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stuart-travel 9th Mar 2009 15:33

Sorry Balair not looked at the ema cargo website for around 10 months,
but the statistics part shows cargo airlines operating regular services from EMA in 2009.


NJTCF 12th Mar 2009 16:54

Sia 74f
:DSome Very Good News on the Cargo Front. There Are 2 x SIA 74F And An Atlas 744 Flying F1 Cars Out to Melbourne for the 1st Grand Prix Of the season. Have Not Found Out If We Have Won The Contract for the whole Season Or if this is just a One off and they want to see How the Airport Cope With It Hopefully It Will Be For the Whole Season:ok:. Will Be Nice to See SIA 74F In EMA Have Heard the 1st Flight is This Sunday 15th Of March But Not Confirmed. Cheers NJTCF.

Balair 13th Mar 2009 15:39

Runway extension update
As reported in the local press, the eight and a half year wait for a decision on the 190m runway extension has been extended further by those good people of NWLDC.
The reason given by head of environment at the council Steve Bambrick, was that it was a "contentious application", so they are now going to drag-out their decision making for a few more months.

In light of the current employment situation, I would have thought the council would be doing its upmost to create and secure jobs at the airport - but then again NWLDC's attitude towards the airport has always appeared to me to be lukewarm at best!

Perhaps in light of the previous post the airport management should link the application to the nearby F1 operation - it would be rubber stamped in no time at all....!

johnnychips 14th Mar 2009 00:08

Pardon my ignorance, but I thought EMA had one of the longest runways in the country anyway. What would the extra 190m facilitate?

Mike16 16th Mar 2009 07:39


Just had a quick glance on the EMA arrivals, and there is a BD flight coming at 13.00 hrs from Moscow, New route or a one off ????

Be nice if it is a new service, quite fancy Moscow......


lhrflyer 16th Mar 2009 13:18

The BD flight from Moscow is apparantly carrying some JCB employees. They're over for a few days to look round the JCB plant here. Flying back to Moscow on Wednesday.

INKJET 16th Mar 2009 16:12

It all helps BD

Skywalker4551 17th Mar 2009 16:17

The second SIA freighter is Friday scheduled 1300/1600, subject to change of course as is the way with freight charters.

fireflybob 17th Mar 2009 19:57

Pardon my ignorance, but I thought EMA had one of the longest runways in the country anyway. What would the extra 190m facilitate?
I am told it would make quite a difference for certain ops - 747 freighter non stop to HKG could carry near enough max payload as opposed to 75 % - an extra 190 metres doesnt sound much but can make a big difference!

EGAC_Ramper 24th Mar 2009 12:51

Ryanair New Routes
Just seen on the Ryanair pages and duely checked the website, Reus and Palma Mallorca both coming to EMA with Ryanair beginning 1st/2nd July respectively 3 days per week each.


paul atkins 24th Mar 2009 16:38

these routes replace the third daily dublin and it is the end of the paris-beauvais route, they have also added a second saturday service to murcia from july

Facelookbovvered 24th Mar 2009 18:06

bmibaby 737 in hanger having "Bon Voyage Ryanair" decals fitted this evening.

egnxema 24th Mar 2009 19:07

You serious Facelooksbovvered? That would be so so funny if true!

Nice one WW

INKJET 24th Mar 2009 22:23

I very much doubt it, nothing in bmi marketing moves that fast other than money down the toilet on weird ad slogans, Britians second favourite airline

OPS1978 25th Mar 2009 11:16

What Airlines DO Servisair Handle at EMA

I was wondering could anyone pls tell me what airlines servisair do at EMA I might have got interview sorted for job and was wondering what airlines they do.

many thanks.

OliWW 27th Mar 2009 16:26

Servisair Handle:

Thomas Cook
and basicly any other charter airline

NJTCF 1st Apr 2009 13:21

EMA Runway Extension.
I Read On The BHX thread the council have given the go ahead for the runway extension at BHX. Now its got to go to goverment. Any news from EMA wether NW Leics are still dealing with the planning application. Would to me seem a good time to get ours heard at least and the concrete down if we get it approved. As someone said in an earlier thread it was amazing how quickly the appication for the race track got heard and given the go ahead. And the Airport has been waiting 10years?. Would be Interesting to know who is dragging there heels on this wether it is the council or the airport.

Balair 1st Apr 2009 13:47

Runway extension

Post 1167 might give you a clue...!

Jet2 1st Apr 2009 19:05

EMA and MAG plc will be in no hurry to extend the runway. Times are tough, money is tight and it's runway is nearly 10000ft long which is more than enough for the core of it's business which is low cost and charter. There will be few if any operators wishing to start ultra long haul routes from EMA in the foreseeable future. Runway extensions are expensive and I seriously doubt that EMA/MAG is putting much pressure on the planning committee.


That post belongs in the spotter forum.

OliWW 1st Apr 2009 20:06

bmibaby are going head to head with Ryanair on the Grenoble route from EMA for W9/10, 2 flights a week, at what I think are better flight times as well. Will be interesting really because Ryanair tried to compete with bmibaby over Paris and lost, so we will have to see what happens.

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