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jackaaviator 4th Dec 2015 06:10

B777 Screening invitation
Just received screening invitation.... DEC Boeing Captain. I will let all of you know the latest after my return. I am currently operating as B777 Captain.

Boeing777guy 4th Dec 2015 08:31


Originally Posted by Pulkdahulk (Post 9171257)

Practice it for a couple of days for a few hours and you will walk away scoring well. If you still cannot find it, inbox me and will guide you.

Hi Pulkdahulk,
As you offered to send your Test Research links to practice, I would be very happy to receive these. I got the email of Qatar but still after 8 days no mail with login details... How long does it take? Thank you

ING 7th Dec 2015 04:24

Hi there,
I would check your spam folder....

Boeinglad 7th Dec 2015 05:39

Nothing in the spam.. Dec B787.. In the pool from jan 2015

Ve764 9th Dec 2015 03:52

Email Contact
Can someone PM me with an email contact in recruitment.Wanna check my app status....Thanx V.

YV545T 10th Dec 2015 00:59

Hello i am at the talent pool since June, does anybody know about a possible joining date.

What should i expect after the joining date mail do i need to do any other test ?



StPeter 10th Dec 2015 12:59

Final TEST
Once given a date of joining...they will test your patience....just be optimistic. As the future is so bright you'll have to wear shades:ok: lol

Really have to be patient and just give them whatever they ask, mostly documents you already have...but might have been kept in the garage...:eek:

Background check that might take a month or so depending on how fast you can comply with their needs.

Also medical checks (depending on your fitness-of course), pre-medical results may be approved or re-test done if any.

They will assist you throughout this process of documentation-mostly to make sure your license/medical/etc is valid upon joining...(took about 3 mos.)before joining, since I did ask for a 3mos notice. If you asked for 30days, then you should be able to provide everything they ask for in that time frame.

My suggestion is just to go with the flow...so to speak.


foxtrot181 13th Dec 2015 14:41

I just received an e-mail to write the online test.
It says One Personality Questionnaire and Two Cognitive Tests (Inductive Reasoning and Critical Thinking).
Any inputs where I can find info so I can prepare?

swish266 14th Dec 2015 04:58

Just read your e-mail with the login and password carefully and follow the link.
The site, that does the testing, provides paid access to training for said tests!
Come on!

devvo 14th Dec 2015 21:29

Hi there,

I'm about to start my Qatar MPL course with CTC (for the A320)...

I have a couple of questions if anyone can help me out please:

1) I've heard and read that there's currently a wait for the line training. Does anyone know how long us new cadets can expect to wait for the line training?

2) While we are waiting for the line training I understand we will still get a salary, only a reduced one. Does anyone know how much this salary is approximately and how much the salary is for the average SO on the A320 fleet (monthly or yearly)?

I can find plenty of info on FO and Cpt salaries but almost none for SO.

Any info would be hugely appreciated.

casablanca 15th Dec 2015 02:32

I believe the so pay is around 10,000 riyal ($2750 USD)
After training sectors then goes to normal FO pay
The important variable is whether or not you get company accommodation.....all is paid for and your set, otherwise if you get a second officer housing allowance it is quite low and will need to have roommates

devvo 15th Dec 2015 20:57

Casablanca, thank you for your reply. I was expecting 10,000 riyals roughly as an SO salary which is ok with me and if I need a couple of housemates to start off with I'm ok with that too, I'm adaptable! :)

For anyone else who's interested, I have been speaking to a pilot from QA today and he said that if you're on an MPL course, you will not have to wait as long for your line training because the MPL has a time limit before the license becomes invalid (or something like that)...so the airline is obliged to fulfil your line training within a certain amount of time. I do not know exactly HOW MUCH time, it says it takes 10 weeks on my course schedule, but I guess we'll see when we get there

flyingpilot89 17th Dec 2015 05:39

Planning to apply for FO position
Hello guys,

I'm planning to apply in QR for the FO position. Any kind soul who can give me a clear picture about qatar (I am type rated on the A330):

1) I tried to look info about the full salary details but can't seem find it. Anyone can explain to me about how much FO can take home monthly.

2) does QR provide accomodation and if so, what kind of accomodation is it

3) what are the chances of getting upgrade to the left seat and approx how long will it take

4) average how many hours you fly monthly.

Thank you very much in advance

casablanca 17th Dec 2015 06:51

There was a link on here somewhere that had pretty good info on pay etc....maybe someone can remember the site? I am guessing salary and flight pay would be approx $8000 USD per month?
QR has and provides accommodation as it is available.....it is nice especially when starting out as everything is taken care of and worry free. If housing is not available then you are given a hotel or temporary housing until you can find accommodation on your own
The housing is adequate but in most cases the location in Doha is not the most desirable. Everyone has their own priorities.....many families prefer a compound and larger villa, while others sacrifice space to live in a smaller apartment On the beach.
For me the location has a huge impact on your quality of life here, but that's just me.
The upgrade ??? I don't believe they are doing a fast track anymore, but rather following some sort of seniority so probably 4+ years to left seat.
I don't believe the 330 guys are flying much more than 60 hours a month ....subject to change
Don't quote me on any of the above information...I tend to get most of my company info from PPrune anyways..lol!

flyingpilot89 17th Dec 2015 09:45

@casablanca thank you very much for the info

Yoching 17th Dec 2015 16:58

Guys give us updates about Second officers in the pool , some people waited 6months and joined , some others 8 months and joined , i know people that are in the pool since 3 years and never joined , staff from other departments that stayed in the pool 3 months and then joined cause they already have a staff number , how does this thing work ? i'm in the pool since 1 year now is there any logical explanation ? :suspect:

freedomflyer 19th Dec 2015 06:24

....talking about pools, it's been awfully quiet on the NTR FO POOL lately, any guys who've been called up recently, and how long had they been "swimming".....I know guy who just faded away a few years back with no comms from Qatar regarding a joining date after passing the selection. Is it still happening to date?

Concerned Swimmer!...😄

Airbornecpl 19th Dec 2015 10:09

There are intakes of SO happening now.But it works on priority basis.First priority goes to QR sponsored guys then MPL guys and others from Qatar aeronautical collage.Next is staffs who are qualified & in the pool.Then only the external guys come in list.So it takes 2- 3 years to get a joining date.Also staffs' waiting period is 1 to 2 years.No staffs are joining before 1 year in the pool.Note these are just things happening around me.Nothing is on paper and official.

isapilot 20th Dec 2015 06:50


I waited almost two years to be called.

I can only tell you to be patient and hopefully you will be called soon. :)

Also Casablanca is quite informed ;) .

level_change 20th Dec 2015 17:59

Im a 737 rated FO in the pool since april - havent heard anything. At the interview a hint was given; saying the earliest start would be first half 2016.

Sounds like a lot of guys are in the game now facing the trouble at EK and Turkish. It would make life easier to get some updates on the status since my current contract is expiring and a paycut is due once again. :D

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