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compton3bravo 9th May 2011 08:03

Champions League Final
I cannot imagine that ALL Barcelona flights especially executive aircraft would go to one airport now that there is only one foreign team in the Champions League Final but probably you have better information than I do.
Interesting weekend it will be at the end of May. Would not like to be on the M11 and M25 on the Saturday.

WHBM 9th May 2011 11:09

I too can't believe either thal London City, Northolt, etc are happily turning their back on any executive jet operations, apart from those who want to depart in the overnight hours. But if you can afford your own jet you can normally afford a hotel, and avoid flying through the night.

Regarding the London Underground, I understand that the unions do not accept any planned overtime at all, and have not done for some time, trying to keep their numbers up (their income being dependent on the number of menbers, of course, not what they may earn) and thus, as there are no additional trained and qualified personnel, it becomes problematic to schedule any extra hours of operation.

STN Ramp Rat 9th May 2011 11:19

As I said in my earlier posting, the Exec traffic will go wherever it wants and more importantly can get out of, they will all want to fly off after the match. London City is going to be off limits as itís closed until Sunday lunchtime, the same is also true of Biggin Hill ad Northolt. Heathrow is slot restricted. My money is on all the corporate traffic being at Luton.

As for the commercial flights, they will go to the agreed airport whichever one that is and it is looking like Stansted

pamann 10th May 2011 11:49

New route to Kos 2012
Thomson/Thomson Airways launching Kos for Summer 2012. A route that Thomson has not operated from Stansted since the early 90's with Britannia. :ok:

That gives Thomson a good coverage of Greece from Stansted with some routes operating twice weekly;
  • Corfu
  • Heraklion
  • Rhodes
  • Kefalonia
  • Zakynthos
  • Kos

Anything else new from the other operators i.e; Cooks?

STN Ramp Rat 10th May 2011 17:05

Stansted for the Champions league finals
Airport Coordination Limited - EUFA Champions league Final Wembley 28th May 2011

compton3bravo 10th May 2011 17:43

Champions League Final
In the document is the word PREFERENCE and not you will use Stansted. Also according to the Barcelona's own tour company which will be arranging most of the flights coaches will take supporters to Central London and not Wembley - if you arrive at 9am at Stansted you have all day to kill before the game at 19.45hrs. Also I see the Football Association (FA) is involved in the arrangements - words like booze up and brewery spring to mind.
Anyway all will be revealed in due course.

STN Ramp Rat 10th May 2011 17:51

indeed, I expect it will be Stansted for most flights as they have a large terminal and also a large coach park, my experiance of this sort of event is that post match anyone gets on any aircraft just to get them back to their country,

as you say time will tell

AvWRup 13th May 2011 09:19

Stansted for sale?
When Stansted is eventually sold, can the new owners learn a thing or two from GIP at Gatwick? Here's Av Week's take on it.

pabely 16th May 2011 13:30

Champions League
According to some other spotter forums, plenty of charters & biz booked in a Luton so Stansted will not have all the spoils.

TUGNBAR 24th May 2011 06:36

Air force one
Just watching the news this morning showing the arrival last night of AF1 how impressive it looked.

Captinbirdseye 24th May 2011 08:41

MAG Interest in STN
Seen this in Travel Weekly.

GTMC: Manchester Airport confirms interest in Stansted - www.travelweekly.co.uk

Would be great to see more L/H destinations from STN. Quicker BAA sell the better in my view.


G-APDK 24th May 2011 10:59

Gatwick is also getting some charter flights (about 8-10), Stansted has about 30 planned, as I understand


pabely 24th May 2011 16:40

Champions League
Looks like Barca team are landing here tonight and setting up training camp at Arsenal FC facilities in Herts.

ericlday 24th May 2011 20:48

AEA941 EC-HZS due at 23.19

daz211 12th Jun 2011 14:58

New route from belle air
I notice that the flight number is L9 and not LZ :confused:.

Flt No L9556 DEP 0820 ARR 1220 Start date 11/07/2011.

davidjohnson6 12th Jun 2011 15:40

If Manchester Airports Group were to make a bid for Stansted, there would presumably be a fairly hefty loan (or even a bond issue) from a few banks.

As MAG is owned entirely by Manchester local Govt, are there any Govt-based constraints as to how much additional debt MAG can take on ? In addition, would the various boroughs of Manchester along with the city council be able to put some equity into such a purchase, or would it have to rely entirely on debt and MAG's own cash reserves ? Yes, S&P have rated MAG as single A, but the existing borrowings of approx £350m makes me wonder about the capacity of MAG to swallow something as big as STN

I'm trying to figure out whether MAG really has the financial firepower to be a credible bidder for STN or, similiar to the situation of BA taking interest in Alitalia a couple of years ago, whether it's just trying to have a good look through the confidential books of a rival.

pwalhx 12th Jun 2011 15:51

When MAG showed an interest in LGW it was in partnership with others, one would suggest the same may be true of any interest in Stansted.

airhumberside 13th Jun 2011 17:14

L9 is Belle Air Europe. Not sure of the exact relationship, but related to Belle Air in some way

tommyc2005 15th Jun 2011 11:23

Just seen on LGW thread the AB flight to Hanover is to be scrapped from end of July, leaving Nuremberg as a sole route. I wonder if this means rather than AB upping sticks from STN altogether, NUE may actually return?

daz211 15th Jun 2011 14:38

I wonder if AirBerlin's Hanover passengers did'nt like Gatwick and have just jumped ship to German Wings at Stansted ?

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