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Southpole 16th Aug 2015 21:24

Commuting pilot,

At this time I understand that A320 DEC are not really needed by Qatar because of the huge number of DEC that is already on the holding pool. That might be the reason of such a delay in calling you. On the other hand you can never know how and when Qatar is calling you for the interview because they really do not care about you as a single, they manage big numbers.
My best advice is to wait, sooner or later they will call you.

It is still Ramadan there so things are even going slower than usual, usually after a couple of months you get the PSA to do (don't know if that changed). With the Ramadan on the middle it might take a month longer.


I do not know anyone, but since there are no unions in Qatar and the airline is managed like a family business I wouldn't be surprised at all. (Maybe because the whole Qatar is OWNED by a family)
And actually I don't care.
Why do you ask?

sweetdeer 16th Aug 2015 23:30

Ramadan ended a month ago...

I did the interview 40 days ago still no reply.
anybody experienced a long waiting period like that?

Southpole 17th Aug 2015 00:17

You are right! ramadan ended on the 17th of July..
Sorry, I have been very busy and did not realize how fast days were passing.

40 days? Well usually bad news come first.. Longer than average but I stick with my opinion that in Qatar you don't have a standard time, you just wait..

Good luck!

casablanca 17th Aug 2015 05:39

Sounds like you are referring to the second officer program, where as new cadets directly from flight school start flying 320, 330 or even 787.

Selfmade92 18th Aug 2015 16:49

@Southpole: Couple of friends of my dad are in senior management in Qatar Airways and I just wanted to see if it happened before, if anyone would know.

Boeingbob898 18th Aug 2015 19:03

Hi guys. I attended selection for non type rated 777/787 First Officer over 4 months back. After many weeks waiting I heard back that I'd been successful but was in the holding pool until further notice. Now around 3 months in the holding pool. Has anyone been or is in a similar situation shed some light on how long this may go on for ?

Southpole 18th Aug 2015 22:42


Good for you, I think in Qatar anything is possible. Just change your nick then, dadmade92 could fit better :)


You'll find at least 300 pilots in your position.. I am keeping low.
I was called yesterday after 6 months. Cpt Airbus.

Boeingbob898 19th Aug 2015 03:22

Thanks southpole, if you don't mind me asking when they called you yesterday when is your start date ? Just worried as I don't won't to be forgotten about in the holding pool !!!

Boeinglad 19th Aug 2015 11:42

Still no news
Good for you southpole, for me still no news, i have only boeing experience and interviewed in jan 2015 for dec 787!

Southpole 19th Aug 2015 15:13

Thanks guys, details will be sent in two weeks, joining date around November/December. They called also my sim partner, Cpt Airbus as well.
I was interviewed on February.

Boeinglad 21st Aug 2015 17:27

Status changed
Today my status has changed into on hold, it used to be personal interview. Is anything happening?

ppfunrune 22nd Aug 2015 01:19

holding pool
In my case,I was swimming in the holding pool for nearly two years.
Non rated FO.

so don't hurry up. just relax and wait for two years more or less.
and as a rumor,I hear QR stopped hiring direct captain postions.
But maybe many exceptions.

good luck.

de facto 22nd Aug 2015 06:37

Yes you are in a holding pool and be ready to start orbiting.
After a year without clearance to a start date you will have to divert back to phase 1/aka screening.
Hope you did not give notice to your current airline.

Boeinglad 22nd Aug 2015 06:56

I had my interview in jan 2015 and good news in march but the status has been always personal interview, after months in the holding pool they decided to update my status into on hold. Why that now?

Southpole 22nd Aug 2015 15:54


The status of your application is really not important, they just deal with this stuff when they have nothing more to do. Let's say it is not their primary concern to update the online status of people's accounts.
You are in the pool since you passed the interview, why did they write it just now? I wouldn't rely on that for being updated on my position.
Just sit back and relax, would be even better to forget about qatar airways, they will call you.

I was called and after reading you post I went to check my account: ON HOLD.

Boeinglad 22nd Aug 2015 22:36

Thanks.. Do you have Airbus experience?

Southpole 23rd Aug 2015 14:09

Yes I am on Airbus

gypsyexpat 23rd Aug 2015 14:28

I've been called 4 days ago for a position of A320 DEC but I have applied for NTR DEC B787 and passed all screening process on last feb 15, my experience is total time of 12000hrs with more than 5000 hrs on long haul flights and W/B, PIC more than 4500hr of which more than PIC 2000 on W/B but currently flying A320.
So the guy from HR on phone was really vague about expected date of join (nov or dec 15) and never tells about the fleet assignment. At the end of his talking I said to be deeply interested in joining QR but just please confirm me that we are talking about a course on B787 or B777 or any other W/B. Replay was "captain we are looking only for A320 rated DEC, are you interested?" and my replay was, "no thanks because as you notice from my application and your interview call, I applied for NTR B787, I'm not moving in the same airplane to QR". After few minute I received an unfair email (noreplay) from QR saying" We understand and respect your decision to decline our offer for the position of Non Type Rated Captain B787 | Qatar Airways" VERY FUNNY THOSE GUYS....THEY PUT YOU IN AN HOLD FOR MONTHS WITHOUT ANY NEWS AND THEY CALL YOU TO OFFER A DIFFERENT FLEET THAN YOU APPLIED FOR AND EVENTUALLY WRITING THAT YOU DECLINE THE POSITION YOU HAD APPLIED FOR BUT THEY NEVER OFFERED YOU". If reality in QR is like that, thanks God went like this.

Obbie 23rd Aug 2015 17:44

And you are surprised because..............?

Guys, if you want to come here to fly and make money then by all means.
But if you see this place as simply a type rating grab and don't plan to stay
any longer than necessary, then do yourself a favor and don't, your experience
will most likely only frustrate you.

Anna452 23rd Aug 2015 20:42

ptr120 can i ask what position you applied for? Did you finish your interview? how did it go?

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