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A320 cheap driver 8th Oct 2009 09:56

No Mercy From Ceo
All true above .
A Capt terminated over a EVIAN is confirmed .
CC in QR is supported if they report to CEO anything .
NO CRM as CRM is conducted separate stewardess and cockpit crew which is against PART "D " recommendation as well it was one of finding on international audit .
DXB incident was checked and after CVR was send to CEO he got mad and decided to terminate both as they where talking against him .
Saga goes on and Capt is gone from Qatar while F/O is stuck due his new born baby has no passport yet and he need to wait to get it from Latin America there he go to aske CEO if he can give him some time or reconsider termination,CEO answer NO and took his ID.
A A320 Capt young guy good skipper was stopped from Inst upgrade and CEO was after him for long time only because he married a EX C crew who was terminated and blacklisted to enter Qatar .After she complain to H.H.S.B.J owner or Q.A who blasted at CEO for mistreating crew a A320 Capt trouble started and by the end he was send for SIM with a S.D a well known Italian TRE who will sell anyone for position he was failed and kicked home . Again CEO proven his power to flight deck .
Good luck Capt Z i will fly with you anywhere any time .( your VIE F/O )
Sorry to say Qatar Airways is not place to stay as long as there is CEO who run airline based on personal hate basses .

cochise 8th Oct 2009 11:59

That's a pretty big accusation towards the checker:eek:

NoJoke 8th Oct 2009 18:47

You may know fellow Indians (of the red variety) but you do not know S.D.. Well known for revelling in the nickname 'The Terminator' there are many such like, and well known examples of his coward-like attacks on people in the Sim.

No wonder he was sacked - Thank God. However, he left a lot of sh*t for poor old K.F. who will soon be gone also, but by his own choice.

P.S. You hit the nail on the head!! Checker - never a Trainer. See people like I.M. (defo not the English one!!), I.K. etc. The real McCoy.

kempilot 10th Oct 2009 00:03

December interviews
Hello all. I got an invite for December 15th. Still searching for JAA stuff for interview.

Black Stain 10th Oct 2009 12:25

Musolini may be gone, but dont relax, Goat Airways will find another fascist to replace him soon enough :)

knightflt 10th Oct 2009 15:43

JAA Questions
K...Refer to page 63 and there you will find embedded links to JAA questions. I have also added one of them here http://www.aviationtire.com/atplsubject.cfm

Hope it helps


NoJoke 10th Oct 2009 17:52

If anyone knows, can you publish the name of the CSD that has had the Captain terminated over a bottle of water? I will remember the name in case of a jumpseat request. It is important that we all know, please help.

NoJoke 10th Oct 2009 20:50

The story is NoJoke. The Captain was Algerian, one of the 'nice' ones. As for drawing the correct picture - come over and see it. I haven't followed all your posts but you seem to be a doubting Thomas, and before you say 'if its all that bad then leave' - people are leaving in droves. I understand you are on your way, or want to be. Are you going to be a DEC? Whatever, welcome.

capt_rs 11th Oct 2009 03:23

Sim Assessment
Does anybody know if it is most likely to be evaluated on the A330 than the B777? or it is based on luck!!!


Speedbird1 11th Oct 2009 12:58

Hi everyone,

I have 3100 hours total with 2900 on the B737, mostly on the -800. I sent my application via email and post about 3 weeks ago. What sort of chances do i have of being selected for interview for a B777 F/O position?

Anyone with similar sort of hours heard anything? Just curious as to what sort of experience Qatar Airways is after.

Many thanks


Speedbird1 11th Oct 2009 20:49

Hi All,

Thanks for your reply snam. Although the B777 would be great to get, an interview right now would be a great result. 3 weeks and waiting


Baron buzz 11th Oct 2009 22:06

I have similar experience to you Speedbird 1, applied about a month ago and haven't heard anything yet. Like you, I would appreciate even a rejection letter right now!!

kiwi78 12th Oct 2009 09:16

I applied early September and got an invite last week, it took about 6 wks.:)

NEDude 12th Oct 2009 10:29

Anyone know how long it takes to get the travel arrangements? I received the invite for mid Novemeber a few weeks ago and gave them a Qatar city I will need travel from. They said they would get back with the travel information but nothing as of yet. Just want to know when I need to worry.

On another note, I understand that most of the time you will tend to be assigned to the make of fleet you have experience in - ie. Boeing guys wll go to 777, Airbus guys will get Airbus. But on the Airbus side do they stick you with the type you have flown? My experience in on the A320, but could I get A330/340?

Speedbird1 12th Oct 2009 11:50

Baron Buzz-Hang in there.Hopefully something (Positive) will be coming our way soon!

Snam- Yes im currently in a low cost carrier based in Stansted. i`m Sure you`ll figure it out!haha- did i mention i travel to ireland quite a bit!

Valdemort 12th Oct 2009 15:48


Don't worry QR is very short of instructors and the number of applications are very high , also they a short of FOs .
You'll be called as sooner as U expect .
Good luck ...

Cenrifugel 12th Oct 2009 16:39

Hi guys, i'm also still waiting patiently on any news. I'm on about 4000hrs total, 2000hrs jet above 40 000kg's. Only 500 on 737-800's though. Keeping my fingers crossed.:ok:

widebody300er 12th Oct 2009 18:02

I received all my travel arrangements exactly two weeks before my interview..:ok:

Speedbird1 12th Oct 2009 20:01

Thanks Valdemort, Fills me with much needed optimism.

Best of luck to all who have applied, those invited for interview and those waiting for a response. Fingers crossed for you all


Baron buzz 12th Oct 2009 20:45

SNAM, not a low cost no, but a certain holiday airline soon to be making lots of redundancies.....

Cheers for the info, I feel a bit better that it takes 6+ weeks to hear back. I would very much like to be given the opportunity for interview.

Good luck to all who have been invited so far:ok:

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