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19031968 9th Aug 2008 19:33

good old donny

NJTCF 10th Aug 2008 16:14

Ema Ryr.
I Understand there 7th Based Aircraft Shud be In Operation by the 30th of March. RYR Will Definatly Go Daily on the AGP + ALC For next Summer. And I Would not be Suprised to See PMI Added.:ok:

OliWW 10th Aug 2008 17:44

I would like to see FR bring Mahon to EMA... 2x weekly or something like that, I think it would be very popular. I would have thought they will be making Pisa and Milan daily as well.

NJTCF 10th Aug 2008 20:14

Ukia 767.
Seen today were a few people getting on board the above. Anyone Know anymore? Could someone be buying it?:ok: Lets Hope so.

Flyboy543 10th Aug 2008 21:19

Saw a set of DHL steps there and a silver transit minibus parked up next to it, didn't recognise the logo on the side though. Have not seen the BCT engineers around for a while so I wonder who accompanied them on the 'visit'. Must say tho I would not go up there for a while after being sealed for 7 months or so!!

Mr Angry from Purley 15th Aug 2008 19:43

not sure i said that i'd being going to see Derby v Palace, maybe just dreaming when the mighty Palace visit. I'd settle for a 1-0 though when it happens... (or Leicester in the cup away will do):\

The Real Slim Shady 16th Aug 2008 10:23

My mate from Sheffield, of Pakistani descent, on the phone last night,asked about the 767 and what was happening to it.

He was in contact with MK fairly regularly until the demise of UKIA but hasn't seen or heard from him since. Seems to have vanished, unlike the jet!

NutLoose 17th Aug 2008 15:00

Was rumours last week it was departing, Silver transit will be the Airport Handlers...... but it never did, instead JCB's old Gulfstream joined it.

Make 700 redundant? and buy a new Jet....

NJTCF 17th Aug 2008 22:27

Ukia 767.
Have Heard We Are Finally Going to Get rid of the above. I gather it will be going into the BMI Hanger for some work to be carried out. Wether fully into the hanger we will have to see because of the height of the 767. They are hoping to have it ready for flight within 6-8 weeks and then it will depart to anotha uk airport in the south west.Have also heard RYR Are Looking at Ibiza for Next Summer.

OliWW 19th Aug 2008 13:00

I was on one of the search engines for holidays/flights for S09, and it came up with Monarch for flights to Tenerife, Naples, Mahon, Ibiza and Almeria, could this be them coming into EMA for suree with a based aircraft, or maybe W pattern or what??

Balair 19th Aug 2008 13:53

July Provisional Pax
EMA is still managing to produce increases in monthly passenger figures - for how much longer though remains to be seen; the CAA provisional figures show 605,712 for July, an increase of 5.6% bringing the 12 month total to 5,705,756 up 10.4%

NJTCF 19th Aug 2008 15:21

Any chance of the figures for the IOM Flight would love to know how this flight is doing if they are Published. Thanks if Possible.

First Choice 767 Was Sort of inside the BMI Hanger today Well the back was sticking out. Was it Tech?.

Balair 19th Aug 2008 15:48


The provisional total for July is 682 pax, an average of 11 per flight or 58% load factor; May and June's totals were very similar, so not brilliant but could be worse!

OliWW 19th Aug 2008 17:10

Another question, but I noticed a few weeks ago that Sterling had put there winter flights on sale for EMA to stockholm, and I looked again today but they dont have any of there winter flights on sale from EMA yet, even though I am sure I saw them on there a few weeks ago, have they pulled out already? And Im sure because I can remember the Stockholm flight arriving in at 10.45 and departing at 11.15 on 2 days of the week

NJTCF 19th Aug 2008 17:26

First Choice 767 In The BMI Hanger.
Have Just Been Told it was having a New Windscreen Fitted.

OliWW 19th Aug 2008 19:30

Whats happened to the TCX tonight, got quite a heavy delay on the Palma? I know they have a spanair operating the inbound flight and the outbound flight to Heraklion...

lhrflyer 19th Aug 2008 19:53

Fly Excellent are operating the I/B PMI and then the O/B PMI. G-TCAC is currently tech, some sort of oil leak I heard.

OliWW 19th Aug 2008 20:20

so with the fly excellent aircraft doing the Palma flights, will the passengers for Heraklion have to wait for the A320 then :confused:

Flyboy543 19th Aug 2008 21:45

The pax were boarding the original TCX a/c when I left this evening about 10. Not sure what else is happenning but looks like she has been fixed and back in service, albeit with quite a big delay!

Mike16 20th Aug 2008 06:32


I do hope everyone is well, I just wondered if there is a new EZY route, I was looking at EMA arrivals and Departures and there is a EZY flight 6584/ 5 from Gothenburg / EZY6584 14:35 Gothenburg (Landvetter )
And this takes of at 15.05 hrs ?
A one off or a new route ?

Take care guys

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