with cuts across the board.


Burnie5204 2nd Oct 2013 13:40

I didnt manage to get photos of them together but today at EMA we were greeted by the rare (for EMA) sight of two 787s on the ground at the same time.

Both Thomsons. One on 42 and the other on the East Apron

ATNotts 2nd Oct 2013 16:31

One of the 787s tech?

stuart hammond 3rd Oct 2013 06:50

Newmarket air holidays
For 2014 EMA will have 20 destinations from this operator, with 13 this year so makes for a large increase in holidays, I make that around 100 flights all on timetabled flights with many airlines.

ematom1 3rd Oct 2013 17:48

Are all flights operated by current airlines at the airport?

Burnie5204 3rd Oct 2013 23:34

Scheduled Passenger traffic wise I'm going with Yes

There is/was some flights by Aegean and Onur Air but if I recall correctly those are/were being operated as charters for airlines already based at EMA (I want to say Thomas Cook but I'm not 100%)

EDIT: Scratch that - the answer is NO. I almost forgot about Aurigny for a minute there.

ATNotts - yeah, TUIB went Tech whilst it was on the ground - the outbound crew went to do pre-flights and found something wrong with the rudder. TUIA ferried in from GLA to do the CUN sectors instead. TUIB left sometime between the end of my shift last night and the start of my shift this morning.

stuart hammond 6th Oct 2013 17:32

Newmarket flights 2014
Most flights are with FLYBE and JET2 but need to confirm NCE flights for 2014.

Drive4it 8th Oct 2013 18:45

Newmarket Flights?
Do you know of any Ryanair flight schedules due out of EMA for Summer2014.
As for Aegean, any ideas on destinations? TCX routes to GR? Would it be possible to buy flights only for Aegean from EMA?

Burnie5204 10th Oct 2013 06:54

Anybody able to shed any light on the crazy slots received this morning? In the last hour and a half I've not heard a single outbound a/c that hasnt had a slot at least 1.5 hours after scheduled departure.

Most 'Slot 1' aircraft scheduled to depart between half 6 and 7am still havent left and many dont have slots until after half 8 local time.

Does anybody kniw of any particular reason why?? All operators are affected including the Oil Spill Response Herc who is trying to go somewhere nordic sounding.

EDIT: Nevermind - just seen that the French strike that was cancelled is back on.

Teaboy24 10th Oct 2013 07:15

French ATC strike today.

Burnie5204 10th Oct 2013 07:16

Yeah I thought that was cancelled but just seen that its back on again.

Planefan2981 10th Oct 2013 07:24

Affecting slots between 30mins and 2hours...could have been a lot worse.

mikerawsonderby 12th Oct 2013 17:38

August Passengers
Wondering what to do on a miserable wet day, I thought I'd check the CAA stats. Looking at the August figures there were 598k passengers (455k scheduled, 143k chartered). This was actually the second best August ever (August 2008 - 629k total, 418k scheduled, 211k chartered).

Although there has been a big drop in charter passengers, this is the same everywhere (presumably brought on by the lo-co's), with EMA the 5th biggest UK airport for charter passengers!

Perhaps things really are looking up again after 4 poor years.


Burnie5204 12th Oct 2013 19:01


Total passenger figures are up by over 8% compared to this last year.

TSR2 12th Oct 2013 21:23

Total passenger figures are up by over 8% compared to this last year
But the Rolling Year pax number was actually down 0.4% compared with the same month last year.

Burnie5204 13th Oct 2013 04:13

Rolling 12 month figure is yes due to the WW closure, snow closures etc. (The last few months of last calendar year having been absolutely dire for Pax numbers) but the monthly (the word month having been accidentally missed between 'this' and 'last year') figure is up significantly and (if I recall correctly) so is YTD, but not by as much.

TSR2 13th Oct 2013 08:49

Yes, you are correct. If it continues, it won't be long before EMA catches Liverpool in annual pax numbers.

Mr Angry from Purley 13th Oct 2013 09:17

Lets hope they sort out the car parking first :\

FRatSTN 13th Oct 2013 09:17

it won't be long before EMA catches Liverpool in annual pax numbers.
It possibly will for the 2013 total.

With LS expanding significantly next year also and LPL so far with no expansion (EZY I believe have a complete schedule with the same if not slightly less flights than this summer due to the odd W pattern away from LPL), it is really down mainly to what FR delivers.

This year FR are about as big at EMA as LPL (summer schedule bigger at EMA, but winter bigger at LPL) so if that trend continues, 2014 could make EMA even more bigger than LPL overall. I know it's very early days for that and is still plenty of opportunities for that to change but I personally can't see any expansion at LPL as big at LS's at EMA next year.

So far all of 2014's growth for EMA is from LS, the biggest worry is BE as they have been cutting flights for the winter and to an extent FR. Obviously due to their STN deal with MAG, they have to cut some capacity at other airports. They have said it "won't effect" LPL routes but with EMA also being owned by MAG, I can't decide whether that may put EMA at an advantage or puts in in danger of FR cuts next year.

Burnie5204 14th Oct 2013 06:03

Just heard on the news that a Chinese Construction firm is investing 800m in MAG for 20% of the company primarily for the (previously estimated at) 600m Airport City at MAN.

Fingers crossed some of that money finds its way to EMA

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