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OliWW 28th Aug 2008 21:42

I think they will find another route to put there, shuffle the timetable around a bit, I mean, if it was me I would have made it go to Shannon as its the same flight times roughly and then the Shannon aircraft can be used else where, Also regarding the ORK flights, I actually think that Aer Lingus will be considering it... A320, similar size to a B738, could work very well if you ask me!

en2r 29th Aug 2008 12:17

No chance, Aer Lingus already fly from Cork to Birmingham (as do BMI Baby). A lot of passengers who travelled from Cork to East Midlands will simply travel through Birmingham so there'd be no point. As for new routes from Shannon, thats unlikely. The Shannon base is heavily loss making and Ryanair are unlikely to want to launch any new routes during the winter. Also Shannon-East Midlands has far lower passenger numbers than Cork-East Midlands (Cork-East Mids carried 73% more passengers in July than Shannon-East Mids despite identical frequency). If Cork-East Mids is only marginally profitable (according to MOL), then Shannon-East Mids must be lossmaking considering the lower passenger numbers.

NJTCF 2nd Sep 2008 21:55

RYR New Route.
RYR Will be Flying to Turin From the 20th of Decemeber. The Flight is once a week on a Saturday.

Facelookbovvered 2nd Sep 2008 22:35

Turin, let me see.skiing? and you can't do that with hand luggage only

Charlie Roy 3rd Sep 2008 09:38

It looks like Ryanair are replacing Cork with Beauvais.

Balair 3rd Sep 2008 09:53


Yes its a straight replacement, daily 09.30-12.40 FR1688/9, commences 28th October.

UPS@EMA 3rd Sep 2008 12:31

Madrid has been removed from the route map and stops for good at the end of the summer season. Anyone know the reason???? the flight times to be fair wernt the best.

Also Derry has also been dropped from the end of the summer season



cuthere 3rd Sep 2008 14:46

The Derry route has been moved to BHX. Hopefully not a sign of things to come for EMA.

NJTCF 4th Sep 2008 23:01

Baby PRG Route.
Looks as thou baby have pulled the route from the 24th of October. Not Bookable 25th of Oct threw to March 2009. Thou there Timetable says they are operating 4 Flights a week in the Winter. Anyone at baby Got any more Info on this please.

OliWW 4th Sep 2008 23:09

bmibaby plan to add upto 5 brand new routes from EMA from now till xmas according to someone I know there, probably about 50% reliable. Since FR and EZY now operate Prague routes I can see bmibaby dropping this for a new route soon, though I doubt it now as they will be releasing there summer flights in about 2 weeks, I think one of there new routes will be Bilbao

NJTCF 5th Sep 2008 20:07

Bmi Baby.
Reports on the BHX Page Baby Have Dropped 12 Routes:( From There. Not Good if True. Im Hoping its an Internet Problem.

OltonPete 5th Sep 2008 20:31


Most are only suspended, a bit like some of Ryanairs routes.

However one or two are a bit strange such as Aberdeen
which was only released at double daily a few weeks ago
when fuel was sky high.


NJTCF 5th Sep 2008 20:47

Thanks Oltonpete.

Ive quite alot of friends who work for baby at EMA/BHX So Am Thinking Of them.

Thou Some Routes Are Chopped from the 1st of Oct So There is No Flying for Nearly 12 weeks. I Can Understand Baby Cutting Back. They Have been having a Sale Recently and was Quite Suprised at some of the routes theye were Offering So Not Suprised at Whats Happened. At the Mo All I Can See is That EMA Has Lost the PRG This Winter.

Crusher1 6th Sep 2008 12:13

Recent trip to Sweden with Sterling

Outbound Monday 62 pax 1 hour late cost 0.00 + tax (Excellent Air)

Inbound Friday approx 100 pax nearly 3 hours late cost 10.00 + tax own equipment 737-700

Pax numbers not totally abysmal but I guess yield was. Sad to see them dropping the route though.

My two internal flights ARL - Vilhelmina and Umea - ARL cost around 30 times the EMA-ARL leg!!

NJTCF 9th Sep 2008 19:58

EMA Resurfacing Work In November.
Heard from two different people there is resurfacing work to be carried Out in November is this on the Taxiways or Runways or both, Will there be any Night closures and is work being done at the weekends when its quiet. Anyone know anything more specific. Thanks.

Readability 5 9th Sep 2008 21:23

EMA August Stats
For those of you who are interested, just over 630,000 punters passed through EMA last month, about 5.5% more than last year. :ok:


BlueTui 9th Sep 2008 21:47

EMA runway closure...
8th-27th Nov
Sat/Sun 2330-0530

revo 10th Sep 2008 11:14

New baby route for summer 09


paul atkins 10th Sep 2008 13:44

thomson/first choice winter
thomson winter schedule is now confirmed based aircraft are two B737/800s the first choice A321 will depart at xmas to be replaced by tom B757.the cruise flights are showing 17dep to barbados and 16 arr,8dep montego bay 7 arr,1dep miami 2arr and 2 dep accapulco 3 arr cheers paul

mmeteesside 10th Sep 2008 13:58

I see the DHL flight from Stockholm and back via Gothenburg has been upgraded to a 734 from 733 - still Bluebird.

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