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Seljuk22 17th Oct 2008 17:32

This summer and next winter there are 6 Ryanair aircrafts based in EMA, or? Quit impressive cause FR is growing also at BHX. Maybe EZY will have problems?

OliWW 17th Oct 2008 19:41

But there are 8 departures on a Sunday Morning, not including Alicante

FR- 18th Oct 2008 19:41

I wouldn't look too much into the summer flights yet, as the summer time table has not been loaded yet and subject to change. The flights change easy when so far away, or change base.

However the new routes are looking good, Ryanair is in talks at the moment with more sun routes, Malta looks a good runner. But lets wait and see. However dates for a new A/C I have heard is looking like feb. .

birdstrike 30th Oct 2008 17:25


From your use of language -

''almost on it's side'' and ''up and down and everything''

I can only assume that you are not a professional aviator.

Have you considered journalism as a career, your sensationalist reporting could be a huge asset with certain newspapers.

NJTCF 1st Nov 2008 23:16

RYR 5 New Routes From EMA.
Looking On RYR Webbsite 5 New Routes Are On Sale:ok:

Grenoble Lyon Dec 08
Bergerac Mar 09
Valencia Mar 09
Granada Jaen Mar 09
Alghero May 09.

Think Some of the Above Were Operated In Summer 08. Im Sure Oltonpete Will Give us An Update Whats New and What The Sched Is His Usual Sterling Work:O


NJTCF 1st Nov 2008 23:21

Ukia 767.
I Understand The Above is Finally Going Into the BMI Hanger This Comming Week and All Being Well Will Have Left EMA Within the Next 2 Weeks To A New Home:ok:.

EGAC_Ramper 2nd Nov 2008 02:57

Grenoble Lyon Dec 08
Bergerac Mar 09
Valencia Mar 09
Granada Jaen Mar 09
Alghero May 09.

Nothing new here Grenoble typical winter destination and the rest are normal summer ops. Valencia normally thoughout year however slight 6 week break or so following closure of Valencia Base.


OltonPete 2nd Nov 2008 09:27


stuart-travel's post on 17/10 agrees with what I have found and that
EMA require at least 7 aircraft, I think from the end of March.

I only checked a few dates but the same answer came up every time
and an earlier post found eight inbounds in the evening, so it could be even better news.

If it is eight based it should more than balance the loss of XL and Sterling.


OliWW 2nd Nov 2008 09:43

I think I mentioned something which I saw on a Sunday in the middle of May, cant remember the dates, but I noticed 8 departures in a Morning and 8 arrivals in the evening. Has anyone else noticed this or was I seeing things?

The Morning flights were

Belfast City, Rome, Girona, Dublin, Bergerac, Carcassonne, Prague and Paris Beauvais

The Evening flights were

Budapest, Dublin, Granada, Malaga, Alghero, Bratislava, Berlin, Murica

I dont know whether anyone else agrees?

North Stand Tier3 2nd Nov 2008 14:30

Ukia 767
Think 2 weeks is a bit optimistic. Believe the a/c has a damaged spar/undercarriage component (which contributed to its grounding) and I don't think those motors will be in the best condition- unrun,unserviced and uncovered for over 7 months. Be interesting to see the manufacturer's requirements before a fly-on is allowed. EASA permits to fly are a nightmare for maintained in-sevice a/c so for that museum piece,well....

Right,I'll get me coat.......................

mmeteesside 2nd Nov 2008 14:37

Looks like DHL have been doing some adjustments to their flying out of EMA for the winter timetable.
As well all know (I think) Cork was withdrawn in September (?) - another destination has gone that being Gothenburg which was served as part of a triangle using the Bluebrid 733, well that is now routed direct Stockholm and using an Atlantic ATP instead. Another cut is the 757 to Bergamo which is now an Aeronova Metro, alongside the existing A300. The Swiftair 733 to Cologne has been replaced by a West Air Sweden ATP.

Keyvon 3rd Nov 2008 10:41

Ryanair's seasonal service to Rimini is still not up for sale next summer...Do they plan to ditch it ?

FR- 3rd Nov 2008 17:43

Ryanair will be going self handling.


SAM-EMA 3rd Nov 2008 20:39

It is interesting now that without the 752, TCX are positioning a 752 in from GLA each week to operate the Banjul, Gambia. But it seems there is only one other departure tommorow (TFS), yet EMA still has 2 A320s, right? So will one be sitting idle all day?


airhumberside 3rd Nov 2008 21:25

I think the Banjul flight is shared with GLA. Not so much positioning in, but more like split load

END BAG 4th Nov 2008 09:41

East Midlands 6
Ryanair going self-handling?? What date is this due to start and where did the info come from or is this just PPRuNe living up to its name!!!:

FR- 4th Nov 2008 12:47

wont say the name, but it came from the Ryanair crewroom

OltonPete 4th Nov 2008 15:34

easyjet summer 2009
Vote of confidence for the EMA base?

I just checked one week in June and all flights released: -

Three based but just eight flights and Monday - Friday looks like this.

0700 ALC 1250
1335 GVA 1725
1750 VCE 2225

0630 PMI 1205
1250 BCN 1750
1815 PRG 2245

0900 FAO 1510
1555 AGP 2205


FR- 4th Nov 2008 15:47

Thats good news, what about venice? Be interesting to see who will be the first to drop PRG. Does EMA really need 3 airlines doing PRG? FR loads have been doing really well. My money is on WW.


OltonPete 4th Nov 2008 16:12


Well spotted, I had duplicated PRG and deleted VCE!!!!!

My money would have been on easy disappearing but what do I know -
obviously very little!!!

However three operators to Prague is a tad over the top.

Quite a bit of competition on some routes not just PRG.


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