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STN Ramp Rat 6th Dec 2010 15:35

Stansted Managing director leaves
News from Dunmow and Stansted and across Uttlesford including Stansted Airport. | Managing director leaves Stansted Airport

sounds like he caught a dose of the Allan Sugars .... your fired!!

Bagmanlgw 6th Dec 2010 15:39

Sun Country
What handling agent did they use last summer at STN ?

STN Ramp Rat 6th Dec 2010 16:11

What handling agent did they use last summer at STN ?

compton3bravo 6th Dec 2010 17:50

Stansted MD Leaves
I see he had vast experience in running an airport having been MD of Thorn Lighting and manufacturing experience - enough said.

sat1 9th Dec 2010 16:39

air berlin on the move
It appears that some interesting slots have been filed at LCY for the summer 2011 in addition to the existing services (some of these may be real, some may be airlines just thinking out loud...):

- Air Berlin: 3 Dash 8s per day from Dusseldorf

So first a couple of flights move to Gatwick and now slot options at city-is the writing on the wall for servisair at stansted?How long before they give up the ramp rest room and operate instead from their cargo shed?

STN Ramp Rat 9th Dec 2010 20:11

Air Berlin
I think the DHC8's from LCY could be very good for Air Berlin and One World, I have heard from a reliable source that this is likley but they cant get the slots at the moment. LCY is very congested at peak times although with Baboo pulling out there is an AM and PM peak slot available.

LCY is also not open until a little after the current arrival time at Stansted so they would have to retime back by an hour. the sad thing is that it increasingly lookes like Air Berlin is "dead man walking" at Stansted.

Flightmech 10th Dec 2010 09:51

Just curious but how many handling companies at STN have "airfirst" systems on their de-icing trucks? I know FedEx have. This is incredibly handy for blowing off wet snow from the aircraft without the use of expensive fluid. A normal application of fluid is then put at the end to give a clean wing and holdover time.

VOM1T 14th Dec 2010 09:08

new route/new airline from Stansted
Anyone truth in the rumour that Icelandair are looking to operate KEF from STN for winter 2011 ?

LGS6753 17th Dec 2010 02:52

BMI baby BHD - STN 16x weekly from end March.

pamann 18th Dec 2010 04:02

BMI baby BHD - STN 16x weekly from end March.
Didn't see that one coming! :ok:

Sergiom 18th Dec 2010 10:13

Just noticed 3 diversions into Stansted in the past few mins.

VS16 from MCO
VS44 from LAS
NAX3512 - looks like Norwegian have moved all ops to STN again temporarily.

ericlday 18th Dec 2010 10:58

and there are more.......Lhr and Man Snoclo

Sergiom 18th Dec 2010 11:10

Loads more from the looks of it…

BA, Royal Air Maroc, Alitalia and BMI aircraft entering the hold now. I assume Stansted has the capacity to take them all? Loads of AA, United, Virgin, Qatar aircraft holding around London with nothing heading into Heathrow. VS20 appears to have left the Bovingdon hold and is heading to Stansted now as well.

egnxema 18th Dec 2010 14:19

I think STN RWY now closed til 1700 - diversions heading to EMA

Flightmech 18th Dec 2010 14:27

ATIS confirms STN expected to reopen at 1700. Whether the taxiways and aprons are clear or not is another issue?

FEROMAN 20th Dec 2010 17:51

Anyone truth in the rumour that Icelandair are looking to operate KEF from STN for winter 2011 ?
Looks possible as they are planning flights Thursday & Sunday towards the end of october

LGWAlan 21st Dec 2010 11:26

FI460/1 0815-1215/1315-1515 Thur and Sun from 13/10 according to Amadeus

tommyc2005 21st Dec 2010 14:32

Smart move from FI, aside from the obvious weekend break potential this opens up North America from STN again - NY, Orlando, Boston etc.

daz211 2nd Jan 2011 20:15

It may be just some kind of Error but I have just taken a look at the BmiBaby website and had a look at the WHEN WE FLY section, It shows the following destinations when you select Stansted as your departure point ........ Belfast, Cologne/Bonn, Ibiza, Munich, Palma, Nice, Prague and Verona :eek:, When you click it shows an error page but why are the above destinations highlighted from Stansted :confused:. It also works the other way round say select Cologne as the departure point and it show Stansted ...
I thought the only route was going to be Belfast-Stansted-Belfast.

Ringwayman 2nd Jan 2011 20:27

Might it be the Germanwings tie-in connecting via Cologne?

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