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Sergiom 25th Apr 2010 11:31

Air Mauritius
Noticed last night an Air Mauritius service landed at 23:55 and departed back out at 05:00 this morning...seems like a repatriation flight for stranded pax. Another service is due in at 17:35 this afternoon as well....

Stanstedeye 12th May 2010 19:06

STN today
BAA quote the arrival at 02.35 of VIK134 from Kos.
Will this be a weekly charter, as it is not listed as such.

LTNman 12th May 2010 19:54

Does anyone have a view about the government plans to cancel the planned new runway for Stansted. The news should at least make Ryanair happy.

daz211 2nd Jun 2010 20:29

New Charter Routes
Two exotic winter sun destinations are available for the first time from London Stansted, courtesy of The Gambia Experience and The Cape Verde Experience. These amazing West African nations offer a vibrant mix of cultures and are perfect for beach lovers or wildlife enthusiasts. Weekly flights to Banjul via Boa Vista allow for twin-centre or single-centre holidays, available from December through to March

stuinn 3rd Jun 2010 10:44

Any idea who will be used to fly to these destinations?:ok:

daz211 3rd Jun 2010 21:13

From what I can see from the website they seem to use monarch from other UK airports.

bravoromeosierra 3rd Jun 2010 23:02

They used Hamburg Air, (or something) from BRS.

The Smoking Gnu 22nd Jun 2010 11:18

In trouble? who knows what

tommyc2005 22nd Jun 2010 12:29

It appears from Turkish news websites that flights have been suspended due to huge debts, which is never a promising sign is it? Game over probably. Real shame, they have quietly been one of STN's largest foreign carriers for a number of years, I counted around 21 flights per week in the peak season and around 8-10 in the winter. STN had flights to more Turkish destinations than any other UK airport as a result.

Translation is sketchy, but it suggests there is some kind of tender process under way between AtlasJet and Pegasus for Kibris' flights. Will STN pick up some of these I wonder?

STN Ramp Rat 22nd Jun 2010 19:27

total chaos at KTHY

The fate of the debt-struck Cyprus Turkish Airlines, or KTHY, remained bleak on Tuesday, as the conflict between the Turkish Cypriot government and the local labor union escalated to a new level in the aftermath of the suspension of flights.

Turkey’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation suspended all KTHY flights as of Monday night. The Hava-Sen labor union, organized at the KTHY, staged a strike in the early hours of Tuesday, as flights were canceled. As the strike grounded services, Turkish airline company Pegasus’ flights were also grounded for a few hours.

A KTHY general meeting to debate the fate of the airline was to be held Tuesday morning in Nicosia, but KTHY staff raided the meeting, scuffling with security forces, Doğan News Agency reported. The workers also threw eggs at the vehicles of northern Cyprus’ Prime Minister İrsen Küçük and Transport Minister Sunat Atun.

As the Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review went to press on Tuesday, the outcome of the delayed meeting was still unknown. KTHY was expected to debate rival offers by Turkish airline companies AtlasJet and Pegasus.

In a written statement, Pegasus Airlines said the firm has offered “to go forward by setting up a new company” and that the offer was accepted “in principle.”

A previous offer from AtlasJet triggered a major scandal earlier this month, when the envelope that included the bid was “lost” afterward.

Pegasus on the scene

“Pegasus could set up a joint company with northern Cyprus,” Anatolia news agency quoted the company as saying.

“Since June 11, northern Cyprus, our chairman Ali Sabancı and our managing director Sertaç Haybat have been conducting meetings, together with Pegasus’ representative Zeki Ziya, on flights from northern Cyprus,” the company said in the statement. “It is imperative that regular and increasing flights from northern Cyprus be conducted for the island’s economy. For this aim, we suggested going forward with a new company that would not be a burden on northern Cyprus and other investors. In principle, this suggestion was accepted but there has not been an official decision.”

The possibility is that Pegasus could set up a joint company with northern Cyprus, the airline said. “Crucial issues to this end are still unknown,” it said. “The most important issue is the correct restructuring of human resources. Employees should not be aggrieved, but competition should also not be disregarded.”

KTHY, the national airline of northern Cyprus, is on the verge of bankruptcy and has a debt burden of around $100 million. Previously a Turkish Airlines unit, KTHY was purchased by the northern Cyprus government in 2005 for $33 million. KTHY owns five jets and has leased another one. It employs 670 people and has representative offices in Turkey, Britain and Germany. It has posted annual losses of $50 million for the past few years.

tommyc2005 1st Jul 2010 09:25

Atlasjet appear to be resuming the Kibris flights to Antalya as of tomorrow, appears to be 6x weekly. No news about the other routes as yet.

pamann 12th Jul 2010 01:08

Any ideas if this is a regular or one off and who it's for?

Showing on the departure boards for today...


FEROMAN 12th Jul 2010 18:38

The World Airways flights were a private company charter - MD11 & DC10 coming back Friday

tommyc2005 13th Jul 2010 14:34

Kiss Flights
Kiss are to operate a flight to Dalaman on Saturday nights for the last 2 months of the summer, operated by Saga Air. Arrives STN 20:25, departs 21:25. Perhaps there will be more to come next summer?

STN Ramp Rat 17th Jul 2010 11:57

Stansted Airport cleared for code F aircraft
Emirates boost for Stansted | Travel and Transport

I can't see Emirates actually comming to STN but being cleared by the CAA for Code F movements and having 4 A380 caperable stands is a story in its own right

FEROMAN 20th Jul 2010 20:22

There are actually nine Southside Stands the A380 will fit on at Stansted, albeit with a few restrictions on others here and there

STN Ramp Rat 27th Jul 2010 17:20

Air Berlin to Join One World
Air Berlin to join Oneworld | ABTN

I would suggest that this is bad news for Stansted, the last Stansted carrier to join an alliance went down the road fairly quickly

jdcg 27th Jul 2010 19:15

yes this may well be the case. As AB seem to mostly fly Q400s from Germany to STN perhaps they'll shift to LCY and the OW set up there, which is where a lot of those flights started off years ago when Eurowings (I think - or maybe some predecessor) flew those routes.
I suppose LGW is also an option for some connectivity but I would think that slot issues would preclude any wholesale shift to LHR.

mattcam 28th Jul 2010 10:17

more bad news then. any news of any new airlines hoping to fly from stansted in the near future.

AirLCY 28th Jul 2010 10:35

LCY doesn't have peak slots available, so I don't see any movement from STN in the near future, certainly not for the amount of flights they currently operate

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