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bravo45 3rd Nov 2015 18:55

^^ Similarly I had a friend who applied recently, rated, current and flying 737NG got similar email... The email stated that they are only looking for those who are rated on either 777 or 787, otherwise the application will go to hold.

@ Pulkdahulk

Did they tell you during the interview that 500 are in pool or is it coming from someone you happen to know? Just wanted to confirm if this info was given officially during the interview.

And good question about how the pool will be sorted out... Could be a number of things... from date interviewed to total experience to higher scores on the interview. Would be nice to know that... I didn't know at the time of my interview that there was a pool. They didn't mention it either, I would have asked the question if I knew.

I have a friend who IIRC interviewed in May or April, still in pool.

Pulkdahulk 4th Nov 2015 03:39

Negative. Comes from a reliable source from within the company.

Thank you so much Bravo45 for all the help. Lots of studying for a month and it all ended well. 777 is an awesome airplane to fly and especially the sims. They have got some really fantastic instructors at Qatari and definitely some tough ones too but as long as we all put in hard work, it's a great place to work.


viewpoint 5th Nov 2015 02:17

New Psicometric Test
Does someone have any imput about the new interview process in QR , I hear about the new PSA, apart of the personality test , there is two more, one verbal reasoning and other figures sequencing or something like this, does someone know the name of this test , any info It's apreciated .

Iver 5th Nov 2015 23:47

Have they hired onto the A350 yet?

bravo45 6th Nov 2015 04:28

@ Pulkdahulk

My pleasure and glad it helped... I got a good feeling about the training as well... I think I am up to it... 777 would be a dream come true for me!! All the best for getting the official news. I had to wait until everyone in my group had gotten it and then I asked them if I missed something. They said they did send me the email which I never got. Anyway they are taking longer than usual in getting back to people.

About the new PSA, I am curious too but glad I am done with that stage. I have no idea what it entails... other what has been mentioned here...

Pulkdahulk 6th Nov 2015 05:34


Going by what I have been reading and re-reading the last 250-417 pages, the Jan 2016 slot is booked for those who did the exam in Jan or Feb 2015 when they wrote in September (Foswillruletheworld).

We know for sure that the pool does contain all the second and first officers and captains so it's a mixture of all three. Now we also know that type rated candidates may go on the 777 like the 737, 757, 767 candidates and non type rated or second officers on the A320 (highly preferable by the SOs and the 787 - which I must say absolutely loved the cockpit when we checked out the sim for a few minutes. I would personally love anything.

To the candidate above (viewpoint) - I am a receipient of the new psychometric exam - logical and verbal reasoning so those who will get the email before appearing for the exam will have their answers of how to study before the actual link is sent for the online timed exam. (Fyi - I had no clue how to do it, but if you Google it you will surely find something). Practice it for a couple of days for a few hours and you will walk away scoring well. If you still cannot find it, inbox me and will guide you.

viewpoint 6th Nov 2015 14:33

Check your inbox
Thanks and please check your inbox

Ldggrup 11th Nov 2015 08:44

Hey friends any update on joining date? Or anyone knows if someone got called from the pool?

Is there any official way to find out?? Unofficially we all can write down their interview date and also how many people passed in your batch..by this we will come to know who is in front of whom.. And we can have an estimate.

To start this.. I was interviewed in 1st week August 2015.. 5 passed.

sweetdeer 11th Nov 2015 10:20

joining date
interview passed in july, 7 of 8 made it to the end.
5 on airbus and 2 for the boeing 777/787


Pulkdahulk 11th Nov 2015 16:34

Where does our one year assessment period starts ; from the date of assessment or date of going into the pool?

And how many in this group had cleared and had to re do the assessment or was never called since Nov 2014?

Originally Posted by sweetdeer (Post 9177430)
interview passed in july, 7 of 8 made it to the end.
5 on airbus and 2 for the boeing 777/787


Southpole 11th Nov 2015 17:46

It starts from the day of the assesstment. More or less 60 pilots (all fleets) per month are joining coming from the holding pool. Training is long.
People can wait from 4 to 11 months.

It worth the wait, at least for me.


ING 11th Nov 2015 18:50

Test Result.

Originally Posted by Flybartfcp (Post 9146807)
They did. Now you'll be given a personality test, as well as a verbal reasoning and sequence test online as a pre asessment. I was caught totally unaware and I failed the test. I found the last two demanding, because you have a time constraint. I was relaxed, as I taught I would be given a personality test only. A friend of mine which got the test 15 dais before, only got that one. I don't know your opinion, but for me it always take some practice to do those. In my case it was for a DEC position.

Hi Flybartfcp,

just wanted to know how long it took to get the result for the test?

jackaaviator 12th Nov 2015 04:01

From Turkey to Qatar
According to pilot career centre:


A total of 42 foreign pilots out of more than 700 have resigned from Turkish national carrier Turkish Airlines (THY) since the beginning of the year. The pilots reportedly quit on the grounds that they face decreasing pay, as they are paid in Turkish lira, which lost 25 percent of its value against the dollar over the past year. As a result, they applied to Qatar Airways, which pays salaries in dollars.

Flybartfcp 18th Nov 2015 19:36

[QUOTE=ING;9177921]Hi Flybartfcp,

just wanted to know how long it took to get the result for the test?[/COTE]

Hi there. I made the test one afternoon, I had the result less than 24 hours after. Cheers

Flying738ng 19th Nov 2015 03:30

holding pool
Been waiting for 5 months now, last month got an email , regarding they are sorting out training issues and will keep us informed, but no news yet . applied for Boeing rated FO , 2500 Hrs on B737 8

A friend of mine who applied recently got a mail, saying they are only looking for 787/777 rated FO, as and when the requirement changes , will get back to you,

Are they going to call us ever.....

jklm05 19th Nov 2015 16:37

Hello everyone. Just wanted to ask what is the realistic flight time and experience that people who are getting hired now have? Are they taking people at the minimums published or do they want something higher?

Also, any time frame for someone like me dropping my app in today, how long it could be before i can expect to maybe get called for an interview and then expect to start, provided you clear the assessment?

Thanks for your valuable feedback. Cheers!

N1LNAVVNAV 20th Nov 2015 15:17

To the new Applicant; All applications on Hold (Rated and Non) till April:zzz:
If you don't have a DOJ yet, most probably you won't have it till late March-April, all courses book until March := (There are DEC on the Pool since February and FOs since April) Go Figure!!!

To the ones in the Pool, be patient, don't push them and be ready to take whatever airplane they give you :ugh:, there are other 500+ guys who will take it and 3 years later ask for fleet transfer :D

Stay safe :ok:

jklm05 21st Nov 2015 04:10

Thats ridiculous

casablanca 21st Nov 2015 05:42

I have no real insight into the hiring situation, but did fly with someone from recruitment who told me they had interviewed and hired some six hundred pilots already this year and all class dates were filled through the end of the year.
Most likely the above information about April class dates is correct, however things change quickly.......they may give a class to someone who has been swimming in the pool for 6 months and find out they have already went elsewhere. We had a similar situation 3 years ago when the talent pool was started and I hadn't had any news or update for 6 months and then out of the blue an email with a class date in 2 weeks.

Ldggrup 21st Nov 2015 14:21

As everyone is saying that QR has hired 600 pilots approx this year.. Considering there are 100-500 pilots in the talent pool, just wondering will the process of upgrading will become like EK. That is really long wait to even get a chance for CMD interview.

Just wondering!!!

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