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Joining Ryanair

Old 27th Jul 2017, 16:01
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I did 15 years in........so know a thing or two about it. This whole myth about "the best training" used to be true until about two years ago when they got desperate, good trainers got burnt out and gave up, good TREs didn't fly, so gave up. Both to be replaced with anyone that would volunteer, including a few famous faces who shouldn't have even been captains in the first place. The same now goes for the quality of the new intake cadets, in my day 50 odd sectors and you were done, now I hear some do over a 100 sectors just to be released to the line (which really means the LTC can't be arsed anymore and signs them off, as they will get a call from EMT if they don't). The quality is extremely poor,mainly being the language barrier, its embarrassing when you hear some of them on the radio! There is so many other jobs out there for anyone with a bit of experience, and it's proving to be problematic for them!

And as far as points 3 and 4 are concerned, your management pep talk doesn't wash with anyone that actually worked there -

3) Following your line check and assuming a successful outcome you will usually be sent to your designated base
4) Expect to fly between 750 to 900 hours per year

Designated base = wherever they want! (Not home)

And 750 hrs a year? More like 899.9, especially now as they are extremely short! It's ok though, they only got 3 ad hoc days leave allocated this year.......
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Old 27th Jul 2017, 16:10
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23 replies and only one relevant to the original question..
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Old 27th Jul 2017, 19:41
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It seems that Ryanair will be running roadshows in Brazil in August...
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Old 27th Jul 2017, 19:59
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Correct. They'll come to Rio and Sao Paulo looking for DEC only (no Direct Entry FO).

Sao Paulo on the 15th and Rio on the 16th.

Only GOL and Aerolineas Argentinas operate the 737NG in South America.

B737NG type rating
3500 TT
2000h on multi-crew with more than 30t
800h PIC
Last flight as a captain within the last 36 months
Able to live and work in the EU

For those flying the 737-3/4/500, a 737NG type rating will be required before joining.
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Old 27th Jul 2017, 20:08
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what would really help your argument is if you would talk from your own experience, and not repeat something you have heard. Have you actually worked for Ryanair, if so, for how long? Have you actually been disciplined for something, if so - for what?
It's not actually relevant that I reveal these details, but for what it's worth, I did three years at Ryanair, before moving to a real airline.

What Mach81 says about the training is also correct. During my last week in the company, I flew with two ex-trainers in DUB, who simply gave up because the standard of trainee had declined so far, and they were being pressured to sign off cadets that weren't ready. TREs are leaving left, right and centre. I was even surprised to hear the TRE from one of my old bases had left for a Chinese outfit, as he was always very pro-company on the day.

The most accurate post on this thread. What an awful place to work. Those who don't realise it probably haven't worked for any other airline before.
This. Having left and joined a company that respects its individuals, it is actually embarrassing to think that some people believe Ryanair is a career airline. The airline is the driving force behind the lowering of T&Cs across the industry, and anybody who goes there with the intention of doing anything other than getting enough hours to get out is a disgrace to the profession.
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Old 27th Jul 2017, 21:33
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Internet forums are a funny old thing. People state their honest and true recollection of their own experience, and people who don't agree with it reply with pointless, personal attacks about people they don't actually know.

Believe what you want, appears (note the use of that word) that you're just another mug towing the company line, thinking it's going to get you somewhere. Management laugh at people like you, evidently so spineless you're willing to make do with a poor salary, no union protection, forego your own comfort levels to save their fuel, a terrible pension (if at all). They respect you so little that they don't even give you water. Your fellow professional colleagues are so proud of you
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Old 27th Jul 2017, 22:00
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Vokes55 There are ways and ways of making your point. I don't work for them myself, but I can imagine feeling pretty miffed at your comments.
you're just another mug
Management laugh at people like you
...is no way to talk about people who might have to make complex decisions regarding work/ family/ basing etc.

No wonder you got an emotional response.
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Old 27th Jul 2017, 22:21
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Well said.. This is an information gathering forum.

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Old 27th Jul 2017, 22:48
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At last count there is over 4500 pilots in Ryanair.

Lets be clear it has its moments and its not perfect but where is these days.

We are either all completely deluded or there are some half decent things at Ryanair.

Things that float my boat are;

1. No nightstops

2. 5 days on 4 days off infinitum

3. No through the night flights (thank the Lord)

4. Not a contractor but with a few increments and in training last P60 was @135k

5. Worked only 1 day off last year. Only because it suited and I did a deal with them. No bollocking for me for only doing 1 day off in 12 months. (dont do them as a Rule my days off are too precious)

Was in the Final Salary Pension but the closed it down. Other than the fact I believe I am underpaid, overworked and like a good moan like every commercial pilot I know thats my main gripe.
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Old 27th Jul 2017, 22:55
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I would be absolutely stunned if 1000 pilots genuinely leave Ryanair a year. I suspect that can be neatly filed under
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Old 27th Jul 2017, 23:01
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Well the Ryanair pilot recruitment department must be diabolical and a ridiculous mess, ...... and their road shows to the middle east and brazil a complete waste of time....... because I know lads with PIC time on the NG and 747s and 777s waiting months for a reply .....

just don't add up!
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Old 28th Jul 2017, 02:54
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Originally Posted by Luibar View Post
It seems that Ryanair will be running roadshows in Brazil in August...
ICAO licence? It is possible?
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Old 28th Jul 2017, 08:12
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Yes it is, if EASA permits to the IAA. The most restricted thing is the EU passport and that most of the pilots are not going to come Europe for the salary offered. If they have to go out and travel 13000Kms to start a new life, they are going to go ME or China for the gold, not Europe.
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Old 28th Jul 2017, 09:23
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Interesting. You need to convert to a full Easa licence? I mean the 13 subjects?
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Old 28th Jul 2017, 10:44
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Well, I joined as a DEC. Wish I had never entertained the idea in the first place. I agree with earlier posts, the training is not good at all. The trainers that I have experienced do not know the Boeing manuals, but are experts in Ryanair SOPs etc. In fact, Ryanair training guides apparently take precedence over the QRH. Most DECs that I joined with have either left, leaving or applying for other jobs..... all within 12 months of starting.... the proof is in the pudding as they say.
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Old 28th Jul 2017, 11:24
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but apparently Ryanair could retain lots of pilots if they offered a proper local contract like easyjet.
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Old 28th Jul 2017, 11:58
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Agree with vokes555

vokes555 is spot on describing Ryanair as one of or maybe the main reason T&C in Europe is now the about the worst worldwide taking in cost of living. It is a flightschool for most until can move on, that's it! For me it is a moral issue, and to this day I have never been a pax with them even though it has cost me alot more commuting with another Airline.
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Old 28th Jul 2017, 13:32
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The biggest problem in discussing the decline in T's & C's, and the most likely reason, is that RYR's shareholders don't give a toss. Look at what the shares have done over 10 years. They are all licking their lips with glee and don't give a fig. If RYR can continue to expand, as they must to remain so profitable, and they can crew the a/c on any given day, the shareholders will not support a reduction in profit to improve T's & C's. Turnover of flight crew is of no concern of theirs. If that model works, then they so be it. It will only be when profits are hit by stagnant a/c that someone may start using questions.
Market forces etc. RYR a flying school? perhaps. Do they like it? perhaps. Is it sustainable? perhaps. As long as the queue of cadets is there, and the pax, then they will soldier on.
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Old 28th Jul 2017, 20:08
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Which is why experienced pilots should have more self-respect than joining a driving force for falling T&Cs. Cadets, fine, everyone starts somewhere - not one person on my type rating course had the intention of staying long term, and (at last count) 8/12 have indeed moved on.

However, an endless supply of cadets is useless if there's no trainers there to get them through the course. As I've said, anybody with experience joining this outfit will instantly lose the respect of their fellow professionals - and as was stated correctly by somebody above, most DEP realise how bad it is and leave within a year anyway.

As for the rest, well sometimes the truth hurts. Anybody towing the company line IS a mug and IS laughed at by management. They don't even think you deserve water, how pathetic does that make you feel?
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Old 28th Jul 2017, 21:24
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Originally Posted by 7Q Off View Post
Interesting. You need to convert to a full Easa licence? I mean the 13 subjects?
They accept DEC with ICAO licence from certain countries and do a validation with the IAA, but usually they have between 18-24 months to convert to a full EASA licence (do the 14 ATPL theory exams + sim check).
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