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Imagegear 18th Feb 2022 10:39

Putin would rather die than appear weak
I think your good lady has the Russian psyche spot on for this individual.

As many have said, he's getting old, and this is his last spin of the wheel. Unless someone powerful is a position to dilute his ego, this will play out in blood.


henra 18th Feb 2022 11:28

Originally Posted by Imagegear (Post 11186030)
I think your good lady has the Russian psyche spot on for this individual.
As many have said, he's getting old, and this is his last spin of the wheel. Unless someone powerful is a position to dilute his ego, this will play out in blood.

Unless a way is found in which he can retreat without losing face/appearing weak.
a feat which would be called - Diplomacy

Lyneham Lad 18th Feb 2022 12:12

On BBC News

  1. Russian President Vladimir Putin will oversee major military exercises on 19 February
  2. There will be ballistic and cruise missile launches, and tests to see how ready its nuclear armaments are, Russia says
  3. The drills are "fairly regular", says the Kremlin, and not an escalation of the standoff with Ukraine

squawking 7700 18th Feb 2022 12:18

Commercial air traffic to/from Russia has up until now been routing over Ukraine - until this morning - could be an indication of something about to happen

Imagegear 18th Feb 2022 13:28

Moscow to Istanbul Pegasus A321 about to enter Ukraine airspace now.

Perhaps they were not on the circulation list


ORAC 18th Feb 2022 13:59



Breakaway Ukrainian region orders evacuation

Ukrainian troops have been bolstered with arms supplies from Western nations and “are now prepositioned for combat and ready to take Donbass by force,” Denis Pushilin claimed in a statement on Friday, referring to his region and fellow breakaway entity, the Lugansk People’s Republic, by their collective name.

The Ukrainian rebels are expecting President Volodymyr Zelensky to order an offensive “in the nearest future.” Their military forces are prepared to fight, but civilians in rebel-controlled areas are at risk of being caught in the crossfire, the head of the Donetsk People’s Republic warned.

“That is why starting today, February 18, a mass evacuation of people to the Russian Federation has been organized,” he said, adding that vulnerable groups like women, children, and the elderly would be given priority.

Pushilin said Russian officials in the neighboring Rostov Region are expecting an inflow of evacuees and will provide them with what they need. There will be conditions at border crossings to expedite the process, he added. He urged people “to heed to the warning and take the right decision,” saying that the relocation would be temporary and would save lives.…..

Toadstool 18th Feb 2022 14:13

Lukashenko, who is in Russia, also talking about a potential conflict.

Lukashenko: "For the first time in 30 years we are on the edge of a conflict that will envelop the entire continent." Blames West for escalation.

fitliker 18th Feb 2022 14:31

It is going to be very difficult to maintain the peace in a country with so many weapons and so many deep divisions. Diversity can quickly become divisions. Once sectarian violence gets started it is very difficult to stop . The opportunities for sectarian violence have not been so great since an orthodox assassin killed a high Catholic Duke in Sarajevo.

ORAC 18th Feb 2022 14:58

Luhansk following the same line and evacuating civilians - both the clearing the way for troops to advance?

ORAC 18th Feb 2022 15:28

Evacuation has begun…

ORAC 18th Feb 2022 15:54

ORAC 18th Feb 2022 16:13

Let’s see how this develops…..

baron_rouge 18th Feb 2022 17:29

Live feed

ORAC 18th Feb 2022 18:19

Multiple reports of the same thing.

fitliker 18th Feb 2022 18:53

Originally Posted by ORAC (Post 11186193)

Vehicle identified as one used by one of the leaders on Tass , might be an assassination attempt ?

SLXOwft 18th Feb 2022 19:58

UK Embassy has relocated to Lviv from Kyiv, given ZZ175's recent movements between Brize Kyiv and Lviv, I hope this has been planned for some time rather than a reaction to very recent intelligence. https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/ukraine

A SAM callsign VC-25A from JB Andrews is about to land in Munich having passed a SAM callsign C-40B from Munich over Belgium. Airframe swap or political reinforcement for VP Harris?

langleybaston 18th Feb 2022 20:16

Those sanctions had better be good, because they are going to be needed very soon. Very soon indeed.

ORAC 18th Feb 2022 20:27

If you are going to produce a false flag, better not to use social media….


Metadata from the messaging app Telegram indicates that pro-Russian separatist leaders created videos ordering "emergency" evacuations from eastern Ukraine two days ago, but posted them on Friday, Bellingcat first reported and Axios can confirm.

Why it matters: U.S. officials have for days now accused Russia of preparing to fabricate a pretext to invade Ukraine. The two-day-old metadata from the leaders of the self-declared Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics could undermine claims that they ordered the evacuations due to an imminent threat of a Ukrainian offensive.

Beamr 18th Feb 2022 21:15

Putin has ordered the reserves to be called for training, effective as of date of publication (in essence, now).


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