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inmigrante 18th Nov 2011 14:32

Request a letter from your civil aviation authorities , and take ALL your logbooks to the interview , and fill acurately the form the interview day and thats all .
Best luck

inmigrante 18th Nov 2011 14:42

Hi , i did it in cotober, 3 weeks , no news.
Good flights

av8tordude 18th Nov 2011 16:47

Out of curiosity, what is the lowest & highest total amount of per diem you guys have received base on your aircraft. I know the per diem amount varys base on your overnight layovers, just trying to get a good estimate amount for my own calculation. Thanks

For A320, A330, 777:
Lowest amount received:
Highest amount received:

etravis82 18th Nov 2011 20:54

logbook authentication
Is their anyone from the United States who can tell me if 8710 forms are enough documentation to verify your logbook during the interview? Were the only country who cant request a letter from a civil aviation authority.

safelife 18th Nov 2011 21:25

Rest assured you aren't the only country.

gdukkoq 18th Nov 2011 21:35

And there are a few guys with FAA licence as well at QR so it should not be impossible.

av8tordude 19th Nov 2011 03:26

This is from EK website FAQ about logbooks....My guess QR will have the same policies.

"It is a requirement that the candidate provide complete certified logbook records when they are invited for the selection process. It is unacceptable to have some years missing, misplaced or otherwise. Prior to joining, all pilots must provide certified evidence of hours flown. This can either be a stamp in their logbook from their Fleet Manager/Chief Pilot verifying their hours flown or a stamped original letter from the record/fleet department of their respective airline/authority."

av8tordude 19th Nov 2011 03:55

When you upgrade, do you start at Yr-1 Salary or do you stay at your longevity pay?

Wings23 20th Nov 2011 08:48

Hi all,

I received a request for documents from Qatar last week advising that I meet the requirements for the second officer fast track position.

I supplied what I could - except for the MCC document. Where I fly it was not a requirement for the issue of my ATP and not currently required for the aircraft I am flying. To get an MCC certificate will require a fair bit of Sim time which I simply cannot afford.

1. Do you think that the above will be an issue and ruin my chances for an invite to interview? (I did explain my situation to them through my application form).

I have read through most of this thread but feel some information may be outdated.

2. How long can I expect to be in the Second officer position before an upgrade to First Officer? (4000tt 2000 Multi turbine command and a few hundred Jet)

3. What can I expect to earn as a Second officer?

4. Lastly, what was the waiting period(+-) for most after the 'send the required documents' request to the 'invite' email?

Thank you all for your time. If I have asked obvious questions, I do apologize, as I have said, I have browsed this thread and most of the info im looking for is pretty old. Or I am blind. One of the two.



gdukkoq 20th Nov 2011 09:59

A Guy from Egypt did the interview with me, and after that they told him he needed to get his MCC to be eligible for employement with QR.

pilotcpb 20th Nov 2011 22:51

Finally got the good news today seven weeks after my interview!!

I'm guessing I will go to class in around 3-4 months, is smart or even possible to take a month off to go on holiday before class? Would the amount of paperwork they want in the joining process make this impossible?

Nasigoreng 20th Nov 2011 23:13

Congrats. Do you know what fleet you are on

victor75 21st Nov 2011 00:49

7 weeks?? is that normal cause they told us 2/3 weeks and it seems already prety long!

gdukkoq 21st Nov 2011 03:37

Everything is real slow now. I'm on week number 6 after the good news and still nô contract, nô fleet, no date of joining...

KMK 21st Nov 2011 04:01

Break contract with current company and pay the bond if the job at Qatar is important, and worth it otherwise stay where you are, Plus they asked you if you have a bound and you should've been honest. If you said NO then you should be responsible to pay the bond.

maddog37 21st Nov 2011 04:52

Congrats pilotcpb! I have received my positive feedback yesterday also, after 5 weeks... things are going slow there!

jibba_jabba 21st Nov 2011 05:08

Recieved Email offer yesterday as well after 5weeks, but they are swamped so patience is the key : :ok:

skull 21st Nov 2011 05:20

Same here, good news received yesterday after 6 weeks.

gdukkoq 21st Nov 2011 05:28

It's champagne time with all the good news, let's celebrate at my place tonight at 6:30UTC :ok:

porksword 21st Nov 2011 09:30

Go the good news yesterday after 3.5 weeks. They said they would be back with contract/fleet/start date in 4 weeks.

Does anybody know the approx. time it takes to start after that?

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