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Musket90 25th Sep 2006 18:16

Good news about IOM and Izmir flights. Timings appear to be filling the off peak periods, so plenty of space.

Whatever happens at LHR or any other airport in regard to disruption, airlines know what their contingencies are and STN and other airports may be part of it. However airports don't build facilities and spend lots of money in the hope that they may receive diversions. Also there is a limit to what Handling Agents can cope with as their staffing and equipment are aligned to the scheduled airlines that they handle.

G-APDK 26th Sep 2006 12:39

The information about IZAir came from a good source in the industry.

With regard to the Manx2 service, these flights are reported going to be operated by a (2nd) BAe Jetstrem 32 aircraft that is going to be leased (again from Jetstream Executive Travel Ltd. This information comes from another e-group

xxx5572 29th Sep 2006 08:55

Whilst BAA have declared most of the jetbridges usable and somehow safe i must ask why is it that the bridge on 11L is propped up by a large metal frame and looks like it hasnt been touched but also i see that the canopy on the bridge on B20 is broken and again out of use :uhoh: what is going on??? I mean the bridge on 13 may be subject to an investigation but if not at least they can get round to fixing the others,, im sure this is no coincidence that one by one they are all starting to develop their own problems, they are screaming out to be replaced,, even if its just the worst ones.

And also ive been noticing that towards the end of sat 1 a piles of rubbish are being left there, old chairs, sofas, wood pallets and more. Surely there are proper ways of disposing of unwanted stuff and not just to leave it, it makes it look so bad, wouldnt take long to get rid of it. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed it?? :confused:

hasta lueGO 1st Oct 2006 13:28

11L is awaiting repair to the floor which is totally unrelated to the other bridge issues.

daz211 1st Oct 2006 15:41

Can anyone tell me what the following airlines are doing at Stansted today.

RLA7633 ex Barcelona.

VIR3078 ex Tokyo.

(Just seen VS901 into LHR has been diverted) could this be the same flight ? and if so any idea why the divert?

Musket90 1st Oct 2006 18:09

Virgin div might have been due many thunderstorm showers in SE England at the time causing inbound LHR delays.

daz211 3rd Oct 2006 19:46

At Last
At last the BAA have updated the STN website.
They have removed all the old info from NEW DESTINATIONS page
and added all the new routes.

Well done BAA, at last you updated the site, It only took me E-mailing
day after day after day.:D :D :D :D

jack_essex 5th Oct 2006 17:37

You beat me to it! Lol. I had also been looking at that web page and kept getting annoyed when routes such as Chambery were still on there which has been dropped, and then other routes to places such as Pakistan had no mention at all. Good news they have updated the site but its long over due.

daz211 9th Oct 2006 22:34

flight diversion
I have just noticed that flight FR614 from Derry to Stansted has been diverted to Luton, The Ryanair website states due to weather at Stansted.
I live 20min by road from the airport and the weather here is very warm with no wind and clear skys :confused:

--- I think I know why this divert took place !

Another diversion FR4153 BGY-LTN diverted to STN due night runway closure.

So weather ? I dont think so .

jack_essex 9th Oct 2006 22:57

Strange. I also live 20 minutes from Stansted and its been a fine day. Exact words on the Ryanair website regarding LDY flight:

"Diverting to London Luton due to earlier atc departure restrictions due to weather at London Stansted"

There are also a few diverted flights at Liverpool due to the runway being closed. Landind at MAN and pax being coached to Liverpool.

sat1 10th Oct 2006 08:46


ITS BEEN A FINE DAY!!!!!!!! what about the slight precipitation that occured there last night?

jack_essex 10th Oct 2006 08:48

Eos Airlines half price seat sale!
Eos Airlines have now been flying for one year between London Stansted and New York JFK. As it is their 1 year Birthday they are having a half price seat sale for return trips booked by October 16th! I've just had a look and they have some great prices.

daz211 10th Oct 2006 08:55

Maxjet Offering £599 Happy Birthday
Maxjet is also offering very low prices £599 all in for a rtn trip to Newyork and Las vegas Happy Birthday :ok:

jack_essex 14th Oct 2006 21:58

Last night there was a KLM Cityhopper a/c at Sat 2. Does anyone know what it was doing there and what flight it was operating? This was around 21.30.

xxx5572 15th Oct 2006 15:37

Im sure it was a divert as there has been pretty bad fog over past few days. there was an eastern airways and a flybe a/c around too.

jack_essex 15th Oct 2006 15:59

Thanks. I also saw the Eastern Airways at Sat 2. Nice to see something other than Ryanair and easyJet

xxx5572 16th Oct 2006 15:05

well its been a bit of a busy week with unusual aircraft coming in, had the antinov in today and went over to north side, a very mysterious looking military a/c over north side too. Makes a change :bored:

xxx5572 16th Oct 2006 16:04

safety issue!!
Around a moth ago I was surprised to see some workers fitting some new fire doors into a few gates in sat1, at first I though how good it would be to have some new doors as the old ones were a bit worn out and that BAA were doing a good job in trying to bring the place back up to scratch after all the new carpet and paint that have been done but I am beginning to think I am wrong!!
Firstly unless I’m mistaken I thought that the fire doors were able to stay open for a while or until a fire alarm would go off were they would automatically close, surely being their purpose. However it seems as if BAA has overlooked something!! These doors now have just the hinges and have no device to keep them open so I find myself and see others searching the area for items to hold the doors. Typically this would be a chock!! A tenser barrier!! Or even a PIG!! So long as it hold the door open!! := :=
Maybe I wouldn’t mind if they weren’t used so much but at the airport they are used for both arriving and departing pax and makes things slightly more difficult if people are constantly worrying how to keep them open so the pax know were to go. Also I dread to think what the passengers must think when they arrive at Stansted to find doors being propped open, rotting wood in entrance ways and so much more.

I know some people may not care but I’m afraid I do because someone has to. These problems shouldn’t even have to come this far and I even know that there is a dedicated fire and safety team working for BAA and should be sorting these problems out without us having to keep on their backs. We fall into a bit of a trap as many of us are working for a handling agent and is BAA are the operators so communication is difficult at the best of time but also seems to fall on deaf ears. I’d like to see what the health and safety executive would have to say about all this because especially with the airport being a place dealing with a high volume of the general public, safety should be on the list of priorities but just seems to be overlooked.
Any suggestions on what to do and does anyone agree??!! Sorry to go on but needed to get it off my chest :ugh: :ugh: :ugh: :ugh:

Buster the Bear 21st Oct 2006 09:06

Security Chaos!

jack_essex 21st Oct 2006 09:25

Every day passengers miss their flights at STN becasue it has been taking over an hour to get through security! When you check in on time I would be furious if I missed my flight becasue of the mess at security. Passengers take it out on the airlines when they get told they have missed the flight, it is BAA they need to be complaining to.

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