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wowzz 23rd Feb 2011 21:46

I would just dispute one of your points - in my view. LGW is a more attractive option than LHR due to the number of incoming LoCo flights.
The most attractive airport for those living in London may well be LHR, but for those of us not living within the M25 and needing a connecting flight to our final departure airport, LGW, AMS or FRA may be more suitable, given the number of incoming flights fromother European destinations.

FEROMAN 28th Feb 2011 21:20

Air Asia X to stay at Stansted
Air Asia X have categorically stated they have no plans to move from Stansted; and whilst that may be airline bluff, I'm more inclined to believe the rumours are just Gatwick spin

Skipness One Echo 28th Feb 2011 21:42

Air Asia X have categorically stated they have no plans to move from Stansted
American had plans for a second daily JFK too.....

LGW_08R 28th Feb 2011 22:56

When asked if the airline would be sending the new 332s to Gatwick...

azranosmanrani Azran Osman-Rani
wish we could, but we're barred from LGW by govt regulations
From the boss' Twitter earlier. Looks like they are stay at Stansted, but only because they can't get into Gatwick.

General_Kirby 16th Mar 2011 22:37

Skipness...Can you remind me of the dates American came and went with regards to Eos/MaxJet going under? Can't believe they got away with being allowed to come in, send the others under then runaway back to Heathrow! Thanks

Skipness One Echo 17th Mar 2011 00:21

American were Winter 2007 through early Summer 2008 and then off they went around June I recall. They didn't even operate the full summer. Sorry I don't have the exact details to hand someone will be able to supply dates I'm sure.

bananamanuk 17th Mar 2011 19:35

AA/ Maxjet/ EOS
Hi General_Kirby

American started their STN_JFK flights October 2007, they were due to launch a second daily flight in April 08 but that got delayed to August 08 but in the end never materialised.

MaxJet ceased on Christmas Eve 2007

EOS was beginning to ramp up their operations and announced additional frequencies and a new route to Dubai before they ceased ops in April 2008.

That left Silverjet as the only startup premium airline albeit at Luton.

American pulled it's Stansted services in July 2008. Although there was probably a good deal of truth in the reasons for them consolidating at LHR, namely that AA at the time was losing money, the approach at STN was to use their muscle to kill two startups.

Seems that the thought of STN having a well known carrier meant they were eager to have AA even though operating the same routes to New York (although EOS went to Newark). Somewhat coincidental that as soon as Max and EOS ceased, AA moved out. STN from 3 to 0.

AA's history with STN is pretty poor considering they had the route authorities for ORD but pulled that route in 1992/3 can't remember exactly but I did use that service even have a couple of route maps from the captain somewhere!

Shame sometimes that airports don't nurture startups a bit more or help protect their niche. Although AA was operating a 2 class service it had more capacity in a 767-300 and much deeper pockets to deflate prices..

Anyways hope that helped.

student88 21st Mar 2011 22:49

Are you the spelling police?

student88 21st Mar 2011 22:50

EZY are pulling the plug on STN-NCL, any news on who's going to fill their boots?

Skipness One Echo 22nd Mar 2011 12:35

EZY are pulling the plug on STN-NCL, any news on who's going to fill their boots?
Nobody, UK domestic is being killed by the sheer hassle of the airport experience, delays and taxation. They're so bad that even the train looks a better option. Even flybe couldn't make LBA-LGW work so I doubt anyone will be leaping onto NCL-STN anytime soon...........GLA-LHR on BD ends this weekend as well.

Buster the Bear 22nd Mar 2011 21:59

Air Berlin Dash 8 ops could end up at Southend.

pamann 23rd Mar 2011 15:59

could end up at Southend
And what is the source of this 'Could' information?

talk english 23rd Mar 2011 20:41

I could win the lottery!!!!!!

nt639 23rd Mar 2011 21:57

All Wizz Air ops at Luton COULD end up at Stansted:rolleyes:

Captinbirdseye 30th Mar 2011 08:22

BAA ordered to Sell STN
BBC News - BAA told by Competition Commission to sell two airports

Could this dawn a new era at STN. I am not expecting a new LGW but do you might think it might encourage L/H airlines to come to the airport?


pabely 30th Mar 2011 16:32

Why do you think that?

tommyc2005 30th Mar 2011 16:47


A new dawn hopefully indeed.

As for long haul, really depends who takes the airport on I suppose as to what will change, whether the new operator has existing relationships with the right airlines etc. I wouldn't expect much in the way of long haul though, the USA is virtually out of the question. New York is the obvious destination and airlines seem reluctant to operate there away from LHR, even LGW is down to bare bones now on other routes. The most feasible that could be hoped for is Emirates or Etihad I guess, perhaps the odd niche player or start-up like United Airways at LGW. Personally, I'd just be happy with securing Air Asia.

What I think will happen is some escapees will return, such as Norwegian, Blue Air, maybe El Al. Anything else is anyone's guess.

ericlday 30th Mar 2011 16:47

Selling an Airport does not suddenly create a L/H market !!!

STN Ramp Rat 30th Mar 2011 17:29

The most likely purchasers are a private equity company with an airport company providing the industry knowledge. The key to how well Stansted will perform is to understand who the airport company is and how good their commercial contacts are. Manchester Airport has to be in the running and therefore I suspect European Traffic will be the focus. Tommyc2005 has it correct in my opinion

Buster the Bear 4th Apr 2011 19:08

Expect to see a year on year decline of movements this summer of 15% according to 'official' figures.

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