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foswillruletheworld 8th Jan 2016 16:26

Has anyone heard any rumour that Ldggrup is mentioning?
13% of pay raise? I hardly doubt it, because Qatar is already offering the best package there is in th region. But if they to it, they probably will have the best package in the world... Any reality in that?

A320 Driver 8th Jan 2016 18:31

Has anyone already done the new online psychometric test?

Are they exactly the same in the prep course?

Many tks

casablanca 8th Jan 2016 19:26

The pay raise rumor is not true.....at least no rumors here about it.

Leflan 10th Jan 2016 13:21

Second Officer
Hey everyone,

Does someone know how many SO are in the holding pool ?
Is there any SO who left the pool to join who could give an idea of their past interview date ?
Thanks, safe flights

Ldggrup 11th Jan 2016 03:57

Holding pool
Hi guys,

I know a guy he did his interview in 2nd week of March and joined in Dec.

Also another guy did in june and joined in june itself ( urgent requirement abd he didn't had any notice to serve)

So I believe pool was created from April.

nicopilot 12th Jan 2016 09:33

Talent pool
Hello guys,

A Friend passed First week of April Started second week of November.

I ask all of YOU IN TALENT POOL if you could please state your pass date so we can create a kind of time list.



737SFP 12th Jan 2016 11:31

April 28th DEC B787.

freedomflyer 12th Jan 2016 12:33

NTR or TR???
did my NTR 2nd week of June 2015 and after a bit of back and forth with paperwork put in the pool in Sept.

Toto737NG 12th Jan 2016 12:50

I was in March
Hi guys! How you doing??
Well let me tell you about my case and some friends coming from the 737NG.
We applied since December 2014 and we did the interview the first week of March as DEC.
We were approved around March 15th.
Until today we got the same mails as many of us here about the Holding Pool and the new 18 months revision.
Couple friends on the line assure me the B787 it's been slowly as DEC.
The B777 has more afluency in the movements.
There are as well many moves from the right seat to the left side in the fleets.
So I believe this huge pool have many people probably since December 2014 or January 2015 something around!
And the reasons are many as well.
And also, the trainings supposed to be full too with more than 50 pilots p/month on type.
Hopefully my review helps others!
Be safe guys!! 🛫

sweetdeer 12th Jan 2016 16:37

talent pool
I passed first week of july for the boeing NTR F/o 777/787
currently b737rated 3000hrs

bananaman2 13th Jan 2016 02:50

3rd week July for me... applied FO Airbus. 3000hrs on A320s.

Ldggrup 13th Jan 2016 07:13

Holding time
I tried to do this a month back trying everyone to write down the date of interview so that we can have a rough idea..
Anyways i was in last week of July/1st week of aug.. 737 fo 6000 hours.. Selected for ntr 777/787

nicopilot 13th Jan 2016 08:26

Talent pool
Hi Guys,

Thats VERY good!
Let's keep writing!
And at least we could get an idea!
Last week of June TR 777/787 FO!


neofj 13th Jan 2016 22:01

Airbus FO
Hi Just wondering whether an Airbus Second Officer with a full type rating is eligible to apply for the Airbus First Officer position or do you need to be operating as a first officer ??

mamad 14th Jan 2016 15:12

Critical thinking
Hi guys

Anybody could point out a good material to prepare/get an idea about the critical thinking and inducive reasoning test ?

Thanks in advance

Ldggrup 15th Jan 2016 13:07

Walk in interview in Singapore..
Walk in interview in Singapore.. They are recruiting and we all are waiting.. This could be a good news??

Obbie 15th Jan 2016 13:17

More likely bad news for people currently swimming in the pool.

Road shows in Singapore and Johannesburg to go fishing for typed
and curent pilots recently made redundant in those areas.

If hired they will normally bypass the pool and go straight to line training.

casablanca 15th Jan 2016 15:04

What pilots are being made redundant in Singapore? What fleet?

JGSE 15th Jan 2016 15:25

No pilots made redundant recently in Singapore

isapilot 16th Jan 2016 22:54


You will need to be operating as a FO.

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