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1975 8th Jan 2014 18:59

What is your experience?

SyncPilot 8th Jan 2014 20:35

Good luck Hans!

Hope you will give us some new info about the interview...:ok:

Been waithing almost 2 years now, 4700h airbus time....:ugh:

(now thinking of getting a Boeing job, maybe giving me a better chance with time on type)

WBpilot410 9th Jan 2014 08:20

Hi guys. Just received the same email as Skystar02.
Has anyone ever been invited for an interview despite having received this email, or is this a dead end?


Daygo 9th Jan 2014 14:08

I received an email today stating that my status has been changed to "limited release" and providing that I have the ZFTT and ATPL skills test requirements then Cargolux can continue with my application. I do meet the requirements so I am hoping this is good news?

Anybody else receive the same email?



F/O 19th Jan 2014 05:51

Hi everyone,
Can anyone confirm that the information in loulou's post is still valid? If so, can anyone give an indication of the time duration of each test?

These seem to be recurring questions, but I ask anyway and take my chances for a reply. Well appreciated.

One more: Does anyone have more tips and tricks for the Aircraft Positioning Test? I have seen a few examples. Some are pretty straight forward but some are.......sort of a mystery to me.....:O

Thanks for all the info so far in this thread!

pilot-s 19th Jan 2014 21:26

Assessment is straight forward..

B737 rated with 2800 total time, 2600 on type. After the interview I got a lettre stating that they cant take my application into consideration at the moment and that I can apply again if there is a new vacancy. Very sad...

pilot-s 22nd Jan 2014 06:54

I applied in september 2013, whent to saarlouis in Nov and had my interview in Dec.

IBF assessment is still the same as posted here on pprune, only difference is that they cut it in 2. Skytest will be helpfull just so that you know what to expext but other than that its not too difficult. Expect apptitude tests and math, no atpl q's.

Again everything is very straight forward and they are very nice poeple when you go and meet them.. But unfortunately.. Its always worth to try but I think without a 747 type its going to be very difficult to get in unless they cant find any rated pilots.

Hope you guys have more luck and will get the job, for me its a missed chance.

Jet Fuel Addict 22nd Jan 2014 08:18

Perhaps new CP rules!
Yepp! New CP a Dutch guy. PPJN states newly hired almost all dutch with internal references.

I appreciate that PPJN is sometimes a bit off and can be updated by just about anyone, however most of the times there is some element of truth in there.
So get ready to bring out your inner cloggy skygod... ;)

pilot-s 22nd Jan 2014 14:29

Well.. Im a cloggy too ;) I dont think the new CP is just looking for dutch guys

zeddb 22nd Jan 2014 20:45

There are likely to be 80 odd type rated and very experienced 744 and 748 cargo pilots on the market in the near future.

Just thought I'd mention it.

Alcione 24th Jan 2014 17:28

It has been announced that the sales manager from Cargolux has resign. This fellow was truly the engine that moved Cargolux. It's very appreciated from the employees and a very good chap.

Rumors say that he was totally opposed to the acquisition of stake from the Chinese HNCA, and that others probably would follow. We are deeply concerned, as we don't see clear leadership. As a consequence, moral is really low.

Terribly sad news :ugh:

For more information about the company situation, please check the following blog:


It's worth the reading, as the author is Luxemburger and explains beautifully well how things work in that part of Europe. :ok:

Cliff Secord 30th Jan 2014 13:21

Second Cargolux boss quit - Aircargonews

trancada 30th Jan 2014 19:32

Today i knew that seems there is a temporary agreement with Lufthansa to, that are flying CRJ to hire Lufthansa Cityline pilots to fullfil CLX requirements for 1,5 year until the company hire all the pilots that they need.

So Lufthansa will pay the type rating to Cityline CRJ pilots , they fly for CLX and then they will be back home to Lufthansa, This is is to avoid the lay-off pilots.

I think this a great decision for our colegues.

trancada 30th Jan 2014 20:30

I just understod this is a temporary decision.

Cargolux is still doing pilots selection via Interpersonal, as it has been mentioned here in this forum. See the previous posts,

japandwell 30th Jan 2014 20:56

Back an forth
This has gone back and forth for a while. I know that Cargolux has hired US pilots in the past. These must have been contract guys. Right?

It doen't seem to even be on the table now though.

shockcooling 31st Jan 2014 12:28

Is there a chance to work 50% let's say after working with them for a couple of years?

japandwell 31st Jan 2014 22:48

Part Time?
Are you rerferring to part time, working less and paid less than say an 80 hour guarentee? A part time pilot?

varias747 1st Feb 2014 13:21

Joining CV and hoping for a 50% position, even after some years is not the best idea. Right now they are looking at hiring 70+ pilots full time.
Where you come from is not the most important, do you want to dedicate your career and living in central europe, that`s what you should ask yourself? There are near to none leaving CV, its worth applying!

shockcooling 1st Feb 2014 16:38

Are you rerferring to part time, working less and paid less than say an 80 hour guarentee? A part time pilot?
No, as in more days home. I would stay 100% pilot, but I can try to fly again more in my spare time as a survey pilot, which I can't do with my current employer, where I would loose too much money ;)

varias747 6th Feb 2014 12:15

new hiring
I had no special preparation but it was part of the swiss test (only swiss tested me 5 days).
No physical test, just the 16PF and some multitasking and memory testing.
A short talk and thats it. Second day SIM and Interview.
Right now 74 new pilots will join, one part will be from LH city line.
All the best for the test…..

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