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pamann 29th Jul 2010 20:41

I would suggest that this is bad news for Stansted, the last Stansted carrier to join an alliance went down the road fairly quickly
Could also work the opposite and attract some new traffic?

STN Ramp Rat 30th Jul 2010 16:29

I donít see a move to LCY, itís full at peak times as has already been indicated, a move to LGW is much more likely. The managing Director at Gatwick used to be at Stansted and Air Berlin is joining One World to increase the number of connections to/from Germany for the Alliance. BA will want to code share and interline which they cannot do whilst AB are operating from Stansted.

matt_0445 30th Jul 2010 22:56

Isn't Gatwick full at peak times though.

STN Ramp Rat 31st Jul 2010 07:02

no not really, not like it used to be. almost all the US carriers have moved to LHR and XL has gone bust, others have cut back

daz211 10th Aug 2010 20:20

New 747-800' for STN
Just weeks after Stansted received Code F status to handle Boeing's new generation 747-8 aircraft, British Airways World Cargo has announced three of its new fleet will be based at London Stansted, operating schedules to destinations such as Hong Kong, Atlanta, Houston and Shanghai.
"The new fleet will be delivered in traditional British Airways colours and we understand the first aircraft will touchdown early next year.

Seljuk22 14th Sep 2010 17:53

Air Asia X
I assume they're flying daily with the A340-300 (326 seats) to STN.

If yes, I can't understand the latest CAA figures for STN-KUL:

June: 11,222
July: 19,836
August: 20,772 (670 per day, 335 passengers per flight!)

daz211 14th Sep 2010 18:45

They went twice daily in the busy summer months cant remember if it was weekends only though ...

Menzieman 15th Sep 2010 20:25

wednesday 15th september:

airberlin turnround

plane onstand 07.17 1 man chocks and powers a/c
fueller arrives 07.19
cleaner arrives 07.22
onload arrives 07.24
offload crew eventually arrives 07.30
1st bag off 07.35
onload commenced 07.41
airbridge off 07.50
power off 07.55
tug connected 07.57
headset man arrives 08.00
pushed 08.13

servisair saved by french atc strike causing trolley full of late slots
is this normal service for air berlin?????

aidoair 16th Sep 2010 00:11

May I ask of your observations? Were you on the flight or just an on looker just interested that's all...

Anyway, to have the airbridge off at 7:50 after chocking at 07:17 is pretty good going IMO. Potentially the tug bar / tug could have been connected during boarding or before airbridge disconected to help speed up push back time should it be available, however this depends on type of tug, availability etc.

Air Berlin schedules a 45 minute turnaround at most airports, Stansted included. To what your ''timings'' are showing, Servisair achieved this if not much quicker! The only thing that could have delayed the push back departure will most likely have been ATC for ground clearence etc, so what do you mean ''is this normal service for air berlin''??

OpsSix 21st Sep 2010 08:50

Apologies if this has already been mentioned but having been on the Stockholm Arlanda website last night, it states that Air Sweden will be starting ops to STN.

Does anyone have any further info at all?
Many thanks...

Xcircustiger 25th Sep 2010 15:20

....they went 9 a week during the peak school holiday period so that probably explains the fiqures.... Speaking to some cargo guys , looks like it ships high volumes of freight too....

daz211 1st Oct 2010 08:34

TOM mayday B738
Just heard TOM 737-800 out of STN is turning back to STN with engine failure in number 2 airport fire crew and local crew now on site

OpsSix 1st Oct 2010 14:58

That explains all the sirens going past the house this morn! Wondered if something was going on.

OLNEY 1 BRAVO 1st Oct 2010 20:39

The TOM 737 was out of Luton for Tenerife South and got a bird strike on rotation and decided to continue to Stansted with the longer runway.

There can't have been any significant damage as it continued on to TFS.


jpthomas72 2nd Oct 2010 22:07

Vilnius (VNO) flight gone
I think this hasn't been mentioned here yet, see thread "STAR1" for all the details: The connection Stansted-Vilnius (capital city of Lithuania, Baltics) is gone due to the airline Star1 going bankrupt.

pamann 11th Oct 2010 00:57

News from Wiki that Europe Airpost start operations from Stansted this November...

Enfidha [begins 6 November], Tangier [begins 3 November], Tenerife-South [begins 4 November]

Who are these operating for as they do not appear on the Stansted Airport website's charter listing?

STN Ramp Rat 13th Oct 2010 12:22

Stansted has to be sold
UPDATE 1-BAA loses court battle on sale of UK airports | Reuters

daz211 19th Oct 2010 20:25

Belle Air
I was told today that Belle Air are to start (TIA-STN-TIA) 16/12/10 2x weekly
can anyone back this up ?

airhumberside 19th Oct 2010 21:48

Belle Air
Flights bookable

canberra97 21st Oct 2010 23:31

Why would Belleair want to start a STN-TIA route when Albanian Airlines already operate on the route.

Looking at the Belleair website the prices for STN-TIA are not cheap plus with their extensive Italian network surely a secondary Italian city to STN would make for a better option to enter the UK market.

What aircraft do they intend using on this new route?

On another note who is taking over the Hamburg International flights on behalf of the Gambia Experience?

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