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dieana 29th Sep 2015 12:20

Mili86 that position no longer exist, try to whit draw your application and see what happens. I don't have an answer why the status continues with "NEW".
Nowadays Qatar only accept Type Rated FO and CAP, no chance to NTR.


Mili86 30th Sep 2015 09:20

non-rated FO
Ldggrup ,
No I was not called, because I just filed my application 2.5 months ago and was waiting for some kind of reply regarding PSA test or something....

If I withdraw it, I cannot reapply .. because the positions is not available anylonger ... so I rather wait to see whats gonna happen...

wish that I could join QR flight deck team .... I really love to work for QR in Doha...

msian1147 30th Sep 2015 11:09

Any latest updates on the Boeing-rated FO recruitment? Thanks in advance guys

dieana 30th Sep 2015 11:58

You are not able to withdraw your application because that position is no longer available. I´ve tried to do that a long ago with other position and that is what happens, the web page do not allow you to withdraw it.


dieana 30th Sep 2015 12:02

Boeing type rated
As far as I know Qatar is calling only to B777 type rated guys.

Flying738ng 30th Sep 2015 16:20

No vacancy for ntr fo
Had a word in hr , they say they are looking for typrated fo , to check with them again in 3 months

Scott_T 1st Oct 2015 02:00

Applied B777 non rated and just received an e-mail saying position is on hold? how did the above poster speak to HR^^^ I wanted to call them recently with a questio but no way to contact them on portal, will non rated recruitment re start anytime soon???

Mili86 1st Oct 2015 11:46

Hope so ..!

Flying738ng 2nd Oct 2015 03:18

Scott T : Believe it or leave it your call, what I did hear from them was ,they are looking for guys with wide body experience,or typerated on one of their fleets, check again in 3 months,

My thought on this is, they are full for the slots this year, plus they have enough applications coming in from people with wide body experience, the wait might be longer,

Captain Partzee 2nd Oct 2015 06:55

The bankruptcy of the Russia’s airline Transaero.
14 B777.

Boeinglad 3rd Oct 2015 08:18

Holding pool
Just received an update email from hr saying they have to delay my offer due unclear reasons, now it would be nice for me to know if they will ever hire me and what is the experience of others. Dec b787 assessment in jan 2015. Thanks.

Southpole 3rd Oct 2015 11:16


i am sorry to hear that! i am waiting to join in november but i know they can change the plans in any moment, that is why i am holding hard at my present job till the end.

airbus, screening feb 2015

Boeinglad 3rd Oct 2015 12:45

I think for boeing pilots plans have changed.. No clue at all..

willieaviator 3rd Oct 2015 23:38

current package
Hi guys, Hope everyone's well. I'm new here and very interesting in applying QR 777 cpt position. I've searched many places for the package benefits but can't find them anywhere. Can anyone be kind to let me know what is the package including of? Thanks so much.

iconflyer 5th Oct 2015 12:36


The info here maybe helpful:

Qatar Airways pilot jobs news for airline pilots and aviation schools

I was told the only hiring going on was for type rated guys,many of them from Malaysian,training slots full until March-April 2016.

willieaviator 6th Oct 2015 08:51

Thanks so much, iconflyer. The info is nice. I am type rated 777 cpt.

tonker 7th Oct 2015 12:59

Would these be the Malaysian pilots recently screened by CTC for Emirates, and not a single one was passed?

sweetdeer 7th Oct 2015 17:55

delays training dept
anybody had an interview in Doha in august, september or october for dec 787/777 f/o?
loads of guys like me are recieving emails saying they're experiencing delays in the training.

bravo45 8th Oct 2015 03:57

@ sweetdeer

I interviewed in August... Have posted my experience above... 7 guys in our group, 1 got a rejection within a few days (no more than a week IIRC).

Nothing for the rest until about 2 weeks ago when my sim partner got noticed that he was selected but in the pool. Both he and the guy who was rejected were fast track candidates, the only such applications in the group. No one else including me have heard anything. They did ask me for 1-2 things along the way but no result.

When did you interview? And are you waiting in the pool or not like me, just waiting to hear back after the interview?

Ldggrup 9th Oct 2015 07:10

Hi friends..

I have been in the pool like many others.. But do we know a number of how many pilots are in pool?

I know someone who did assessment in May 1st week is joining in Dec 2015 on 777.. He was NTR FO..

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