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Maun,Namibia and Zambia it is then!!!

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Maun,Namibia and Zambia it is then!!!

Old 26th Jan 2010, 17:18
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Question For You?


Very pleased to hear you've turned the corner on being blue and now have a more positive outlook. Feels great to be able to reach out to someone half way round the world and offer words of encouragement to a complete stranger that you now feel as though you're part of his hopes and fears, wishing I were there doing it too!

I do wish I was there and have been planning to try and do something similar myself. I have a burning question though, I have a FAA CPL IR with a Mulit rating I'm just finishing up. I can see from your other posts you had an FAA license first too before you got you JAA ATPL. Can you tell me if they'd look at someone with the complete package of FAA licenses or is it all guys with JAAs that get hired? The reason I ask is I'm in the middle of my ATPLs (not trying to avoid them) but keen to get working somewhere while I finish them up.

Keep up the good posts.

Many thanks,

Muddy Boots
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Old 27th Jan 2010, 00:03
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It' s Africa.
As long as you know how to fly a plane, the colour or the logo on the license doesn't matter.

It would be interesting to know what kind of operators are being approached down in M. Is it GA/airline/NGO and light or larger turboprops?

What was your reason for choosing Botswana over for instance Nigeria?

Congo is interesting with many recent start-ups including SAA regional and Brussels Airlines' Korongo. Only that I' m not sure about the political stability of the country at the moment. I recently read that there were some localised exodusses to neighbouring countries due to local tensions.

For those interested in working for NGO' s in Africa, visit "aviation without borders" websites:


Some of them are looking for volunteering pilots. Some of them (UK and NL) are about to purchase aircraft.

Volunteering for a good cause beats pay-to-work-and-still-jobless-after-that.

Good luck to all.

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Old 28th Jan 2010, 07:11
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Morning Ladies and Gents,

Sorry about not posting yesterday, have had a stomach bug which had led me to stay in bed. Feel a little better today. Anyway hope you are all well and good.

Yesterday arrived at the airport bright and early and carried on helping the operators with some more computer stuff and general help around the office. It's quite cool helping around the operators even though the wanabe lads give me a bit of friendly grief. But it's all fun and games.

Arrived back at Audi about 4 pm after picking some stuff up from Spar for dinner. But as soon as i got back i took a turn for the worse. But i tell you what the staff at Audi and the lads could not have done a better job to help me recover. I felt like royalty!!

Some more guys have turned into Maun, but it's ok everyone is welcome. At first it used to worry me about how many people are coming buut now it doesnt bother me at all. I have shown my face around and done my best to know and get on with people just as i would have done back home. There is nothing else that can be done.

Each day seems to by the same here, and everyday you hope that today will be today. But this is how Maun is. And there is nothing you can do to change it. I see Maun as a place similar to Purgatory.

I've not heard back on any of the leads i was following but i still have hope. I do wish sothing from anywhere comes through quick.

I have my heart set on flying anywhere in the world and im sure allot of you do too. Im not asking for a right hand seat on a 747 just a seat in a cockpit.

But i dont deserve it above anyone else. So ill just sit my time out and wait like the rest of you.

Anyway as always i hope you are well and things are going well for yourselves. And again thank you for taking the time out for reading and posting on this thread. With out you this thread would have not been possible. If you have any leads please please please PM me.

Take care!!
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Old 28th Jan 2010, 14:39
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Gday Kash

Great to hear of your adventures in Africa. It's great to read your posts and see what you have been up to and if the tables are turning in your favour or not.

It can be a tough long road at times but you mustn't give up. One thing that kept me going through all the training and then finding that elusive first job was a quote I heard somewhere along the lines of "so many people accept failure when they never knew how close to success they were".

Admittedly it was different 3 years ago and some of us have been very very lucky but you make your own luck. I guess it's safe to say you have everything lined up for when someone eventually makes you an offer? Not sure what the requirements are in your part of Africa but here in Australia you put yourself behind the eightball if you didn't have time on the type the operators were using (the 206 POH study you are doing is a great start), a current Dangerous Goods certificate for starters.

These things can take a while but it sounds like you have been networking well and getting to know the other pilots is a sound strategy. They may be your work colleagues one day and sometimes the boss may ask them if they know anyone suitable who will fit in with the team, look after the customers and has a sensible head on their shoulders so as to not bend their aeroplane!

Not sure what else I can tell you but all the best and hang in there. Trust me, it is so so worth the struggle.

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Old 28th Jan 2010, 15:58
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Afternnon Ladies and Gents,

As always i hope everyone reading this is well, it's been a long day in Maun for me. Been helping out at the operators all day with data analysis. Making sure that when they go to present there files they will be in order and make sence. It's funny how things work here i was asked by another operator to help do there data anaylsis too. But i did say that as soon as i finished my work at the first i will come straight to them.

I cant say i have been feeling 100% today after being sick, but your private messages and post certainly help to cheer me up. Been to the doctors just to make sure it would not happen again.

Im not sure if i will get a job or not here. But i know i will certainly leave knowing that i gave my best, helped out as best as i could and made some great friends.

I know i keep complaining about the heat here but really is it bad to hope for a bit of rain to remind me of home? Had to come back to Audi and dip in the pool to cool down.

Just at the bar now watching the Audi mascot dog playing around!! He is so cool.

Oh and went to Whimpy and had the best milkshake in the world or should i say that i had two.

Im sorry if my posts are becoming more and more repetative but this is meant to be my journey, however boring it maybe id like to share it with you all.

Most doors in Maun have closed on me, but there is still hope of a couple. And when those couple close on me i will hopefully have the strength to find somewhere new to pitch my tent and start again. Im not a religous person but i do pray i do get hired someday soon. I pray we all get hired some day soon.

Anyway with all my respect to all of you, i must leave you for now and wish that you find this a good read and wish that you are content with all things you do. We may one day meet in the skies!!
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Old 29th Jan 2010, 14:34
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As you may guess my circumstances are yet still the same, and I am no closer yet to getting a job as I were yesterday. However today is a new day, and a new day brings hope but even that has faded for the day.

Tomorrow will be a new day and along with it comes hope, another early start today at the airport. Popped my head around the operators but no work to be done today. The operator I was meant to help was out of the office all day. So sat around at Bon Arrive sipping on a coffee milkshake, after doing another set rounds i decided come back to Audi camp (home sweet home).

Nearly every door in Maun is closed, and yet more people arrive daily. I managed to contact a few other operators today by telephone around Africa, but the first question they ask before you carry on the conversation is how many hours do you have? And as soon i say 284, they pretty much say thanks but no thanks.

I'm not too sure what the future for all of us low hour pilots will be, but it definitely is a struggle. I donít agree with people paying for a type rating and then paying for 500 hours on type. But at least they have their applications looked out. Iím not that stupid or wealthy so I donít have that choice

Was talking to a few guys about if things donít work out here then I will have to go home and take a job at McDonalds as there is no jobs in engineering either.

Well letís leave McDonalds for another time and concentrate on getting a flying job here or anywhere.

I know you are all saying keep positive and I totally agree and am trying my best. But i am in the battle field and seem to be on the losing side. But I will give it my best to be the last man standing.

Anyway better go,

Take care!!
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Old 29th Jan 2010, 17:02
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Hi Kash!
Stumbled on your blog a few days ago as I've been thinking about coming to Africa to try and find work. Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is Maun? is it a town where there are a lot of operators who fly tourists etc?
It seems a lot of people from around the world come there to start building hours and get into the industry.
I'm currently still training in Canada, and at this point thinking I might be better off staying here to find work. (less competition for you heh )
Anyways, it's been really good to get a real perspective on how things can be. I'm bracing myself not to give up if I can't find anything for awhile. I know here up north people start on a ramp and get promoted after awhile.
All the best,
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Old 30th Jan 2010, 07:48
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hey kash360

I really appreciate all your efforts in writing to us everyday and i hope you get paid for all the hard work you've been doing .
All the best mate
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Old 30th Jan 2010, 08:26
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Keep strong Kash, you've been there a month soon and i'm sure your well liked there. Just hang in there for as long as you can. I'm sure things will turn around, just make sure you keep letting the operators know your still around. Just think, if it usually takes someone 2 or 3 months to get work there, you're already 1/3-1/2 the way there, more that can be said for the blokes who just got there. Hang in there bud, we're all cheering for you!
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Old 30th Jan 2010, 15:25
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Never let your hopes die!!

Hii Kash,
How are you?Hope you are fine and doing good.I must confess Kash you are one hack of a blogger!!! Keep one thing in mind buddy sometimes the journey towards achieving a goal is much much more important than achieving the goal it self.What every one of us witnessing is one such journey of yours towards achieving a goal.Doesnt matter if you dont achieve the goal(God forbids) but look how far you have travelled!!
I tell you my story.I got my CPL with IR and ME in NOV 2008.Have been trying to get a job eversince but havent been successful.Working in HR industry for the time being to provide my family with much needed finances ( The sole earning person since dad retired).Cant afford to get Instructors or TR because of the financial conditions.Have been advised by dad to stop dreaming about aviation and start looking for a permanent job.But I havent given up the hopes.Still applying and looking for jobs in aviation.It was my dream to become an aviator now that I have become one I just cant let it go away like this.I still will hang in there and keep on looking until I find what I want.And even if I cant find a job in aviation the efforts would count much more than anything else.Atleast I wont regret that I didnt try hard enough when I would have retired and would be seeing my entirelife in a flashback sitting in my armchair!!Cheers!!
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Old 30th Jan 2010, 16:50
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Firstly thank you to all the people posting and reading this thread, I would not have believed for a second that this thread would have reached the numbers it has. Again this is your thread and you make it what it is. I do look back through the posts and read them regularly whenever I get bored or feeling down. But this thread isnít about making me feel better itís meant to show the struggle of getting you first job. It is also supposed to help people about the things they should avoid doing.
Secondly, I would like to assure you all that Iím not giving up now or in the future, if Maun isnít the place I get my first job then Iím sure I will find somewhere else to try. I love this place but I also love having a job. Iím still positive but no one can guarantee me a job except the operators.
I still have the strength, courage and hope to achieve my goal but I donít have the finances. But to every will there is a way. So not too worried about that just yet.
Been in to the airport today just to show my face, but nothing for me to do and neither any flights for me to get on. So after a quick stop at shopperite and straight back to camp. Been sitting around the camp applying for jobs on every continent. Not a single reply as yet.
Iím not sure what else I can do other than what I have been doing to try and get my first break. Iím giving it everything I have got, and to repeat it every day isnít easy.
I came here with hope and will leave here with it, whenever that maybe!!
But if anyone has any advice on what else i should do please feel free to post. And if you have any contacts or any leads for me to follow, please PM me. I would really appreciate it.
Take care
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Old 30th Jan 2010, 20:56
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Hi Kash,

very interesting blog you have. It's lovely to read this from europe where there is -25 degrees at the moment so bare that in mind if africa sometimes feels a bit overwhelming

I wish you good luck workwise and while your at it, keep us peeps posted
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Old 31st Jan 2010, 17:43
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I tell you what i'm going to be sleeping like a baby after the day I have had. A extra early start today because I thought Iwould be able to get on a flight at 7 in the morning but was bumped of because of a last minute staff member needed to board. But it's ok I was close to getting on it. But went staright around the operators and showed my face, talking about a party to everyone who went to it on Friday night asked if Icould help out with anything. then staright of to a petting zoo.

I thought why not it's Sunday and I really need to explore the place while im here. It was amazing!

Got back to camp and moved and cleaned my tent again, noticed a few new holes that the ants had got through. But now it looks like the Ritz!!

Took a dip in the pool and played a couple of hands of poker before pulling myself away and coming this.

I would like to say, that I have had a few PM regarding some new leads and I would really like to thank you for them. I have sent an email to all the contacts you have provided and will follow them up by phone calls tomorrow.

Anyway must go not much internet credit remaining and still need to contact home. So im sorry about the short read today.

Take care!!
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Old 31st Jan 2010, 19:20
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and he is not lying

did the same as i did.
it's chillout here guys
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Old 1st Feb 2010, 20:57
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hi kash
first of all i would like to and thank you for posting this day to day diary, i feel like i am there with you.
i am from canada and working on my CPL ME IFR same sort of deal, and will be done around nov 2010.
just a question are there any canadian pilots down in maun jon hunting?do you know if they even hire canadians?

thanks a lot kash. best of luck. Hope you reallli realli reallli get a job. you got my support. will be watching this thread daily.

will =)
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Old 2nd Feb 2010, 19:24
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Evening All,

Firstly please let me take this opportunity to apologise for not posting yesterday. I would be lying if I told you that I had a good reason. The truth is I was extremely tired after helping out the operators. Even to the extent that I missed my lunch and dinner and fell asleep.

As I have said before Maun is a strange place. And even stranger is how things plan out here. I would be more than happy to tell you that I have been hired, however that is not the case. And by the looks of it, it will not be the case for a long time. It has now been drawn to my attention however cannot be ruled out that all doors in Maun are closed. This year it seems to be that more people have been recruited from outside of Maun than within.

Today has been an experience to say the least, I was trying to follow up a lead in one of the neighbouring countries. After trying to get on a flight from one of the operators in Maun and being unsuccessful I decided to drive the journey with a friend of mine. The journey would have been in total of 2200km return. However after driving for several hours I was stopped at a police check point to be advised that the car tax disc had been expired. I cannot fault anyone but myself for not checking. However the police check point I was stopped at was about 200km away from the closest town which had an operating cash machine. The officer in charge was adamant of either impounding the vehicle or paying 1500BWP cash. Like many have advised it is not wise to carry such large amounts. The officer would not allow me to go and collect the money so for that reason I have had to leave the car there and hitch a ride back to Maun.

Like many of you I have hope, and like many of you we come across obstacles to succeed in our journey. These are my obstacles, and I completely understand that sometimes our confidence and postures get dented from time to time. I feel this is happening to me, but believe me when I say I still have my hope, strength and courage. As I have come to learn over the past four weeks that tomorrow is a new day. And I will use any opportunity to utilise my qualities to succeed.

I beg you all not to let your spirits down as I have done in the past. We are all feeling the pressures of our industry, but we must believe that one day we will succeed in our endeavours to become fully fledged pilots.

I hope this post and all the ones yet to come find you content, and if you find your not I hope you find the courage to do so. And as always this is your thread too. Thank you all for reading, posting and PM. If you find in your hearts and have any leads and contacts please PM me.

For now take care

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Old 3rd Feb 2010, 05:56
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Kash u were saying that operators hired many from outside maun rather than within, does that mean those pilots might have written to them first and actually being hired rather than showing up at their doorsteps? How does the hiring process actually begins for them?

Anyway just a point to ponder - every door are made to be closed its the key that are meant to open it, so closed door arent necessarily the end of it!

My deepest wish of luck to ya buddy u are already a true fighter in this journey.

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Old 3rd Feb 2010, 15:09
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Afternoon All,
Hope all is well and good, another day has passed me by in Maun. And without any luck Iím still unemployed. However another early start, showing my face to the operators. I know no one will recruit now because all companies have hired.
I find that the situation is no longer about staying around and being the last person. It is also not the case of holding out and making friends. The truth is everyone who needed to be hired is hired.
I do wish something else comes through soon, I do still have hope. But staying here would now be a waste of time. I am now stuck between a rock and a hard place; I have notified the operators that I am thinking about leaving next week to return home.
I will try and confirm my tickets back to the UK on Friday, but I would be happy to return back to Africa in a heartbeat given the chance.
I feel like I have failed on this tour and as much as I dislike people who have paid for a TR and 500 hours it now seems not to be such a bad idea as at least those guys still have an edge above people like me. However I will never attempt doing something I completely disagree with
I donít know what else to say, for the first time Iím lost for words and ideas!!

Take care
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Old 3rd Feb 2010, 21:35
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I have read all of this thread but i do not seem to remember reading if you had considered doing a FI(A) rating?

I did and it worked for me in the end, took some time though.

A FI rating cost me 3.5k 8 years ago.
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Old 3rd Feb 2010, 22:12
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What, leaving already???

Hi Kash,

Like many this is my first post but I have been reading your post with some interest and am very impressed by your bravery to go to such lengths in the pursuit of a job.

I now see that you're thinking of going home . Uhuh.... Let me give you some perspective. From what I can see, you've only been in Africa for about a month. That's nothing mate! You're looking for a job and have no experience... It's going to take time and you're going to have to be VERY persistant, particularly at this point in time. I don't think you'd be doing yourself justice by returning to the UK after only a month.

I'll put it in perpective. I work in the multimedia field (I know, different) and graduated from university with no experience in 2000, just when the 'dot coms' all crashed. I applied to about 150 jobs, without a word of response.

After about FOUR months, I started tp offer to do 'unpaid' work experience, just to get my foot in the door and do something (as well as working in a cafe).

This did land me two brief unpaid jobs which both lead to some short term paid contracts. People knew me, they saw I was keen.

After SIX months, I finally got my big break. I had to move from Australia to France to persue it, which was hard because I left my family, friend, everything I knew (I was only 21yo), as you've done. But it was the best experience of my life and has since pretty much set my career up.

What I'm getting at is that you're just at the beginning of your journey after one month!!! Keep your chin up. Find some paid work doing anything, so you can stay in Maun (the UK's going to cost you a lot more to live at). And then, maybe if in August 2010 you still haven't had ANYTHING, I think you'd have given it a fair go. Keep going brother!
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