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Maun,Namibia and Zambia it is then!!!

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Maun,Namibia and Zambia it is then!!!

Old 5th Jan 2010, 11:50
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Kash mate hang in there.... dedication and hard work ALWAYS pay off sooner or later, trust me.

I'm in the CPL ME IR boat as well but thankfull have two jobs (non-av) to work at the moment until times get a wee bit brighter, otherwise we may aswell have met in Maun.

All the best and keep this goodie blog going, it's gonna become a legendary reference thread for newbies once you scored a job
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Old 5th Jan 2010, 12:37
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All the best and keep this goodie blog going, it's gonna become a legendary reference thread for newbies once you scored a job

I cant agree less mate. all the best to you really ..good work
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Old 5th Jan 2010, 12:44
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A very interesting read Kash,

Brings back so much memories, I also went to africa to kick off my career in 2005. A fantastic place to learn your trade. Teaches you so much patience/humility. When I first got there, I expected things to take a lot shorter than it did, but in the end it took 10 months to get a gig on the DHC-6. And since then I havent looked back. Flew other types and now with BA. A little piece of advice, since things arent so good recruitment-wise, dont just chase flying jobs, because sooner or later you'll get frustrated when it doesnt happen in the time frame you want. Look into dispatching, other areas in Ops where they just need a helping hand, even if its admin, tour guides whatever, accept the whatever salary and put yourself in one of these companies. First and foremost it will be a fantastic experience and secondly you'll hear about recruitment before most other pilots. I wish you all the best, with such determination you are going to achieve success of the highest order in good time.

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Old 5th Jan 2010, 12:55
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Sound advice from Redsnail and 747


Heed the advice from Redsnail and 747. If you have enough funds, get some hours on the 206. The Majority of Operators from South of the Equator operate them.

I was in Zambia last year and my mate visited me and went looking for work in Lusaka, Livingstone, Maun and Kasane. He described to a tee what you have also experienced. There were Pilots there sat in the Caff, who had literally been there for months! Luckily, you're are there at a good time, the wet season will be over soon and things will pick up. I think you should definitely broaden your search though, dont just stay in Maun. Head north and see what is happening in Vic Falls, Kasane, Livingstone, Lusaka. If you have an ME IR, try Proflight in Lusaka and ask for Ken, the Chief Pilot, hes a good guy and may be able to help you, they operate BN2 Islanders and Caravans. Sefofane are also good to consider but you will need some 206 time. In both cases, I know of pilots whose Contracts are due to expire by March and they may be looking for replacements.

If you are willing to go further afield and want a grand travelling experience, then get the Tazara Express (Only costs about 250,000 Kwacha, bout 40 quid last I checked) from Kapiri Mposhi to Dar es Salaam. Dar's Domestic terminal was bustling with sightseers when I was there and their tourist season will begin again in mid february. I was due to go there this year, but due to the dreaded cashflow couldn't. I may try again in 2011. Check out Coastal Aviation, Chief Pilot is a guy called Aziz or SafariAIRLink at [email protected]

Some more food for thought for you. Get out there and see some of Beautiful Africa and meet those guys, then if necessary get back to Maun. But don't keep all your eggs in that one small basket.

Let me know how u get on. Very keen to see how it goes

All the Best,

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Old 5th Jan 2010, 16:04
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I have a contact at SafariLink if you're interested. PM me for details.
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Old 5th Jan 2010, 17:15
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Thank you everyone!!

Hello Brothers,

Firstly i would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all your kind words and advice.

I hope my journey will be of some help to some of you and if not it just shows that there is many ways to achive the same goal but you have to try.

I would like to share some of my past with you guys just to show what experiences i have had to date. I have had allot of PM's asking about my past. so here it is.

Like all of you i had a passion from a early age and i managed to get work experience at Coventry airport but instead of being paid for sweeping the hanger or polishing aircrafts i asked to be paid in flying hours. That was my first taste of flying at 15 years of age.

I went baack in the summer to do the same again but thought that by doing this i would never be able to get my PPL. So after my G.C.S.E's i got a job at BHX loading bags but this was seasonal work but saved every penny and by the end of my Season i had enough to do my PPL so went to the States.

I got my FAA PPL and multi engine rating. I came back home and joined back at the airport as a passenger services agent for a compay at BHX. I worked up to a supervisr but wanted to go into dispatch to tranfered and worked there for a while and was sometimes covering ops supervisor role.

I wanted to do something big as i thought i had enough experience of working at the airport. So i managed to get on a foundation degree course as i was a mature student by now. I transfered to Manchester working at the airport for the same company. So i asked the manager to give me 4 night shifts 7PM to 7AM and after work i would go straight to uni. To my suprise i passed my foudation year. And chose Aeronautical engineering as my main degree. I studied for the the next 3 years but changed my job which was to work in ops for an airline that no longer exists under the same name. But all the time i would do 4 night shifts and study in the day and do my homework and coursework in the office.

After Uni i left my job at the airline and worked for a space agency company but didnt really fit in with the rest so left 7 months later and got a engineering job for an oil and gas company.

I saved every penny by myself and never borrowed any to fund my training.

After being made redundant i tried to get another job but couldnt so i decided that i had enough money and go and complete my flight training.

And so in September 2009 i got my CPL/ME/IR/MCC with a total of 284 hours. But after finishing i tried for any flying and non flying job i could find. But nothing came through so after 4 months of trying i decided to use the last of my savings to come here.

So thats my story guys. Crap i know but it's my story!!

I dont have enough money to do a type rating i wish i did but havent. I dont want to burden my family for the money as this is my path and i need to get up by myself when i fall.

Thanks for the heads up Jesus much appriciated for your post and thanks for the email address.

But again everyone thank you all for reading i hope you are all well, where ever you may be!!

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Old 5th Jan 2010, 17:51
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Your story is far from crap Kash!

It is an inspiration to many people! I'm glad to see that there are still pilots around with that raw, undying passion for flying. And all this, despite the current situation!

I have a similar story but I think I had it easier than you. My parents funded my flying.I Started flying at the age of 14 after being given an intro flight for my birthday! Flew once or twice a month and ended up going solo on my 17th birthday. Did all the solo stuff and got my PPL a few months later.

Finished school in '06 and headed to 43 Air School in Port Alfred in Jan '07.
Did the CPL Ground School and got my night rating but was restless because I was far from home.

Ended up jacking it in and headed over to the UK for a while. Came back to SA and got a job in IT. Hated every second of it. Managed to build some reasonable solo time with my salary. But, the bug just didn't go away.

Eventually quit my job in Sep '08 and started studying for the CPL subjects. Returned to 43 Air School in Feb '09 (2nd time lucky?) and got to work on getting the subjects out of the way. Got my subjects in July and started with the advanced flying. Started on the multi-engine stuff (Seneca 1) on the 2nd of November and graduated with a CPL/ME IR a little over a month later on the 8th of December 2009.

Been unemployed since but starting my Instructors Course next monday, after which I have a solid guarantee of a job with the flying school I'm doing it at!

My only word of advice to anyone who is feeling disheartened? Believe! You can do it.
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Old 5th Jan 2010, 20:58
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206 type rating

Just a thought... but with time on your hands, you may as well try get your hands on a 206 POH / AFM and a copy of the Bots airlaw and start reading... wont be wasted time in my opinion... heck, while you're at it do your medical

I work in the tourism industry in the South Pacific and it looks like a bumper year for us this year (compared to last year) and we dont have a world cup around the corner! Africa is heading the same way and there WILL be jobs...

Good luck Kash....
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Old 6th Jan 2010, 01:19
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I Have Control
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Brave guy..good luck to you

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Old 6th Jan 2010, 10:35
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Hi Kash,
This is more general info as I did my bush flying in Australia, not Africa.

I've already mentioned getting a job (doing any thing) in town. It'll help you survive and keep you motivated. Ideally, on the airport in Ops or front of desk sort of stuff. Failing that, try the usual bar work, tourist bureau sort of stuff.
If you have any sort of spannering skills, let them know.
(I washed aeroplanes, a mate worked for the Shire council mowing the grass at the airport).

If the local pilots have a "drinking hole", find it and get yourself established. Be friendly but not pushy. (Already mentioned that

Techy stuff. If you can find out what is "useful to have". First Aid certificates, Dangerous goods certificates, bus license etc. (Now, this is relevant in Australia, need to check with the locals if that's the case.)

Ideally, time in a C206 would be great. Probably a bit late to organise. However, grab your new found friends and see if they have a POM or something like that for you to read.

For the interview, make sure you know the last type you flew. Stuff like battery (12v or 24v*), payload, gross weight, landing distance req'd (rule of thumb sort of stuff).
Eg, on a 35 deg at sea level day at MTOM I need X feet. (your POM should be able to guide you) It shows you've thought about it and any thing "under that" won't be an issue and you won't "waste" time going through the books finding an answer.
(Of course, for more complicated aircraft, you do need to check the books, however, eg, on a "good day", I only need to really go into the POM/AFM and review every thing if the runway is less than 4,000' for the Hawker. However, I do have that RoT to act as a trigger)

If it's scenics etc, know a bit about where you'll be flying and the main points of interest. If it's charter, know the main clients that the company has.

The chief pilot will be thinking to him/herself as he gets to know you.
1. Can he/she work with the team?
2. Can he/she handle the clients/passengers?
3. Can I trust him not to bend the aircraft?

Checkrides will be nerve racking and they know it. Esp if you haven't flown that type before. They are looking to see you have the basics.
Such as, ability to listen and take in instructions.
Flying accurately. If they say climb it at 80 kt, you do that.
Basic landing and cross wind techniques are sound.

*It may seem trivial but a person failed an interview on that point. The person announced that all C206s have 24 volt batteries. The boss asked the person to have a look at VH-TUD. It had a 12 volt battery.

Good luck Remember, you'll have good days, you'll have bad days. It's normal and we've all been there. Until all the chief pilots tell you to FOAD, you're in with a chance.
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Old 6th Jan 2010, 17:32
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Hello again Brothers,

Today has been a good day, NO i have not got a job but i have done things abit different today and tried to apply some of the advice you guys have posted.

I arrived at the airport bright and early at 7.30 this morning, and to my suprise the pilots were in there getting there boosts for work. I got chatting to a few. After i went and did my rounds at the operators and managed to get a flight with one of the companies.

Didnt stay around the airport today, Went and bought a 206 POH and then went of into town to break up my day!!

Got back to the airport to fly, had a great flight, first flight in a C206 and God it suprised me with a full load and a short strip in the heat it still managaed to get airborne.

I did see some elephants today which was amazing but my camera is so crap that i would have to stand next to one to get him in the shot.

Got back and did my rounds again, didnt wait around the airport so went back into town to get a bite to eat and then back to the camp.

Oh i ate a caterpillar last night!! Lets just say never again!

Anyway sat at the bar at the moment typing away.

But as always guys i hope you are all well and good.

There seems to be allot of senior's posting on this thread so i hope us new guys take there advice!!

I like to thank all of you for posting on this thread and reading it!!
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Old 7th Jan 2010, 11:38
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Hey Guys,

Currently sitting in an internet cafe, drinking a nice ice cold appletiser in 48 deg C. I feel like i am melting away at the moment!!

Anyway, just wanted to say mostly to us newbies, that i have had some great PM from allot of our senior pilots who have been through what i am going through at the moment so it would be stupid of me not to heed to there advice!!

As you guys know i have come out here looking for a flying job, but as yet nothing has come of it. So i have decided to also try and look for any other work around here. But the only problem is obtaining a work permit. So i will see how things go and ask around.

Was trying to get on a flight to Kasane from Maun today, but it is not unusual to to be bumped off last minute, you have to remember that fair paying passengers, frieght or air operators crew will come before you. And thats what happened to me!! But it's OK keep your chin up smile and try other avenues.

No flights today, not hanging around the airport all day either to hack people off. The time i do spend there i try and talk to as many pilots as i can.

I am reading through my 206 POH, because just incase i do get invited for an interview i would like to show that i havent just been sitting around all day twiggling my thumbs.

I am going to try and arrange a medical too!!

Anyway guys got reading to do speak soon. Feel free to write a post or send me a PM.
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Old 8th Jan 2010, 09:53
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Very nice to read your posts! Greetings from Cold Sweden! (-40 C some days ago up north) Could sure use some or your warm and sunny weather.
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Old 8th Jan 2010, 11:40
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Nice one mate, keep plugging away
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Old 8th Jan 2010, 12:23
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Hey Guys,

Thank you so much for your kind words and encourgement it means allot to me when i see your posts.

Well again a early start this morning, the combi bus to Maun drove at 10mph. I thought i would never get to the airport for 7.30am. But to my suprise i did, watched all the pilots coming in for coffee's chated to a few pilot.

I seem to have made some new friends around the companies. Not the kind of friends who you are chatting to for a job, but the kind of friends that you want to be friends with.

Did my rounds but things seem really quite today, every aircraft on the ground. So no flights, sat at the coffee shop across the airport for a few hours chatting to people passing by.

Left the airport around 12 and headed back to the camp, got straight in the pool for a cool down. Now just sitting at the bar enjoying a beer will be having a barbeque later.

Still reading my 206 POH and have had my chart checked by some of the pilots, so just studying where all the camps and airstrips are.

Anyway guys better go, need to go and find something useful to do with my life.

Oh im also looking into paying a visit to Victoria Falls, well i cant come all this way and not go and see one of the worlds wonders.

Take care!!

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Old 8th Jan 2010, 12:29
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Hi Kash

Good luck with your search for work. It's certainly an interesting thread to follow.

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Old 9th Jan 2010, 01:41
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Hey Kash,

Say if you were to get some other job there while waiting but I'm curious how you are going to solve the work permit issue?

All the best luck mate your thread is the most interesting one here so far!

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Old 9th Jan 2010, 07:25
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Thank for the reply, i did have a look into this matter and found out that it would be pretty much impossible because there is local people who can do the same job, so i would not be able to get a work permit!!

But again thank you for the post and im glad you think the thread is going well!!
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Old 9th Jan 2010, 11:12
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Afternoon Ladies & Gents,

Another very hot day today, not feeling my best either after yesterdays drinking antics. Went out to the Old bridge and river lodge last night. A couple or more beers arrived back at Audi camp. In the evening we all put some money in a pot and had a barbeque.

Your proberbly thinking this guys seems to be having more of a holiday then looking for jobs,

but the truth is that after you do your rounds and chatted to the pilots there isnt much to do. You could always drive out of town for a couple of days and head North and go to Kasane or to the falls. But im a bit scared that if i leave for a few days things may change on the job front and and may miss my big break.

I feel so jealous of the guys home as they maybe jealous of me but i wouldnt ming being in the cold just for a couple of days to cool me down from the heat.

Again no job and no flight, I sit here in hope and think that maybe today is going to be the day, but that day has not yet come.

Allot of our fighting spirit gets lost in this process hearing that no one in employing. But everyday i tell myself that even if i walk away from here without a job i fought and i tried my best.

Im not giving up not at all, but somedays you you do think did i make the right choice by coming here. But for me i had a limited amount of choices and this seemed the best for me.

I do hope i find something soon, and i hope anyone else looking finds the job they are looking for too.

My best wishes to you all!!
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Old 9th Jan 2010, 13:01
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Ahh... Old Bridge... just a few weeks yet...

Kash, alas I feel you are getting despondent... this is a great post... very positive, for many people... took balls, big ones, to pack up and head south, a lot more balls than many people reading this post have ever had... So I reckon this post should stay this way (positive in spirit).

Admittedly, you probably wont get a job today or even tomorrow or maybe even in a month . But just think, when that spot does open up and the CP is sitting in his office, who will he think about... the guy sitting in the terminal all day drinking coffee trying to make friends with everybody or the guy with the bots med, airlaw passed, 206 in his head, ready, determined and hungry for the job? Me thinks the latter..

Secondarily (sp sucks... ), bro, you are in Botswana... the king of all safari countries... people pay thousands of dollars to vistit there!!! I dont know how tight your budget is, but try see a bit of Africa... it is a fantastic continent and it will work its way into every bone of your body....(yes, biased!!!) Get a taxi to Kasane? Have you been on a makoro yet?? Leave your mobile number with someone important and go see some bush!!!
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