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OliWW 4th Nov 2008 17:14

Ive just had a look at the weekend at the end of May for EZY. It goes something like...

06:00 ALC 11:50
12:30 AGP 18:40
19:20 AGP 01:30

06:10 FAO 12:20
13:05 GVA 16:55
17:20 VCE 22:25

06:20 PMI 11:55
12:40 BCN 17:40

06:10 FAO 12:20
13:00 BCN 18:00
18:25 PRG 22:55

06:20 PMI 11:55
12:35 FAO 18:45
19:25 AGP 01:35

07:00 ALC 12:50
13:35 GVA 17:25
17:50 VCE 22:55

I have noticed that on a Saturday, there is nothing after the BCN flight... When the IBZ route comes in July, it replaces the second AGP route according to their timetable, so will there be a new route maybe... Id like to see Bilbao :)

tui doll 4th Nov 2008 18:39

Anyone got any idea of Thomson Airways programme for next summer and how many aircraft will be based at EMA??

OliWW 4th Nov 2008 20:14

2x B738, 1x B752 and 1x B763 operating CUN and SFB

I wish they would have more than just 3 aircraft!!

SAM-EMA 4th Nov 2008 20:27

So nothing come of the rumoured TOM and TCX upgrades from one of the 738 to 752 and one of the A320 to A321 respectively? Assume not.


OliWW 8th Nov 2008 12:39

Grenoble Lyon Dec 08
Bergerac Mar 09
Valencia Mar 09
Granada Jaen Mar 09
Alghero May 09.

Ive just had a look at the timetable, Granada, Alghero and Valencia have been released, but I havent seen Bergerac in the timetable for next year or Rimini

finding_nema 8th Nov 2008 18:16

I don't think at TCX it was ever on the cards for us to "upgrade" the capacity of one of our aircraft to the Airbus 321. For such a small base it doesn't really make sense for us to have two different aircraft types. There had been talks that BHX would be the first B757-200 base to get rid of them and getting more Airbuses, so we had the same aircraft type as EMA, which gets rid of a lot of crewing complexities, but who knows.

ridetheglide 8th Nov 2008 21:38

Out of interest what's the "essential maintenance" thats being carried out on Sat night/Sun morning for the next 3 weeks? as per NOTAM?

almost professional 9th Nov 2008 09:21

A variety of work that is impossible to do whilst open-runway repairs, lighting etc
we used to close for these weekends every year but stopped a while back

Keyvon 9th Nov 2008 11:15

@ OliWW

Flights to Bergerac are already on sale for the first couple of months of the next summer season, hence they are confirmed.

Flights to Rimini are likely to be scrapped for the coming year. But we'll find out later on..

FR- 9th Nov 2008 18:50

So why is RMI likely to be axed? the pax loads were very good, average spend was good aswell. It depends on a/c. I hope it comes back or to BHX

Readability 5 9th Nov 2008 23:06

Tcx A330
Not sure whether this is old news or not, but I learned today that Thomas Cook will be using an A330 on flights to the Carribean this winter from EMA.

Dates are; 21/11/08, 6/12/08, 6/2/09, 21/2/09, 27/2/09, and 14/3/09.:ok:


OliWW 15th Nov 2008 20:07

Ryanair don't seem to have released Nimes either for the summer.

There only seems to be 5 departures in a morning on a Saturday and 5 arrivals at the moment, can we expect new routes, ive heard and seen Malta mentioned?

FR- 15th Nov 2008 20:49

Yes your right malta will be added to EMA from FR, and maybe PMI or IBZ, also a new more sun routes, cyprus is in the running aswell.

OliWW 16th Nov 2008 08:27

When can we expect to see the new routes go on sale, as FR are planning them? I remember last year they announced their new routes for the summer from EMA on the 26th Nov... will it be around the same date?

FR- 16th Nov 2008 08:53

i would expect it sometime soon, but could be up till jan

NJTCF 18th Nov 2008 10:58

RYR Rimini Is Back.
RYR Are Doing Rimini Next Summer Thou it Does Not Start Until the 3rd of July :).

King Chav 18th Nov 2008 18:35

Can anyone tell me what routes the Saab 340 freighters do out of East Midlands during the hours of darkness. And also what times they operate ??



Balair 21st Nov 2008 18:48

October Pax
Surprisingly the CAA's October provisional stats show continuing growth at EMA, the total of 480,783 being up 1.4% on last year's figure, bringing the rolling year to 5,727,614 an increase of 7.9%

OliWW 21st Nov 2008 21:09

Thats great news, but I cant help but think how, because, last year, it was like

FCA - A321
TOM - B752, B738
TCX - A320, A320
XLA - A320
FR - 5x B738
WW - 4x B733, 1x B735
BD - 1x E135
T3 - 1x J41
EZY - 3x A319 and now it is

TOM - 2x B738
TCX - 2x A320
FR - 6x B738
WW - 4x B733, 1x B735
BD - 1x E145
T3 - 1x J41
EZY - 3x A319

the airport have lost a few aircraft, and seats available, but its good to still see some growth

BHX5DME 21st Nov 2008 22:26

Ryanair will possibly have 8 B738's based by March.


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