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FRatSTN 24th Sep 2015 16:52

I don't take too much notice of passenger surveys/reviews as they're not at all representative of how many people go though the airport, or indeed are rated on what actually influences people's choice of airport... however worth noting that after almost entirely awful reviews for STN on Skytrax for a while now, I notice the most recent 3 are positive.

I can't say I'm really surprised, a noticeable improvement as of late. I think in part it's due to winding down after the busy summer period, but still much better nonetheless.

I've noticed the route through the new shopping area has now opened up (albeit most of the new shops are not open yet), giving more space. Noticeable increase in seating availability and overall a more relaxed feel. Looks much more complete and increasingly less like a building site. Passport control getting marginally better on the whole too.

I'm not saying it's perfect, but definitely an improving picture.

AdamThePassenger 24th Sep 2015 22:50

Just out of interest, does anyone know if the Newquay route will be back next year?


NickBarnes 25th Sep 2015 07:46

The Newquay route carried 3511 pax in August not sure how that works out LF wise

Isle of man was 6070
Newcastle was 4619

Wycombe 25th Sep 2015 08:09

I work NQY out as 73% LF, assuming a Q400 operating daily.

planedrive 1st Oct 2015 18:33

Looks as though easy are withdrawing from this route from November. Could this be as a result of the war down the road in LTN? Bit of a shame that there is now no connection between Stansted and CPH.

Any chance this could see a seasonal return next summer?

cornishsimon 1st Oct 2015 19:24

NQY-STN 73% for AUG on a first year route isn't a bad start ?
would of thought that its likely to return for 2016 ?


mikkie4 1st Oct 2015 22:40

If the STN-CPH cant work out of Stansted could it work out of SOUTHEND?

pamann 1st Oct 2015 22:58

I'd say that both EZY and FR are over-saturating the market over at Luton. This is a route that LTN hadn't seen since the days of Debonair, if demand was so high why did no one take up the route after Debonair failed? There is such over capacity on the route that seats can often be found for 9.99 each way or less. It's not about supply and demand for an existing market, but creating a false market until someone gives up. Therefore any airline starting at STN or SEN would be crazy IMHO as it stands at present. The LON-CPH route is clearly over-served at present.

With reference to STN-CPH with EZY, weren't they supposed to drop it last year well ahead of announcing the LTN service? I believe they carried it on a reduced schedule of 2/3 rotations a week (correct me if I'm wrong), it used to operate at least twice a day if I remember right?

AirportPlanner1 2nd Oct 2015 06:27

7/8 x daily at LTN isn't sustainable, fact. There will not be that level of service in 2 years time, probably sooner.

What will probably play out is FR move the service to STN, frequency will probably remain because they are also fighting Norwegian at LGW. Frequency at LTN by EZY will reduce to 2x daily, then 1x daily or dropped altogether. SEN would work I feel, but only if EZY attempt to stay in the market with the ease of SEN as their USP.

There are of course other externalities that could affect things, such as FR having such a spat with the unions in Denmark it is impossible for them to continue.

LTNman 2nd Oct 2015 08:05

I can't even see the reason for this dog fight at Luton. Ryanair are entrenched at Stansted and have never expressed a desire to expand their Luton operation so why take on easyjet at their home base when they could quite easily do battle from Stansted?

Itchin McCrevis 2nd Oct 2015 20:34

Ryanair are entrenched at Stansted and have never expressed a desire to expand their Luton operation
How do you know that's true? - they may not have said anything publically but who knows what goes on behind closed doors - if you notice Luton has never had a tendency (unlike some) to declare its business before things are finalised - quite the opposite, it always waits until (or normally after) routes are are announced by the carriers. Also isn't the current CEO of Luton ex-Stansted - do we not think he will try to leverage any previous relationship he may have had with Ryanair (by comparison people seem to think it is only natural that the new Southend Boss will try to leverage his previous relationship with Wizz)?

I can't even see the reason for this dog fight at Luton.
I can see a few possible reasons:

EZY kept a token STN-CPH service for a time because:
1. substantial marketing support funds on the route would have been terminated or repayable to CPH if they had ceased the route completely before a certain date
2. they wanted to stop new route support funds becoming available (to RYR) if they allowed CPH-STN become a "new route" again (i.e. in competition with LTN).

Why did Ryanair choose Luton? - again there could be reasons:

1. Both carriers somehow qualified for new route support for CPH-LTN (but Ryanair could not for CPH-STN)
2. It was pure devilment by RYR to spoil EZY's party
3. the route planners in both these highly successful airlines have no clue what they are trying to achieve

7/8 x daily at LTN isn't sustainable
Maybe, just maybe, EZY are trying to send a signal to RYR to move it over to STN out of their hair - however having unexpectedly got their hands on it all will Luton let RYR go without a fight (what would you do?).

You can't ever say aviation is a dull business.

On the subject of Scandinavia is the SAS STN - Gothenburg floundering?

pamann 3rd Oct 2015 00:00

On the subject of Scandinavia is the SAS STN - Gothenburg floundering?
The route doesn't start until the end of the month. 26th

Itchin McCrevis 3rd Oct 2015 11:03

Sorry should have been clearer - SAS website is not the best but I could only find 1 daily flight up to new year and nothing after that.

NickBarnes 3rd Oct 2015 11:50

In able to book 1st of Feb - 4th Feb for 68 pound return, so SAS still very much around

Itchin McCrevis 4th Oct 2015 13:03

ok well done - and is it still twice daily?

nigel osborne 4th Oct 2015 15:03

Wow.. I seem to remember SAS starting out of STN at least once before hope it works this time ?


NickBarnes 4th Oct 2015 17:22

Hi, if I look at that particular week it shows it with flights operatating Sun, Mon, Wed, Thur and Fri

daz211 9th Oct 2015 10:52

Eurowings has revised planned new service from Vienna, due to commence from 09NOV15. Planned new Vienna London Stansted will be operating up to 9 weekly starting 04DEC15, instead of planned 6 weekly.

Further, all service will now be operated by Eurowings A320Sharklet (32A) aircraft, instead of previously planned Austrian A320.

EW5830 VIE0625 0735STN 32A 135
EW5832 VIE1815 1925STN 32A x6

EW5831 STN0825 1130VIE 32A 135
EW5833 STN2005 2310VIE 32A x6

daz211 13th Oct 2015 12:17

Well done MAG/STN
Passenger numbers at Stansted Airport are still soaring, topping 22 million in a year for the first time in almost seven years.

And the total number of travellers on each flight last month were at record levels for any September in the Airports history.

The 22m milestone comes just eight months after the 20m-a-year barrier was breached as the total number of passengers passing through the terminal increased by 15.8 per cent in the last 12 months.

The number of passengers using Stansted in September was up nine per cent on the same month last year as the airport served over two million passengers for the fifth consecutive month, the first time this has been achieved since 2008.

Read more: http://www.hertsandessexobserver.co....#ixzz3oRvrqc7o
Follow us: @HertsEssexObser on Twitter

LTNman 13th Oct 2015 15:11

All they have got to do now it improve the woeful customer experience like its Bedfordshire neighbour. Could the experience ever be as good as Gatwick which seems to tick most peoples boxes?

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