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Joining Ryanair

Old 28th Sep 2017, 11:43
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If you can get in to Flybe that would be better, their training is very good.
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Old 28th Sep 2017, 13:32
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The reality is that as much as it sucks at RYR, it sucks more somewhere else! The RYR pilots are not going to win this one by telling new recruits to stop applying for jobs. Market forces with govern that one. What is needed is for RYR pilots to finally grow a pair, stand together, and take mass action against the company.
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Old 28th Sep 2017, 14:52
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Oh Johnny...
If you were fresh out of flight school and offered a nice jet to fly would you not jump at the opportunity? I bet you'd be first in line....so stop bashing the newbies, put your big ego in your pockets and rather focus on standing together as a pilot group and bashing management about how they treat pilots collectively.
So many big egos here but all too chicken to do anything about it.
End of the day a newbie also has to put food on the table, pay back loans etc so if a nice jet job will provide for that then well done to them.
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Old 28th Sep 2017, 15:02
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Originally Posted by Normal Pilot View Post
I left Ryanair a few months ago to go to a UK airline.

My standard of life (and my family's) has dropped significantly since leaving, due to me now being on a random roster. A lot needs to change in RYR, but it does suit some people, if you're based at home in the left seat, I would be in no rush to leave.

As for joining RYR, you know what to expect from reading the posts on here, if you think you'll be happy then join.

I'm an FO and RYR don't take many FO's back for some reason, but if they did, I'd give it some serious consideration just to get my old standard of life back (as would many of my colleagues).
They're happy to take back FOs, have you emailed DR?
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Old 28th Sep 2017, 17:02
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Originally Posted by squeaker View Post
If you can get in to Flybe that would be better, their training is very good.
Although the salary is lower at Flybe, by the time you add up all the extras such as, pension, staff travel, medical, uniforms, training, permanent contract, home base, it probably works out to be better financially than Ryanair - not too mention its more fun flying!
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Old 28th Sep 2017, 20:01
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Originally Posted by Johnny [email protected] Pants View Post
Herein lies the problem, those leaving flying school now expect to fly a jet. "Big opportunities"

How about actually learning to fly, go and instruct for a year or two, then get a multi crew job flying a turbo prop, then when you've done that for a few years move onto a jet.
Instructing is hardly well payed either, it would seem like treading water career-wise to me? Within that few years I could have a couple of thousand jet hours.
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Old 4th Oct 2017, 12:38
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Ryanair pilots face HMRC investigation over airline's employment structures
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Old 4th Oct 2017, 19:06
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Jet2, TUI, Norwegian, Titan, Virgin, Aer Lingus and easyJet all recruiting right now for UK/IRE jobs. There's no excuse for anybody to lower themselves to the level of Ryanair.
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Old 4th Oct 2017, 19:58
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Vokes, a few good options there (Titan and Jet2 in particular imo) but no way will they all take you as a cadet fresh from flight school
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Old 4th Oct 2017, 22:27
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No, but this thread was started by somebody with experience. Joining as a cadet is just about forgivable, joining with experience when there are so many far superior options out there isn't. TUI require just 300 hours on type, which most cadets would achieve in around 6 months or less, and is a job that's worlds apart from Ryanair in just about all departments.

The other end of the scale is captains who have the 'golden handcuffs' attached. Not for a long time have there been so many options for direct entry captains, both in the UK and abroad.
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Old 4th Oct 2017, 22:48
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Completely agree with you there Vokes!
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Old 5th Oct 2017, 09:47
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Old 5th Oct 2017, 09:48
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don't join, you deserve better.
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Old 5th Oct 2017, 11:08
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Curious they mention only 'sick pay: what about holiday pay? Pilots & cabin crew, they allege, are paid NOT for the work/duty they actually do, but only the time they were planned to do. That sounds even worse than a zero-hour contract; and perhaps gives RYR a legal escape when claiming there are no zero-hour contracts at RYR.

The mandatory company designated unpaid month off policy reminds me of a ruse used by an old employer of mine for 75% of cabin crew. They were employed on 11 month contracts and forced to take December off, unpaid. They were then re-hired on January 1st for another 11 months. That way they circumvented the EU rules that anyone working for 12 months continuously was deemed to be full-time employed. I do not know if that is still the case, but forcing an unpaid month off, instead of 2 x 2week separate periods seems a similar tactic. Curious.
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Old 6th Oct 2017, 01:14
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...but I do not consider Ryanair neither an airline company nor an option...
so there was no relation with Ryanair...

thanks anyway for your try..
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Old 7th Nov 2017, 09:32
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Dear colleagues,

I would like to ask about your opinion regarding direct entry F/O to RYR. There are min. requirements: 1200tt, 1000 (CS25) and 800 B737.

With my 900 on B737(CS25) but only cca 1100tt is it possible to get there or try to apply for selection process? Or do you think it is much better to wait for full this requirements completely?

Thank you in advance for your tips.
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Old 7th Nov 2017, 10:11
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No harm in applying. I would doubt with the current situation they will care too much about a few hours. Just make sure you do your research on what you might be getting yourself into!
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Old 7th Nov 2017, 10:23
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why would you join an airline were almost everyone is trying to get out. At latest when you start your occ course in eastmidlands, where you will have to pay for your accomodation, food, uniform and transport to and from the training center, you will regret joining them......
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Old 7th Nov 2017, 10:36
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flyingmed,Ronand: Firstly thank you for advice.

For the moment I am in good company and I can truly say that we have very good conditions. But honestly I would like to fly more (do not judge me because of this), I heard that in ryr you will get 900hrs per year "with out" mercy as FO. I have got 800hrs in my last 12 months but I would like to fly more. ->this is the reason

Actually I do not want to quit right now, but I wanna look around little but. Also heard that in FlyDubai you will be "bird", but there is min. req. 1500tt.

I wish you all the best guys!
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Old 7th Nov 2017, 19:07
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I have got 800hrs in my last 12 months but I would like to fly more.
Are you serious?
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