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Joining Ryanair

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Originally Posted by feeso View Post
Thank you for the info. guys. really much appreciated. Isn't it a bit on the low side specially living in London? i am not being iffy. i am just inquiring as I was living in Asia for the past 7 years and I forgot how its like back in Europe.
It's not in London. If you want to work at LHR or LGW you will need to earn an extra couple of grand a month just to afford the much higher house prices!
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Originally Posted by Boeing 7E7 View Post
-Is this as a ‘contract pilot’ or a Ryanair employee?
- what is the company pension contribution?
- do you get LoL?
- private medical insurance?
- Private Health Insurance?
- free uniforms?
- company pay for Aircrew Medical?
- share save schemes?
- etc

If you add all these up and then take it away from the net figure quoted, I think you will find that Ryanair’s total remuneration is woefully low - in comparison to other comparable airlines.
If you were any way informed you would know that it’s £119 to £125 as a Ryanair employee. It’s about 137k as an LTC as a Ryanair employee. The pension is 8k contribution for Captains and the company match another 8k. This is the PRESENT situation.

The LOL and other benefits that are plainly missing as you mentioned are high on the unions agenda across all the countries that are in talks. If they are successful in attaining these benefits then we will have a situation where coupled with the money and roster, there won’t be many outfits that can match it as an overall package regardless of how much you hate the paint on the side of the aircraft.

Let’s see in a couple of months are you saying the same thing and then let’s make your comparison.
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I think you misunderstand me. I WANT Ryanair to have all of those things and MORE. I am on your side. Unless and until this is the case, then every airline pilot in all European airlines will suffer the consequences of Ryanair’s poor terms and conditions. And they are crap, no matter how good a fixed roster is perceived to be!

The pension contributions are paltry. Most airlines offer a percentage of the salary, significantly higher. In the region of 10-18%. EVERYONE retires one day.

It has taken the best part of 20 years for the pilot fraternity in Ryanair to realise that the power to change things is in their hands. The ones that do not stay and choose to move to other airlines, as so many have, will already be moving to terms and conditions that are significantly less than they were only a few years ago, as airlines attempt to mirror FRs poor conditions.
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I think you're getting a bit ahead of yourself Lazydogg, just because MOL conned the RYR work force into cancelling a pre-Christmas strike with some non-binding hot air, does not mean Ryanair are on course to become the best employers in the industry.

A leopard does not change it's spots and Ryanair will always be bottom feeders, that's the way they like it.
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I think you are getting ahead of yourself by saying the opposite. You don't have a crystal ball and nor do I. I just stated the facts we know today and followed that up by saying "let's see".

So why don't we just do that? This time next month we will be better informed I hope.
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B7E7 theres the interesting thing YES you do get all the things you mention except the share save scheme.

Except Ryanair give it as an allowance of £6000 pa gross to pay for those things with. So after tax about £4000 ish.

Just because they are not handed to you on a plate doesn't mean its not given just in a different way.

You may not agree with the method or the delivery but its not true to say those things are not provided for.

And if you add up the numbers its not far off.

Medical @£300pa
LoL @£1800pa
BUPA @£1800pa
Uniform @£300pa?

So lets say just over £4000 ish.

If the union can get all this and I still keep my £6k then I am all for it and Im off to Vegas. Hmmm lets see red or black?

As for pension the EZY pension last time I looked was 7% so £8000 contribution from Ryanair if we benchmark Easy would be equivalent of £115k basic at the above 7%.

Again yes I would love it to be in the 10% to 18% bracket but those numbers I think you would struggle anywhere as a new start.
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How about SAYE and BAYE schemes, part time options, preferential bidding (early or lates), loyalty bonus, performance bonus, etc?
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I already stated there was no share scheme.

Yes part time option 5 on 13 off

Yes preferential bidding. Some guys only do early or lates.

No loyalty bonus

Ryanair just stuck £12k on the allowances as a form of "performance bonus"

You stated etc, ok full salary if sick for 6 months, disability allowance ie if you are permanently sick and can no longer return to work. Usual pension benefits with death in service, spouses pension etc etc etc

And a biggy which people forget no redundancies, no contraction, no bad phases, no furloughing, massive opportunities for command, training positions, roster comes out on time and most importantly money paid on time.

No airline is perfect but its improving. I am just trying to give some balance to the usual bashing which doesn't always get it 100% right.
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Say Mach Number,

You’re speaking for the minority that’s on Ryanair contracts.

The part time offer you’re talking about is for a selected few. There are legislations in place in countries where Ryanair has bases that grants employees part time for child care and studying.

It’s been a while, but the only ones I remember that were honored with preferential rosters were the elusive trainers.

Finally, wasn’t management recently throwing a tantrum threatening to withdraw the allowance should the pilots not cooperate. How serious is that?
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The majority of Captains in the UK are permanent. And those that are not more often than not chose not to be.
Every FO at my base that applied for a permanent contract before Christmas got one.
Permanent FO in UK base can expect a P60 of about 61k
Permanent training FO (SFI) £80k to £85k.
Captain between £119k to £125k
Training Captain about £137k
Thats the situation in the UK with those directly employed with the company.
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SFI is most certainly not on anywhere near 80K my P60 read 64k not 80!
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Figure came from a newly appointed SFI I spoke to.

Hasn’t the money gone up for SFIs?
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No SFI will earn anywhere near those figures since they've all been retired from flying. The pay is good if you get to fly the line to top up the pay packet - some contractor SFI's are earning the same as 2-stripers who are regularly flying. Flying 120hrs a year and spending the rest of it tucked up in the back of the sim pays very little.
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Money has jumped up a lot for all ranks including SFI's.

Part time is not an option for new joiners as it's not a contract option until in the Company.

The Company doesn't 'offer' part time so to speak but if you do all the leg work and find a pilot to buddy up with and present a fait au complet to them they tend to go for it but if you just rock up and say I want part time they say go and find someone to share with and then come back.

Most people who can find someone (in Stansted anyway) I think have it.
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Ps meant to say 'allowances' were always used by the Company as a 'union buster' i.e. force us to deal with unions we take hem away. However the world turned on its head a few weeks ago............
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Again, let's not get ahead of ourselves. MOL claiming that he'll recognise unions is a long way from actually getting a good deal for the pilots.

Having said that, the whole industry is hoping they do - the moment the supply of qualified FOs dries up from Ryanair is the moment everyone else has to improve their conditions.
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It makes me laugh that even as employees we state our salaries on here that include the expenses we are to use for LOL/uniforms/etc.

£119-£125k a year for a Captain in STN isn’t going to happen as we turned down the ‘new deal’. My pay before the deal is £106k including Ryanair’s £6k pension contribution, working 900 hours a year and it INCLUDES THE £6k expenses- as they can’t be arsed to give this to us free as a perk. So really it is a £100k package.

EasyJet for instance pays £105k as a basic salary, and all the things we are to spend our £6k on are added extras in EasyJet.

If you’re comparing like for like, make it so.
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There are quite simply too many Ryanair apologists in this thread that wheel themselves out to ‘give the other side’ of the view.

Compared to an office worker, the captains salary is absolutely amazing. Compared to a somebody who was not earning money before they joined the airline, while in college and their pilot training paid for by parents, it is super. Compared to comparable airlines the package is awful. Simple. Wake up.
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VJW... so are you saying a captain in STN Base makes less than 6000 euros a month NET? are there some months better than other? This is too low for a captain.. I was making this as an FO in Asia.. gtg back !
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Yup this is exactly what I’m saying, although we’re paid in pounds no euros. My pay is between £5500-£6400 depending on how many hours I fly- and I don’t pay into the pension yet.

Each to their own. Pay me double and I wouldn’t go to Asia...
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