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SMOOTHFLIER 21st Aug 2009 13:51

How do you get an interview?
Ive sent my cv to their email adress but had no reply.
Ive checked the website which has an application form which is in pdf secured format does this need to be emailed back to get an interview?

How do you save the secured pdf application to your computer before emailing it my computer wont allow me to save it?

Qatari515 21st Aug 2009 14:07

Do you know of ANYBODY that went to HR and told them about the removal of the days off pay?

Personally I do not know a single one. Nobody protested, nobody wrote any letter, nobody went to HR. We all just accepted it, just like that. Many guys got upset behind the closed doors of their flight deck, others mumbled in the corridors and others posted something here. But who wrote an official letter to his Chief pilot? Who actually went to HR to clarify things? Nobody I know of. (I did not either on that occasion, but I had my private reasons for that)

Why do you think CEOs all over the world have no respect for pilots? Exactly, because of things like this!

And I can give you a couple more examples just like that.

Regarding the salary increase. It was clearly said that that salary scale was going to be implemented there and then. In that meeting some old timers protested, but the HR chap clearly said that from that moment onwards everybody would start at step 1, regardless if you had joined the company at that moment or 9 years ago.

So we all started at the bottom at that moment. Now I can not remember if that meeting was in 2005 or 2006, I think the latter. So that means nobody has reached step 4 and above yet or they have just reached it. Which is why I said HR probably is not even aware of the mandatory 3% increase.

It will be very interesting to see if some of the pilots actually will bring this up or if they are all going to accept it...

I know what I will do. Do you? (general Q)

All I am saying is that most pilots are very good in complaining on an anonymous forum or in the hallway, but when the time is there when the problem should be brought up, they all disappear. This is happening all over the world, and that exactly is the reason for the demise of our profession.
Sad but true!

(just saw a doc. on CNN about Airports. They show a parking lot in LAX, occupied by pilots and flight attendants living in trailers because housing is too expensive in that area. Sorry people, but how LOW can one fall? All this just because you want to fly an airplane???)

So don't blame the company. HR is just protecting their budgets in whatever way they can. Its up to you individually to stand up and fight for what is rightfully yours. And believe me, if what you are claiming is correct you will get it without hesitation (after a 3 day fight but hey...)Many times all these issues are based on misunderstandings and it only takes one person to point out the problem and to rectify it all.

I simply do not understand how it is possible most pilots know their FCOM and SOP by heart, yet they are virtually incapable of reading and understanding an HR policy, a law or any other text outside the context of a flying tube! Very strange.

Ready to duck for the FLACK boys! Shoot.....

NoJoke 21st Aug 2009 14:27

No thread drift
Qatari515 no doubt you are happy here - good luck to you, but a lot of pilots here realise they have been badly treated, and come the up-turn and it WILL come, these idiots will find AC on the ground. Even the people that want to join now will be reading these words and slowing the truth will sink in. It will not be FD and CC in the parking lot; just un-manned Jets. :ugh:

Ramadan kareem. :ok:

Qatari515 21st Aug 2009 14:40

Now if that is not a tread drift, I dont know no-joke?

What does your remark have to do with it? Who says I am unconditionally happy?

All I am giving are facts! Both about the salary, the pitfalls but as well about the weakness of the pilots.

Sure, once the crisis is over the possibility exists that QR will be bleeding. Maybe yes, maybe no. So what? Don't you think our management is aware of that? Believe me, they are but so far they have been unaffected.

But what if the crisis lasts longer than what has been anticipated so far?

What if QR continues to be lucky, just as lucky as they have been in the past 9 years recruiting. Always there was some company somewhere going tits up, so they could enrol their pilots. Have you seen how many CVs we have in at the moment? And its not the end of the crisis yet, not by far, so you can expect some other major carriers to furlough pilots. And all will be joining QR or EY. I can just see the smiles on the CP recruitment's face!

Are you gonna sit there and complain in your small dark corner, afraid of directing your complaints through the right channels? That could turn out to be a very loooong wait.

All I am saying that even in QR there are ways to do things, there are communication channels for you to use and who knows, you might be able to change things the correct way. But you have to be willing to use them of course!

Because maybe, just maybe, QR could turn out to be not as temporarily as you would like it to be.

QR UNITED 2009 21st Aug 2009 15:07

My own personal reason ?
Qr515 you had yours personal reasons ? Well maybe 800 pilots have same personal reasons and that is "fear " .

Ok lets see what happened to one who ask question and complain end up:

remember the meeting with a CEO on which a senior F/O ask a question and complain to CEO
:why in flight rest is given in last raw of economy class and why F/D crew are not informed about CAI flight immigration officer on board ...?
He got a professional answer by CEO : you are lucky that you are just a F/O otherwise you would have problem with me.
What happened after: he was failed for his command interview and after he was asking forgiveness every day from a CEO and after 1 y he got his interview but then he was not cleared from CEO to start command course after he manage to get this he become Capt but his wife was black listed by CEO to enter Qatar so now he has a situation and by the end he was forced to leave QR. QR 515 maybe you understand now why 800 pilots do not want to complain officially .

Lets see you Qr515 complain first and we will follow. then do not complain that no one complain and write letters and talk to HR .
HR in QR is just there to make paperwork ( which they do not even do good ) if you go and complain they will tell you : sorry sir it comes from above.

DO you really want to talk to a person who is not willing to listen ?
Or to a person who can say in front of group of his staff that pilots are bastards and cheap drivers .....

Qatari515 21st Aug 2009 15:27

My personal reason was anything but fear, believe me!:ok:

You have to get the facts straight:

The senior FO who made that remark on that meeting, had previously been involved in some serious trouble with the CEO over other things. So when he asked this question @ the meeting, which was not the only thing he asked by the way, the CEO replied in his own sarcastic way. Not totally at its place at that meeting, but not totally our of the blue either.

He just continued to misbehave in a way especially the CEO does not like (tip for the new joiners: stay away from the cabin crew OR develop some good KGB techniques in disguising yourself). So there he is, bothering the CEO almost weekly, acting funny during his flights (many many complaints from both ground staff, cabin crew and FOs) and so on. His wife by then, an ex cabin crew with a rather HIGH profile, is indeed banned from entering because she broke a well known rule. So what is the BIG DEAL?

This guy was becoming a problem for everybody (disinfecting the flightdeck with a spray can of DETTOL is not SOP and is not allowed by airbus), his girlfriend was a problem so yes, they left!

If you want to tell a story, tell a correct one mate!

For every bad story you come up with, I can give you a very good reason why it happened.

As I said, use the correct ways to do things and things can change.

And as far as I am concerned....I do complain and I do write with the purpose of changing things.And I succeeded already several times. As long as I am working here, I will try to make things better! You just need to know how to do it!

And if that makes me, as has been said here before, a "company man" who never complains on this forum, so be it! I do complain, just not here.
What I do is provide guys with facts, not rumours and not emotional/pathetic outings based on frustrations.

That's it for today....GT and family waiting.....RAMADAN KAREEM

NoJoke 21st Aug 2009 16:03

The thread drift comment was to stave off possible comments by previous posters, and I certainly did not say you were unconditionally happy.

As for the luck of Qatar I would say it is slowly running out; writing off U/Cs, ripping engine pods etc. - so many close calls the odds are against continued well being.

There are already green shoots appearing, even in Europe; I give it 18 months and then the tide will turn. I'll make you a personal bet that there will be trouble at the mill by then.

I bet you that G & T you were talking about - I'm enjoying one now in anticipation. (any excuse you know)

Royalblue 21st Aug 2009 16:26

Just to break the ice....are non tso headsets approved or they really don't care what you wear?

QR UNITED 2009 21st Aug 2009 16:51

what is a BIG DEAL
Airline OM part (A) say that you should use just a company headset provided at the Aircraft .

Qatari515 :if the guy was so bad pilot and attitude how come he was not terminated ? its easy for CEO to do it am i right ? Or it was easy to play a dirty games and banned wife from entering Qatar,not clear him for upgrade

Q 515 do you follow 100% SOP every time ? if you do not do not point others . And if you do then you are perfecto mobile person.

Qatari515 where i can buy all this vaseline you are using ?

A good company man will always have good words for his boss. Even when we are called cheap drivers.
Boss never do bad things he just teach us a lesson i am sure you agree Qatari515 . And if we think you are narrow minded we are wrong you are just straight and fwd lol lol

Fubaliera 21st Aug 2009 17:24

Thats short little fatty was a freak. He screwed various f/o. Hope hes enjoying RJ

Qatari515 21st Aug 2009 17:48

I am not going to get involved in a pissing contest with you, United 2009.

What I will do is give you a last reply, in between GT 3 & 4, just for the heck of it. Call it "caring for others", as you definitely are in need of some help!

Your reply reminds me of the story of Don Quichote. If you dont know what I am talking about, try to look it up in Wikipedia but that was the guy fighting windmills with a stick and a horse.
In short, you are one of these people continuously fighting threats which are not there. You believe they are existant, but they are not. So you fight and fight, become more and more frustrated, and in the end you loose anyway because of pure exhaustion.

In stead of bitching and moaning the whole time, you should use that energy to do something constructive. Ever heard of the adagio " if you cant beat them, join them"? Let me explain...
I guess you have your own reasons for being here, correct? If not, you would have left already a long time back as nobody likes to be frustrated. Correct?
You are not going to beat the CEO, nor are you going to be able to change some of the outdated/slow moving/frustrating HR practices around QR. So in stead of fighting them the whole time, why dont you try achieving something positive in stead? Give some constructive criticism in a polite way. Write emails to your fleet manager. I agree, 9 out of 10 you probably will not see any result, but that 1 time is sufficient to go through the whole process.

You live and work @ QR, so QR is part of your life. Correct? So in stead of spoiling the atmosphere with your foul remarks here and without any doubt in the cockpit as well, try to make QR a better place. Just changing your attitude would help a lot already!

The vaseline remark.:hmm:

Vaseline my friend, has nothing to do with aviation! Where I come from Vaseline is a petroleum derivative, used in the household.
I know what you where aiming at, and I know in certain cultures Vaseline is used for other things besides pure household tasks, but please keep those practices to yourself! I, for one, am not interested!

Regarding your other remarks, a quick reply will do, as I dont want to bore the other readers of this forum too much.

Why was he not fired?

Well, because he knew he had it coming so he decided to pull the plug before QR would do so.

Follow 100% SOP?

No, I dont but I try to follow them as much as possible. And wherever I deviate from the SOP, I try to do that in such a way that I do not do anything against the certification of the aircraft.
Spraying DETTOL on every button, switch, screen and handle in the flight deck is against certification and might cause a malfunction! If you are not convinced, try spraying DETTOL inside your flat screen TV while it is still turned on, and enjoy the fire works!

The cheap driver part..

Well, that one is part of the QR Myths on this forum. Have you heard him using those words yourself, or did you hear it via via? I guess its the latter.
I have not heard him saying that personally and I have attended all pilot meetings ever since a very long time.

The CEO does not like pilots, that is true. But look at it from his point of view. He sees a group of employees, in the highest pay scale of the company, employees that are given a huge responsibility.
But all he hears are reports about pilots delaying flights for cockpit food trays not having the correct content, pilots not being served OJ, Pilots shouting at all other staff (ground, cabin, ticket desk, secretaries, name it) just because they think they are better than everybody else in this world just because they wear a uniform, 2/3/4 bars and a shiny ray ban....All he hears are complaints. All he sees is misbehaviour.

Sadly, most of these complaints come from a minority group within the pilot community. It is always the same small group of pilots abusing the system.
The largest group under the pilots do their job to their best known capabilities, will behave at all times and never create a problem.
But he does not see that, as he is shielded off from us and he only gets to know the bad news. So yes, I have seen him yelling and shouting in the hallway because something went wrong, but he probably had a reason to be upset as well!

And for your information....I am not a personal fan of his and I do disagree with some of his rules and styles (which is besides the question as he is the boss and I am an employee, so I do what they pay me) but all in all I have never seen him unreasonable beyond imagination.
I will tell you even more, all the guys I have known that went knocking on his door for help, got help from his side when there was a possibilty!

So please, stick to the facts and keep the rumours for your GT, Shisha or whatever you fancy during your time off.

And that is exactly what I am going to do know....GT 4 is getting warm.


NJ, hope you are right about the crisis being over soon, I really do. But I am afraid aviation is in for a longer recession. Europe is not really recovering yet I would say. BA/AF downsizing, LH in cash need due to over acquisition, SAS on the verge of bankruptcy, RYR posted losses and is predicting worse for 2009, ALITALIA gone (or about to be), Netjets/Jet republic in really bad shape,......

Where exactly did you see that green grass in Europe?

USA and Latin America not doing to good (despite Virgin Azul taking our Brazilian pilots). Africa = LoL

Only Far East and Middle East are stable of progressing.....

But that GT bet is standing of course...:ok:

Flash_F16C 21st Aug 2009 17:54

Give me an insight on this!
hey guys i am a furloughed FO from ExpressJet Airlines. i was flying Emb-145's . my total time is 2300 hours and turbine time is 860 hours, jet time is 650 hours. I am working on to get my ATPL as fast as possible. I have applied for Qatar Airlines in hope to land a job with them or atleast get an interview invitation from them.
On their website it says they require ICAO ATPL or frozen ATPL , it clearly says on the site that FAA written exam is not accepted as a frozen ATPL, and for non rated pilots a minimum of 2000 hrs and 500 hours of jet time required. Which i already have that time requirements, Ok so now i am rushing to get my ATPL done.

To my surprise a collegue of mine who is also furloughed from ExpressJet as an FO, and then later got hired by Mesaba airlines and going to get furloughed from there as well next month, with his total time between 1700-1800 hours, no ATPL , only completed FAA ATP Written, applied with Qatar and have gotten an interview invitation to fly into Doha in November. he got the invitation email from Qatar and was asked to send the scanned copies of his Licence which is CPL, which he already sent the scanned copy to them, and he still got correspondence from Qatar about sending his travel info and visa info to come to Doha in November.

So what is going on ? are they accepting less than 2000 hours ,and CPL licences for non rated pilots on their fleet? what is your info on this ? can someone please give a response asap ! thanks.

Qatari515 21st Aug 2009 18:02

As far as I know, those requirements still stand.

You definitely need an ATPL, or Frozen ATPL.

If your friend got an interview without, they will catch up with that during the interview and he will have waisted precious time.

The CAA can not give you a Qatari licence without ATPL or Frozen ATPL on the original licence.

Tip for the interview: It is QATAR AIRWAYS, not airlines!

Flash_F16C 21st Aug 2009 18:07

Qatar Airways ! how did i forget that , thanks for reminding me !!!!

So u think with my time, i would get a chance to interview , i am working on my ATPL !

Flash_F16C 21st Aug 2009 18:10

i apologize for my ingnorance about Frozen ATPL , can u shed some light on it ? what is the difference between Frozen ATPL and FAA Atp written exam completed ?

Royalblue 21st Aug 2009 19:56

is the written test multiple choice or Q&A????I missed that part

Framboise 21st Aug 2009 20:14

Interview Exam
Hi, I have an interview coming up. Does anyone have any goof information regarding the written exam?

Many Regards.

Framboise 21st Aug 2009 20:17

Sorry about that, I meant good information. Goof information I can do myself!

widebody300er 21st Aug 2009 20:44

It is a 50 ques multiple choice quiz as mentioned in the above threads. There is also a good outline of what could be asked.. Thank you for everybody's feedback! Does anyone know when you receive the Sim package does this include Sops for that sim? Or do you use your own from your company? I was just wondering how this works as I am coming off the 767 and have heard there is a possibility of doing the avail in the airbus..:ugh:

NoJoke 21st Aug 2009 21:11

Defo, the bet is on. Q11, You post long posts; some I don't really understand. Re-read your posts, some are not 'all together'. I am Engilsh, and I understand some of the items posted. We are under-done here. Maybe YOU are not. ;)

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