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pamann 4th Apr 2011 21:29


We understand your feelings on STN and your certain love for London's 4th airport, but do you really need to drop by the STN thread every so often with your doom and gloom comments? Do us STN followers pop over to your thread about said 'airport on hill', pull down our pants and p*** all over it...? No.

We get you ok. :ugh:

pamann 4th Apr 2011 21:37


LTN passenger stats show a -3% reduction on February last year, can't find the projected expectations (and can't be asked) but no need to go buy the bunting, streamers, balloons and/or post it on the LTN thread really is there. :ok:

Based on 'Official' CAA stats

gazpodel 22nd Apr 2011 09:28

Jet2 Flights at STN
Was doing a little bit of ground spotting last night watching the incessant traffic flying over Harlow from my mate's garden - When I went home and looked on flightradar24.com, I noticed that going into stansted was reg G-CEPL, which doing research is a JET2 plane.

However, it didnt show on any schedule on the airports website or on flightstats.

Am wondering if this was a re-positioning flight?? :confused:

pamann 22nd Apr 2011 11:02

Jet2 do operate cargo/mail as well as ad-hoc passenger flights from Stansted as per their Channel Express heritage.

Skipness One Echo 22nd Apr 2011 21:21

G-CEPL is registered as a Spitfire.

stuinn 2nd May 2011 07:08

British Airways Charter
I see Royal Caribbean are starting British Airways charter flights from Stansted to Venice from June to meet their cruise ship Voyager of the Seas. Any ideas what size aircraft is going to be used?

daz211 2nd May 2011 08:33

British Airways
Also BA are doing charters from Stansted to Palma and Enfidha on SAT and SUN during the summer...

globetrotter79 2nd May 2011 08:38

The BA Stansted weekend charters are being flown by subsidiary BA CityFlyer using Embraer regional jets ferrying over from London City.

daz211 6th May 2011 12:06

Air Berlin ?
Noticed this flight on the Stansted departures today 06/05/11 ...

AB1007 12:00 TENERIFE --- Gate closed.

Is the above flight a new summer route for AirBerlin or just a special charter.
I do remember AirBerlin doing PMI last year or the year before but not TFS.

ericlday 6th May 2011 14:00

Operated by A330 D-ALPA

Tranceaddict 6th May 2011 19:52

Is the above flight a new summer route for AirBerlin or just a special charter.
I do remember AirBerlin doing PMI last year or the year before but not TFS.
Its a charter for Warner Bros taking a film crew etc out to film, Clash of the Titans 2 apparently

carousel 6th May 2011 20:12

Football Crazy
“Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I don't like that attitude. I can assure them it is much more serious than that. “
Bill Shankly,

On the weekend of the 28th May, Manchester United and Barcelona will compete at Wembley Stadium, watched by 90,000 supporters in the ground, and 100s of millions around the world on television.
Since last year Stansted Airport has been working with the Football Association, and the Union of European Football Associations, in order to facilitate the use of Stansted by the supporters of the European Champions League finalists.
On the 28th May, above the normal passenger flow,will see some 10,000 additional football fans and supporters of FC Barcelona, pass through the Airport. A mixture of charter and scheduled flights will bring them in, and they will be transported to and from Wembley by a fleet of coaches.:uhoh:

STN Ramp Rat 6th May 2011 20:21

On the 28th September, above the normal passenger flow,will see some 10,000 additional football fans and supporters of FC Barcelona,
well they will miss the match then !!

pabely 7th May 2011 22:15

I seem to remember reading THY Turkish Airlines had the contact but will they be able deliver such capacity? Expect the charters to LTN and LGW as well,

STN Ramp Rat 8th May 2011 05:25

The airlift, at a high level will be simple; it will however be very complicated on the day.
As soon as the FA won the rights to host the final a team from the Police, The FA, UEFA and the airport operators would have started working on two scenarios. One would have had a UK team in the final and the other with two foreign teams. UEFA take this circus somewhere every year and would have put their requirements on the table, everyone else would have largely fallen into line and where there were difficulties these would have been resolved by discussion. Having this event gives the authorities vital practice for managing the Olympics next year and it has to be seen to go well or the press and the IOC will be all over LOCOG and the government.

What does all this mean for the airports.... well it will have been decided long ago where the aircraft with the fans will go to, UEFA distribute the tickets through approved travel partners who go into the market and charter aircraft, The travel partners will dictate to the airlines where the flights should be to in accordance with what they are told by UEFA. It is much more difficult to control the flow of corporate jets other than by slot allocation.

I don’t know but I would suggest that the most obvious solution is corporate jets to LTN and commercial flights to Stansted. I have no inside knowledge on this but I am certain that there is a detailed plan and the only thing that is missing now is the operators, schedules, and aircraft types that allow an aircraft parking plan to be created.

compton3bravo 8th May 2011 05:46

Champions League Final
Excellent scenario STN RAMP RAT. Even though Manu U are in the final there will no doubt be charters from Ireland, Scotland etc for a number of their ''prawn sandwich'' supporters (look at Manchester arrivals for today's Chelsea home game). There are are also over 10,000 corporate tickets for the final with a large number I would think would come by private aircraft.
Also on that weekend there is the Monaco Grand Prix and a big golf tournament at Wentworth just outside London.
A very busy weekend for all involved in aviation in the South East especially ATC.

compton3bravo 8th May 2011 10:20

Champions League Finmal/Olympics 2012
Just a couple more observations: I hope the UK Border Agency are aware of around 40,000 extra ''Johnny Foreingers'' due at the end of May because if not there is going to be one hell of a queue at Stansted, Luton, Gatwick.
Personally I think if there is going to be any problems it will be wth the UK ground infrastrucure. Imagine if the M1, M11 and M25 have congestion etc, it is going to be horrendous for fans to get to Wembley. As for the Olympics the same but this time the railways and London Underground. I hear that Transport for London will not be running tube trains 24 hrs a day during the 2 week period not even a couple of lines! How many years have they had to plan for the Olympics!
Here in Southern Spain many people who visit this part of the country will knowc that there is a train which runs from Malaga to Fuengirola - single track most of the way. There has been an upgrade and much of the track is now double so more trains can run - over the Easter Week from Wednesday to Saturday they ran trains 24 hrs a day because of the many religious processions taking place.
Words like booze up and brewery come to mind for the management of TFL.

paully 8th May 2011 14:00

Re the Olympics I`m sure Comrade Crowe will have some strikes planned unless TFL agree to 100% pay rises etc etc etc :E...Dont think he much follows football so the Champions League final might escape :}

compton3bravo 8th May 2011 18:58

A bit wide of the mark Paully, I do believe Mr Crowe is a season ticket holder at Dagenham & Redbridge if that is following football! Regarding the TFL workforce - I know I would want some extra remuneration for working extra and unsocial hours (fortunately now retired) - how about you!

terrain safe 8th May 2011 19:43

As far as I'm aware all Barcelona flights will be at Stansted including Biz jets. It'll be very busy at about 2 AM!

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