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DONTTELLTHEPAX 28th Mar 2007 17:02

Where have you been the ALC and the PMI news is very old news.

jack_essex 28th Mar 2007 17:05

'ryanair is to start a stansted - alicante service'

It started on March 26th. The STN - ALC flights for the next week or so are all fully booked or with only a few spare seats.

DONTTELLTHEPAX 28th Mar 2007 17:09

Heard the PMI is doing better, wish they done IBZ.

Capt Wannabe 28th Mar 2007 22:26


Another contract in the bag for Avaince.

Really - whatever makes you think that? The aircraft was certainly not handled by Aviance today. I think you will find they are using the same handling agent as when they last operated through STN in Mar '05.....

Mr Flaps 29th Mar 2007 09:17

Re Pgt
Well then it is a Swissport job then. Saw nothing in Codeco re another Istanbul flight yesterday besides the TK. I will track the person who gave that info to me and correct them today when I go into work. Thanks.

Mr Flaps 30th Mar 2007 11:49

Not sure about this one. I know that Thompsonfly and pulling out of Stansted but I have heard that the contracts have be given or won by XL and we getting XL aircraft at STN. Does anyone else know any more info?
Maxjet had an interesting charter last night. A 4million birthday present for someone to Jamaica via Iceland.

pamann 30th Mar 2007 14:06

Re: ThomsonFly
ThomsonFly are not pulling out of STN just closing their crew base from the end of Winter 07/08 season, the aircraft will be relocated to another base. Flights will still operate on a W pattern basis but to what extent yet we will not know until the Summer '08 brochures are released.

DONTTELLTHEPAX 1st Apr 2007 08:37

Stansted 'determined to add more international routes'

Stansted is close to announcing new flights to India and China, the Business newspaper reports. The airport is also aggressively targeting new routes to Europe.
The airport, which already serves a little over 160 European destinations, is actively engaged in wooing Asian airlines to operate services from Stansted. New newspaper, plus local press reports in India, suggest that Kingfisher Airlines is one Indian carrier that is pursuing talks with Stansted's business development authorities.

The Business quotes Nick Barton, business development and planning director for the airport, as saying: 'We are very encouraged by progress in our advanced talks with Chinese and Indian airlines. These things don't convert overnight but we are well aware of demand in these tiger economies and are moving as fast as we can.'
'We are aware that we have slots we can fill for incoming aircraft form Asia and the far east in quiet times and can therefore comfortably accommodate flights from India, China, Malaysia and Dubai among other areas. Four major carriers from Asia are talking to us but they have to get their fleets right.'

The airport is also seeking saturation coverage of 200 European hubs in the next few years. Mr Barton told the newspaper Paris and Madrid would be among the omissions to be corrected. :D :D

He added: 'If we hit our target of 200 European destinations it's hard to imagine that we will have missed anywhere important. We are aware of the markets the business community wants to access from Stansted and are in very active and advanced discussions to fill all the voids.'

xxx5572 1st Apr 2007 18:37

The article all sounds very good however......

Some serious time needs to be allocated in order to bring some of the satelites back to a good condition. I have noticed some pictures have been put up however this does not cover up crappy jetbridges if the work at all.(Maybe BAA think it does) :E I doubt very much that these airlines will be using steps as a preffered method on their turnarounds.

There are also at least 100 minor defects that are so simple to sort out however BAA do nothing as there are more concerned with passenger spend in the 'world duty free'.For example tenser barriers holding fire doors open, doors that have hinges missing from them, the list goes on.

Not only does this look bad from an airlines point of view but the handling agents must be fed up of having to prop doors open and set up a gate with all sorts just to allow the turnaround to run smoothly as possible. I also wonder what the passenger thinks when they see all of these.
An airports purpose and function is to process passengers in and out of various buildings so therfore should be fit for purpose like doors opening and staying open.

Whilst this news is all very exciting,some investment and hard work is needed to bring standards to a decent level before airlines consider operating from stansted.
I can only imagine what the Emirates people thought of the place, then again they probably only showed them the one working gate which is likely to be the one for EOS. (like when you had a school inspection and the scools would be sparkling, when they were gone it went back to pieces:ugh: :ugh: )

I guess only time will tell :hmm: :hmm:

pamann 4th Apr 2007 10:46

xl & Stansted
Looking at the XL website it would seem XL Airways is openning a base at Stansted this year? Does anyone have any info on aircraft/routes etc?

Stanstedeye 4th Apr 2007 20:19

XL route info
Look on the STN Charter info.

EMA01 4th Apr 2007 20:26

XL airways -

London Stansted
- Faro
- Palma
- Tenerife
- Lanzarote
- Corfu
- Zakynthos
- Kos
- Heraklion
- Dalaman
- Paphos
- Larnaca

There is a good range of routes there and will be good for London Stansted I would have thought because of Thomsonfly moving out :ok:
I would have thought the aircraft would be a B737.800 or an Air Malta A320 on a "W" pattern. (soon find out)


pamann 4th Apr 2007 21:19

Looking on the xl website looks like a based aircraft with XLA flight numbers! :ok:

DONTTELLTHEPAX 4th Apr 2007 21:21

I hope they stick around for the winter season and bring
some longhaul destinations to Stansted.

I dont think TOM are moving out, just not going to be a base.

EMA01 4th Apr 2007 21:24

Yeah. Being me I mixed things up Lol. I think Thomsonfly are still operating the Palma, Alicante, and Tenerife flights not 100% sure though


airhumberside 5th Apr 2007 15:18

With the First Choice deal, TOM will still have a Stansted base

DONTTELLTHEPAX 6th Apr 2007 08:05

Eos Airlines new route/s.
Eos plans more flights from Stansted

EOS AIRLINES, the premium all business-class airline that flies between Stansted and New York, is planning new routes to Washington and Los Angeles, according to press reports.
Speaking to the Times newspaper, the airline's chief executive, Jack Williams, said that routes from Stansted to Washington, Boston, LA and San Francisco and three other destinations were planned to start 'within the next couple of years'. He added that the first of these would begin in October this year, but did not specify which one.

rusty_c 6th Apr 2007 11:08

well itll probably be east coast, dont think the 75' theyve got will have the legs for that!

Mr Flaps 9th Apr 2007 09:22

Maxjet have new planes to them and are being fitted out and will soon be in service. Load factors on the Vegas and JFK routes have picked to around 75% on Vegas and 50%+ on the JFK.
They are muttering about routes to BOS and two other cites.

Mr Flaps 10th Apr 2007 11:27

I have picked up hints from managers at Servisair at STN. That Wizz will be handled by Servisair when the they start flights later in the year. We where expecting them to be handled by Aviance seeing they look after the airline out of Luton. Correct me if I am wrong.

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