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NoJoke 21st Aug 2009 21:38

Mr Q11, did you read the news?? Germany, France; forget Japan Etc. Upwards ...

NoJoke 21st Aug 2009 21:40

Forgot Q11
Korea, Malaysia - happening now. We need to make things happen NOW before it is too late.

Qatari515 22nd Aug 2009 10:57


sorry my english not up to your standard. will try best to do good. So you understand what me says. Ok?

You must be joking, right? :bored:


I was talking about recovery of the aviation industry, not the general global economical situation. So talk AIRLINES mate!

JAL posted major losses
CX as well, especially the cargo department.
Malaysia: only good news is Air Asia.
Thai: Barely surviving
UL: not doing too well
Vietnam Airlines: doing well
China: who knows. In the media, doing OK.
KAL: Still doing reasonably well, at least thats what they try to make us believe
Europe: see before. BAD
Afrika: idem ditto. Hopeless.
VS: Same same since the dregularisation of the 90s
Latin Amerika: slooooowly pulling up from the deep stall they where in.

So where exactly do you see the recovery in OUR sector?

Under-done? :D ALWAYS!:}

Flash_F16C 22nd Aug 2009 11:35

Frozen ATPL?
what is frozen ATPL? can FAA ATP written be considered a frozen ATPL?
explain please !

ironbutt57 22nd Aug 2009 11:38

Frozen ATPL is one who has completed all the theory/written exams, but has yet to accrue the hours required...in the past the FAA could be frozen in a way...you could take the written and the check at 21yrs old, but not issued tha actual certificate until you were 23...not sure if that is possible these days..

Flash_F16C 22nd Aug 2009 12:42

Does FAA ATP written considered as a Frozen ATPL? QA requires a Frozen ATPL or ICAO ATPL , my total time is 2300 , so i meet the time requirement , but i dont have an ATPL yet ! would FAA ATP written be considered a Frozen ATPL?

NoJoke 22nd Aug 2009 13:09

You must be a Management pilot, or a want to be. Constantly down playing any possible up-turn to your advantage. Mark my words. You are incorrect about your long term view of the world. Unless the crazy gimp just across the water from here, kicks off things will be fine. If then where will the white eyes be? Not here to drive your shiny machines. :ugh::cool:

ironbutt57 22nd Aug 2009 14:12

I wouldn't think that would qualify...get a multi-engine ATP checkride and get the full licence..more competitive anyway...

Wango Z Tango 22nd Aug 2009 14:18

you guys had me there for a while .. Q11 = Qatar515.. good one. i'm a bit slow see :}

not only is Q11 a new Motorola phone but Qatar515 (aka Q11) also represents the call sign that connects Cairo, Egypt with Doha, Qatar.
just some more useless infomation


Qatari515 22nd Aug 2009 14:58

Not down playing, just being realistic!

Just tell me where my asumptions are wrong?

Just show me one article, from a reliable sourse (IATA/IFALPA/...) that states that Aviation has started its recovery on a global scale?


I can direct you straight to all IFALPA articles referencing my statements. Can you?

If what you are saying is true, how come pilots from all major carriers in the world are applying here (in the gulf)? Is it because their jobsecurity back home is so high they all want a more adventurous lifestyle overhere in the sandpit?:ugh:

I told you once, and I will tell you again...I wish what you are saying would turn out to be true, because that would imply I could go home as well in the forseeable future, just like you. Because that is what I am as well, an expat pilot flying far away from home.

But I do not believe in pink elephants anymore mate. By being realistic I managed to survive here for quiet some time now. Denying reality does not get you anywhere.

Once again, prove me wrong! Show me a reference mentioning an UPTURN in global aviation in the next 3 years! I am very VERY interested!

On top of all that, it is not because I am saying that Aviation will not see an upturn soon, that I agree with what our management is doing! Not at all. They should take advantage of this crisis, employ all the guys they need with lots of experience AND make sure these people stay as long as possible. They should accomodate pilots and make them feel appreciated. This is the time where QR could surpass all its competitors in terms of employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction,..This is the time where they could leap forward and start building on a solid foundation for the next 20 years! However, they are not doing that...
What they are doing now, blindly taking advantage of the situation by bending and stretching every rule, by lying and cheating, is a stupid short term vision that can cost them deerly!

But we said this 10 years ago, and we are still saying it. When 7 years ago someone in management said we will have 1000 pilots by 2008, most of us where thinking " yeh right, and where will all these pilots come from?" Here we are, 2009, with 1300 pilots on the payroll.

So at the end, they where right and we where wrong. I guess that is why we are pilots and they are managers, no?

What will happen next, nobody knows. Does that mean we can not try to change things for the better here?:=

One thing I would appreciate from you. Dont get personal please. You started off well with a relatively high level of discussion, but that level is going downhill fast!:mad: If you want to attack me in person, use the PM so I can reply in true QR515 style (banned by the mods long time ago).(where does that Q11 thing come from anyway?)

And why is it that as soon as somebody says something remotely positive about the company, he immediatly becomes a management pilot? Is management such a bad thing? Is being positive not allowed?:ugh:

NoJoke 22nd Aug 2009 15:05

Last dance
Good to know people understand. Q11 is a nice talker but his logic is fallable; but so is mine perhaps. The long game should be that we retain good people; sadly that is not the case. AGAIN for those looking ar QR beware.

NoJoke 22nd Aug 2009 15:14

Sorry Mr 11 I am not always online to help you with your psychological dramas. I really worry about the mental state of some, so called, pilots. If you are a Captain you must, as I, have flown with many ‘interesting’ characters. The sad thing is they are ALL here. The length and content of your posts suggest your vitriolic attitude will not change. CRM dude ..... :ugh:

Abeo 22nd Aug 2009 15:53

Hi Flash F16C,

"Valid ICAO ATPL or frozen ICAO ATPL (FAA ATP written is not acceptable)". Taken from Qatar Airways' careers page.

As Ironbutt says, take five days off and get that ATP done!

Good luck.

NoJoke 22nd Aug 2009 15:58

5 days for an ATPL ............... ? Standards are getting higher. USA???

Qatari515 22nd Aug 2009 16:15

What psychological dramas?

What vitriolic attitude?

What are you talking about mate?

All I asked you is to give me proof regarding your optimistic statements, thats all.

Still waiting...

And very curious to see where that 11 thing is coming from.

(short enough for you?)

NoJoke 22nd Aug 2009 17:00

How slow are you? proof, my God read the papers. Not short enough by far by the way!!!

Qatari515 22nd Aug 2009 17:17

In that case, what are you waiting for?

Run Forrest, RUN!

Lets see how far you will get.

You have just proven my point. Your attitude is not worthy any replies. You clearly are not interested in a normal discussion. You are the pissing contest type of pilot. Good luck!

Enjoy playing with your cheeseboard, Nigel!

Over and out!

Abeo 22nd Aug 2009 17:19

Hi NoJoke,

Yes the USA is what I had in mind re Flash F16C's questions.



loc22550 22nd Aug 2009 17:22

Having a JAA class1 ,FAA class1, MOON.. class1 medical whatever doesn't change anything here,for the initial or renewal of your Qatari medical.(not like your licence).
You will have to do the initial one and the renewal like any others...
Having said that if you already have a jaa class1, you shouldn't be too worried of failing the medical here.

Indeed the long term thinking has never been in force in Q.R....
One of the best example(and the most costly) is probably the new airport..!:}Let's just have a look where we are today...!!!!
What a waste of billion$$$ for Q.R.!

NoJoke 22nd Aug 2009 17:28

You are what you are. BFN. :} I understand and practice what I preach. It is Ramadan, be forgiving and understand.

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