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GRIZZLER 25th Apr 2009 13:18

Pia At Stn
the talk is at STN that the PIA will not be back untill the end of september??????:{

FEROMAN 27th Apr 2009 16:24

Swissport have got the Air Arabia Moroc contract
should keep them going for a while

spirit of the age 4th Jun 2009 21:23

PIA at stn
So just when is the PIA coming back to STN? Also noticed BMI a/c at STN today---divert or new route?????

MUFC_fan 4th Jun 2009 21:44

I don't think PIA will be coming back any time soon. They are maxed out with their A310s at LBA, GLA and cameo appearances at MAN!:ok:

BMI are LHR and LHR only...most likely a charter flight.

sam1993 4th Jun 2009 22:00

Also noticed BMI a/c at STN today---divert or new route?????
BMI operate a charter flight to Santorini on a Thursday! :ok:


EBU42 5th Jun 2009 13:59

Has the bar on Sat 1 gone for good? Used to be nice for a quiet pint and watching the action below. Anyone shed any light?

mickey71 6th Jun 2009 22:42

bmi also start a STN-RHO in july on a wednesday departing at 1720 local and for a few weeks in august on a saturday ABZ-STN-PMI

newscaster 8th Jun 2009 18:54

PIA have removed STN schedule from their website.

TUGNBAR 8th Jun 2009 20:16

Obama's Prefer Stn
Obamas wing into Stansted - again -News - Travel and Transport - Business Weekly - Cambridge, UK


Skipness One Echo 8th Jun 2009 22:22

Mainly because it causes so much more pain at Heathrow. Sooooooo much hassle for so many passengers! STN makes more sense.

davidjohnson6 8th Jun 2009 22:28

Mainly because it causes so much more pain at Heathrow. Sooooooo much hassle for so many passengers!
On that rationale alone, why not make visiting bigwigs use London Manston instead ? Would cause hassle for no passengers ! :E

Alternatively, if (as it seems) the US Govt is finding money is a bit tight at the moment, land at Mildenhall, and by virtue of Obama being commander-in-chief of the USAF, the US won't have to pay any airport fees :8

johnnychips 8th Jun 2009 22:39

Stansted is the airport where all hijacks are sent to. In that respect the British (and US?) security forces will have outstanding knowledge of it and can thus easily plan for a presidential arrival:and they are meticulous.

I don't know if this is apocryphal, but when either Clinton or Bush jnr dropped in a pub for an 'impromtu' pint with Blair during a visit, the place was cased out for four days before, checked for guns and poisonous beer/food etc.

FEROMAN 22nd Jun 2009 19:49

New STN route to Vilnius..............
Brand new airline Star1 starts a 4 times a week service to Vilnius from Stansted from the 3rd July.
Star1 Airlines - Home Page

Should I fly with new airline Star1? -Times Online

Hawker Demon 23rd Jun 2009 16:53

Good to see STN getting some work in at last.
Does anyone know who there handling agent will be ?

FEROMAN 24th Jun 2009 21:15

Looks like Aviance may have them

Hounddog1 27th Jun 2009 11:45

Does not seem that Servisair get anywhere near anything any more... what has gone wrong with them???

TUGNBAR 28th Jun 2009 07:50

Baggage Times
Arrived back late last night along with many other fellow passengers and had to wait 1.5 hours for the baggage. I found out that the handling agent had just 03 baggage handlers on shift after midnight!!!

As an ex-ground handler, I know how it can be sometimes and maybe there is a plausable reason andthis is just a one off case however, upon speaking with some of the staff whilst waiting, it was apparent that this was a regular occurence after midnight.

Obviously Safety, customer service, and any Standard Operating Procedures, etc etc have completely gone out of the window for this handling agent.

Back in my day to handle a 737 you HAD to have a minimum amount of staff on each aircraft or the airline/operator penalised you however , back in my day it was exciting and enjoyable working for these airlines/operators ... LOW COST has literally changed it all.

It would be interesting to hear from anyone else who has experienced this or seen these and other handling agents working practices stretched to the limit.

I paid very little for my flight so naturally expected some form of low service but should this be allowed and accepted.

Do the BAA ever enforce anything for this sort of baggage delay or do baggage time checks on these airlines.

Musket90 28th Jun 2009 08:41

BAA publish customer service stats on their web site for each airport and in regard to baggage waiting times the scoring is overall rather than at specific times, so if you arrive at Stansted most times of the day the scoring indicates reasonable waiting times.

It's a while since I've experienced a late evening arrival at Stansted and it wasn't a pleasant experience then. Too many flights and pax arriving in such a short space of time resulting in no one on stand to meet the aircraft so a delay disembarking, once off the aircraft joining the massive queue at immigration which was so long that travelators had to be switched off for health and safety reasons so people weren't queing on a moving walkway. Then to baggage reclaim -if it's after midnight then it's possible the late shift have gone home and leaving just a few nightshifters to deal with the many bags that need offloading from several aircraft. Also it's possible the staff sickness rate increases on Saturday nights leaving even fewer people to do the handling.

Lengthy baggage waiting times during the late evening at Stansted do occasionally occur for these reasons and if several flights arrive a little later than scheduled (after midnight) then this doesn't help.

Seat62K 28th Jun 2009 13:49

Stansted appeared to be very busy late last night when I too arrived back - the queues at immigration (EU/EEA only) were very long and (for some reason) the ABC trial gates were not in use.

Although I was travelling with hand baggage only and can't comment on baggage delivery, I'd have thought that the large volume of passengers was predictable given the fact that airlines publish their schedules!

Perhaps there were fewer Ryanair noshows than normal.......(just kidding!)

davidjohnson6 28th Jun 2009 23:07

Immigration queues for arrivals around 11 pm Saturday or Sunday evening in summer (particularly if it's the weekend after a bank holiday) are always long, and holding passengers in staging areas before they reach the immigration hall is surprisingly frequent.

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