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Kash360 6th Dec 2009 22:30

Maun,Namibia and Zambia it is then!!!
Dear Peers,

As you maybe aware from my diaries that i have not long completed my training JAA CPL/ME/IR . And posted a follow on thread asking if it was wise for me to go to Africa or get a type rating.

Well i decided to go to Africa, starting of in Maun. I have read the two very informative threads Maun 2008/8009 and Maun 2009/2010.

Like most of you i have sent out 1300 CV's and cover letters and no responce. So this is the last ditch for me!!

I am planning of spending 3 months in Africa. And have found out from the threads mentioned above where to stay, where to go and how much money to take with me.

My question to you all is, if anyone of you kind people can give me some heads up or contacts to use when i am there i will be so greatful.

I find no shame in asking for help and certainly no shame in working my ticket up the pecking order. But would like it if you guys could give me some heads up, advice or anything.

Like always i will be keeping a diary of my travels and the outcomes of getting my first job.

PPRune has guided me and helped me through my training and through my diaries i like to give something back.

Again to all my fellow PPruners just some advice or contacts or where i should go or anything.......

Please feel free to PM me

Many thanks in advance!!

ab33t 8th Dec 2009 20:33

Good for you hope it works out for you .

PIELORD 9th Dec 2009 07:17

Good luck Kash....I really hope it works out for you...Please keep us updated of your exploits!

Kash360 9th Dec 2009 19:12

Thanks allot guys, much appriciated!! Going down to the Doctors tomorrow for my jabs and malaria tablets. Been told that i will have to pay for my yellow fever jab!! oh well...

Been looking at flights thought i would head out on the 21st but now more like the 26th Dec.

Going on Saturday to go and buy all my camping gear that i will need out there.

I have asked the question of police certificate on here several times but no reply, was hoping if someone could advice me if a disclousure Scotland will be OK?

Other than that just planning, planning and more planning....

flyasthesky 9th Dec 2009 19:23

Good Luck Kash, hope it works out for you.:ok::ok:

anotheradam 13th Dec 2009 11:04

Police Check

That answers that then.

Best of Luck

anotheradam 13th Dec 2009 11:08

Disclosures Scotland should be okay, but there is a better check you can get from police which is for a foreign visa. The larger police stations should know about it. Thing is the Disclosures Certificate does not look very official. If you can't get the other check I refered to, take your Dislosure one to your local police station and ask them to stamp it, to make it look better than something you printed yourself.
Good luck again,

Kash360 13th Dec 2009 12:36

Cheers mate, i have applied for a disclousure along with a WA162. Together they should be water tight. I dont require it for visa's just incase i get a job i believe they will ask for it then. But thanks for the advice mate. Much appriciated!!

Bealzebub 13th Dec 2009 12:48

The certificate you are looking for can be obtained by filling in this form.

It will cost you 35 for a 10 working day service (2 weeks) and double that 70 for a 2 working day turnaround. They will take very one of those days to return the certificate (and add 2 days), so apply well in advance of when you are likely to need it.

Journey Man 13th Dec 2009 13:15

Going on Saturday to go and buy all my camping gear that i will need out there.
My advice would to just get a Snugpak Jungle Bag or similar that can be zipped open completely to make a blanket and head out. Spend your money on socialising, getting to know guys, and kip on someones floor/sofa. Or under a table in the bar.

Leezyjet 13th Dec 2009 18:50

Been looking at flights thought i would head out on the 21st but now more like the 26th Dec.
Have you tried the 25th ?. This tends to be the cheapest day to fly over the festive period.


Kash360 26th Dec 2009 15:36

Merry Christmas to you all,

just an update I have now had all my jabs and picked up some malaria tablets. Packed my tent, airbed, sleeping bag, clothes and the usual malarki.

Booked my tickets from Birmingham to Johannesburg. And from there I will have to sort a flight out to maun as I belive this cannot be done online.

I will be leaving on the 28th Dec.

If anyone has any advice for me I would really be greatful.

Halfbaked_Boy 26th Dec 2009 16:58

Have you tried Air Botswana? They operate services between JNB-MUB.

Also, have a look at Cheap Flights South Africa.

Once again, best of luck mate :ok:

Kash360 28th Dec 2009 12:16

Currently at BHX drinking my gingerbread latte waiting for my delayed flight to Dubai will be spending a night there before I head to JNB and then onto Maun the 30th. Will keep you all posted as I go on this adventure.

FREQUENTFLYER1234 28th Dec 2009 13:39

Good luck!
I'd just like to wish you good luck! It's great to see someone getting off their arse and doing something about their situation rather than bitching about it on here! I look forward to reading about your adventures!

Kash360 29th Dec 2009 08:25

Thanks FrequentFlyer and everyone else,

Im currently at Dubai Airport waiting to get on my next flight to Johannersberg. I got to Dubai at 0200 dropped my bags of into my room and went out to a nightclub to practice my drinking skills for Maun....I need to improve on my drinking skills for sure.

I managed to book my flight from Johannersberg to Maun so i will get there at 1210 on the 30th.

I hope everything works out for us all...

I hope you guys dont mind me writting this stuff on here thought it would be helpful to people thinking of coming. So thought id share my experience.

Anyway of to Duty Free...Will write again tomorrow when i get to JoBerg

VorlocGreen 29th Dec 2009 11:14

Best of luck to you!!

I look forward to reading your African adventures, I am currently flying in Nigeria :ok:

Kash360 29th Dec 2009 20:25

Hey guys just arrived at my hotel in Joberg. It's a nice hotel....However I have been robbed already within 30 mins of getting to Joberg. I found out that my taxi ride should not have cost more than 350 Rand but the driver charged me 600 Rand. Gutted!!

Well im of to the swimming pool and then tomorrow morning ill be going back to the airport to catch my flight to Maun.

Kash360 30th Dec 2009 06:00

Well back at the airport, waiting for my flight to Maun!! just bought some books as i was told the reading material is poor. But ill find out when i get there.

Im planning of starting my rounds as soon as i get of the plane. Ill go and introduce myself to all the operators there.

Then find my way to Audi camp and see if there is anyone who can help me put my tent up because im crap at it...lol

I have made a nice little collection of things that i picked up on the way here.
Cutllery thanks to emirates
sewing kit thanks to the hotel in Dubai
and a toilet roll thanks to the hotel in Joberg.......You never know!! thats all im saying..

Anyway ill keep you guys posted.

And a big thankyou to all you!! And a big thank you to halfbaked boy a great read.

Nearly There 30th Dec 2009 09:27

Kash, the most interesting thread on the wannabe forums for sometime, keep it alive and good luck on your venture, I do hope it all works out for you.

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