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Capt Wannabe 2nd Jan 2011 21:17

At present only slots held are for STN-BHD and BHD-STN

daz211 2nd Jan 2011 21:27

I have just tried to book STN-PMI on the BmiBaby site and I was re-directed to Germanwing .

Seljuk22 3rd Jan 2011 10:41

From 28th January Anadolujet will fly twice weekly to Ankara, FR will re-launch Lamezia in March and will fly twice weekly to Marrakech from the end of March.

Xcircustiger 5th Jan 2011 08:40

BMI Baby Handling ???
...brings us nicely on to the question of who will be handling
the new BMI Baby contract at STN. Having a puff n choke with
the Servisair boys the other day and all very gloomy. Seems there
are upwards of 60 redundancies on the cards all areas - very sad to hear.
Guess Servisair not got Baby then ????:{

tommyc2005 5th Jan 2011 10:24

Turkey 2011
Seljuk - Anadolujet to Ankara is 3x weekly, rising to 4x in the summer.

Pegasus have added Izmir with 4x weekly flights, and Istanbul will be 9x weekly, up from the 7 pre-KTHY demise. The summer 1x weekly to Bodrum is returning.

So there are 10 new flights for summer 2011 that will go some way to replacing the lost KTHY capacity. At this stage there are no scheduled services to Antalya which was by far KTHY's biggest destination.

pamann 5th Jan 2011 10:39

At this stage there are no scheduled services to Antalya which was by far KTHY's biggest destination
Something perhaps EasyJet should take note of.

tommyc2005 5th Jan 2011 11:53

CY Bad News
After 15 years CY are leaving STN as part of a network overhaul due to losses. BHX and MAN also affected in the UK.

Does this leave the path clear for FR?

Jamie2k9 5th Jan 2011 12:01

Ryanair will have to pay full airport charges if they open flights from London - Laranca. That was part of the agreement.

tommyc2005 5th Jan 2011 12:47

Fair enough, I presumed it just applied to exact airports where there was an incumbent as FR fly from CRL and CY BRU.

Regardless, LCA and PFO are ripe for the picking for someone

Jamie2k9 5th Jan 2011 12:50

If there is money to be made on a route then FR would pay full charges.

pamann 5th Jan 2011 13:18

As I earlier mentioned with regards to the AYT...

To fill the LCA/PFO/AYT gap EasyJet really should get in there quick and snap these routes up before the dreaded Ryanair try and get anywhere near them as they're fine for a 2-3 day break but if you want to take your holiday seriously then EZY are by far the best bet. Being sold 'smokeless' cigarettes for 4 and a half hours is surely anyone's idea of hell!

Come on EZY and fill the gap! :ok:

ryand36 7th Jan 2011 16:16

Thomson have re adjusted their summer schedule for Summer 2011 it seems.

Monday - CFU, DLM, IBZ, MAH
Tuesday - AYT, HER, ZTH, PMI (Two flights in July and August)
Wednesday - NBE, LCA, PFO, RHO
Thursday - PMI, ACE, DLM
Friday, - CFU, MAH, AYT, TFS
Saturday - IBZ, PMI, PFO, FUE
Sunday - FAO, SSH, EFL, HER

Stansted gains 1 extra weekly AYT, PMI and HER flight this summer and loses flights to REU and 1 Weekly DLM flight.

STN Ramp Rat 14th Jan 2011 19:59

Servisair at Stansted
Its all gone very quiet, I understand there is a brutal amount of redundancies on the cards ... whats the real story?

Hounddog1 15th Jan 2011 12:38

Apparently its 67 redundancies due Air Berlin going to Gatwick, seems a lot for just that. Have been told that includes admin department, right across the board, now unsure about Germanwings if they have been secured at Servisair or have gone elsewhere.

It is a brutal cull there though ..

mattcam 15th Jan 2011 20:56

such a shame. when do you think things will be picking up at stansted again. used to love going to the side of the runway at burton end or nr elsnham at stansted to watch the planes there it just seems so quite there now. any news of any new airlines coming into stansted. will we have long haul in the future. what is the reason that most are moving to gatwick and do you think we will see the good days there again in the next few years.

aidoair 15th Jan 2011 21:47

Im guessing the handling contracts will have been arranged by bmibaby for the new STN-BHD Belfast route by now? Hopefully it's Servisair (like they choose for many of their outstations). This could also lead to Germanwings extending their contract with Servisair being part of the same group perhaps too...

Hounddog1 17th Jan 2011 16:16

Whats the Omni Dc10 doing at Stansted today ?

Seljuk22 25th Jan 2011 17:38

AnadoluJet announced the new route from Ankara to STN

AvWRup 26th Jan 2011 11:06

Trust based security to pilot at Stansted
Here's the text from an article on Aviation Week.

Is this really going to work, or will it just become another revenue stream?

With security an imminent consideration in London because of the Olympic Games in 2012 and other reasons, the U.K. government is expected soon to announce a pilot program using the trust-based security (TBS) method at London Stansted Airport.

A U.S. airport and a mid-sized Indian airport are also viewing the TBS model, crafted by security consultant AR Challenges, company representatives tell Aviation Week. The system incorporates suggestions made by the Air Line Pilots Association in a white paper.

AR Challenges, based in Israel, the U.S. and Canada, is in discussions with information technology integrators involved with Indian Safe Cities projects. "It is essential that all systems are put together and integrated,” says Rafi Sela, the company’s founder. Sela has made presentations to the Airports Authority of India.

“In India, we are saying, just give us the security tax at the airport, and we will install the system under Build Operate Transfer (BOT) method … The airport also gets additional benefits beyond security. Retailers are willing to pay to get their message to passengers by offering spot discounts, airport operators can track vendors and employees and airlines can service their premium passengers as soon as their arrive,” Sela says.

The system has been tested for the past right months at arguably one of the most secure airports in the world—Ben Gurion International in Tel Aviv. Ninety percent of terrorist prevention there has been enabled by intelligence gathering, Sela asserts.

AR Challenges says it has the expertise, technologies and systems to support an immediate deployment of the TBS. Once the tests are completed, it plans to introduce TBS to the International Civil Aviation Organization.

“Asset protection must be threat-driven with a focus on the individual and the intent to do harm. In this system, the passenger is viewed as an asset rather than a liability to security. The philosophy on airport security, particularly in the U.S. is wrong. It is proactive rather than reactive,” says Sela.

TBS argues that it makes security more efficient while keeping costs constant or even lower. Each passenger’s identity is verified through a combination of means. Using a unique “Smart Card” approach and an enrollment system, TBS verifies the identities of travelers.

TBS will also resolve the dispute of the No Fly List for airlines by identifying high-risk passengers before they board a flight to the U.S., saving the cost of having to fly them back for free.

Under the system, a trustworthiness assessment is created as passengers watch the screen when checking in at a kiosk. Those who pose no or only a negligible threat will be processed quickly through metal detectors, and their carry-on bags will be examined by X-ray.

“The equipment will be enhanced by AR Trace Detection features and turned into automatic systems to speed up the process. AR Challenges has proposed an RFID sticker (costing 10 cents) that will enhance the efficiency and provide separate screening procedures,” says Sela.

Passengers categorized as unknown threats will meet with safety officers trained to identify threat-related behaviors. These officers will determine whether additional screening measures are warranted, and if so, what types. “Our suspect detection system can provide an initial automatic screening that in most cases will be sufficient,” adds Sela.

Passengers classified as known threats will be prohibited from flying. “Our system will be able to record their information for future reference,” says Sela.

LGS6753 27th Jan 2011 14:38

AndaluJet = Turkish Airlines.

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