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Jet Fuel Addict 28th Oct 2013 08:35

16down2togo, indeed very true. At the same time a very enjoyable post :D:ok:

Airaviator 3rd Nov 2013 10:46

No stupid rumours, please
Hotelpresident said "They normally look for pilots with long-haul experience. People who is used to oceanic flights."

This is absolutely not true... I say it again: this is a rumour you just want to create for a reason which is out of my knowledge, but this is NOT correct.

wing-man 12th Nov 2013 14:33

Assessment Saarlouis
Hi all,

I've been reading the whole tread and it is quite informative, thanks to all contributed :)

I was wondering if there is anyone who went to the Assessment in Saarlouis recently who can confirm if the day(s?) is still as described in post #391 from loulou.
And has anyone of you used sky test as a preparation, was it useful? and which tests of sky test were also in Saarlouis?

I hope there is anyone who wants to share some information:)

1975 27th Nov 2013 12:34

This thread is awfully quiet now considering things are looking to be on the up and up?

onthedot 27th Nov 2013 21:06

IBF Assessment Details requested
Hello everybody,

I am also invited to the IBF and I have also been following the whole thread for a little while. However information about the assessment at the IBF is pretty old on here...

Has anybody lately gone through the testing?

It would be so nice if you could share your experience with us, since I believe there are many people on here which might be invited to the IBF, too.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Skystar02 28th Nov 2013 06:10


I have been told "the sorry", so I am not invited to the next step. My experience is nearly 4000 hours with 2800 medium jet... According to the e-mail my experience is not good enough comparing it to the rest of applicants. It's disappointing.

Good luck for those who have been invited to do the tests...


tripjet320 28th Nov 2013 09:13

Hi SkyStar02,

feel sorry for you, but may I just confirm something, what do you mean by next step and medium jet also ?

McMax 28th Nov 2013 10:04

Hi Skystar02.

really sorry for you!

But could you give us an update about the two day assessment at IBF?
I think there are a lot of interested guy's in here...

All the best for you!

Skystar02 29th Nov 2013 10:45

Hi guys,

Sorry. I meant that Interpersonel sent me an e-mail. I could not even go to the IBF. A friend of mine went last year and told me that he spent a day (nowadays) split in two days in an assesment doing psicotechnics, interview and a little ATPL exam. That is all my friend told me. I cannot be sure at 100% is how they are doing right now.

This is the e-mail:

Thank you once again for your application for a pilot's position with Cargolux Airlines International S.A.!

As we have only a limited number of vacancies but are receiving a large number of qualified applications at the same time, Cargolux has decided to take your application on file. We regret, that we are not in the position to invite you for the next step in the selection process at this time.

If you are still interested to maintain your application, please keep your contact data valid in our system - if not, you may use the function: "cancel application" after selecting your application from the menu: "my applications" in your account.

We thank you for the interest you have shown and remain with best regards,

your Cargolux - recruitment team

interpersonal III

Good luck for those who are so lucky and invited to the interviews.:ok:


trancada 1st Dec 2013 19:49

I new from other candidates, thats the first answer that Cargolux allways send.

We have to be patient and persistent, up-date our file, until they call us.

I knew that th company is a very to work for.

Good luck !

Aedius 3rd Dec 2013 09:52

@Skystar02: It's not a matter of qualification but rather a question of fitting the profile or not.

Currently CV is looking mainly for 747 type-rated candidates and these will be taken care of more promptly. The only exception are pilots from LG, they will have priority over any other candidates.

Of course the whole issue with Henan doesn't really help and the upcoming contract will determine, how many people will be hired and what profile they need to fit. Everything is about to change in the months to come...

trancada 3rd Dec 2013 20:07

Cargolux Boeing 787-8F / Cargolux

China's HNCA acquires a 35% stake in Cargolux

Latest news


Cargolux (CV, Luxembourg) is set to welcome China's Henan Civil Aviation Development & Investment Co (HNCA) as its new 35% shareholder after the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg approved the USD231million deal. Among the details agreed include the establishment of Zhengzhou as Cargolux's second hub after Luxembourg with provision for a 4x weekly service between the two cities. Zhengzhou is an important IT manufacturing hub. According to Cargofacts, the agreement does not preclude the relocation of Cargolux business segments to Henan. In terms of voting rights, HNCA will be able to veto any decision proposed by Cargolux's Executive or Supervisory Board. In terms of labour and job security, the OGBL union has voiced its own concerns about possible outsourcing of jobs and operations to China, despite a government pledge that it would not happen and a similar promise in a draft commercial agreement.

Wireless 17th Dec 2013 09:27

Same e-mail after I applied. That was 3 months ago.

Jet Fuel Addict 17th Dec 2013 10:07

Any update on what Trancada posted?

China's HNCA acquires a 35% stake in Cargolux
What is the general feeling inside the company? Does it change recruitment requirements?

Also, whats the deal with the

Cargolux Boeing 787-8F / Cargolux
... :}

Skystar02 21st Dec 2013 18:55

Hello pilot hans,

To be honest I don't remember when I submitted my aplication. Maybe two years ago. I update it every time it needs to be so. This is the second e-mail in two years.:ugh: which I have received.

As they said to me, I have to be patient. I wonder if it really helps but there is no other option at this time.

Good luck.

1975 26th Dec 2013 11:04

Have any non type rated pilots bern hired lately other than from Luxair?

4redsyourdead 26th Dec 2013 14:17

Heard of a non TR guy currently starting with Cargolux. Ex 757/767

ablanc 1st Jan 2014 16:46

IBF Saarlouis - Cargolux
Hi Randy,

I have been invited also to the IBF in Saarlouis. Can you tell us if the treat #391 still been actual? are there some ATP questions or English test? is Skytest a good tool to be prepared for the assessment?

Thank you and Happy New Year 2014!!!


Invitation to Cargolux Italia; TT 2.600, Type Rated 747 with 320 Hrs on type. No oder jet experience, only turboprop pic hrs.

Skystar02 5th Jan 2014 10:37

Buena suerte comandblanc!:ok:

HURZ 5th Jan 2014 22:47

Sorry, but Cargolux Italia is not Cargolux!!!
You will soon recco that you are not too welcome in LUX.
CVI is just using the name, but that s it. You will not be on the mainlines seniority list. Think twice....

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