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trigger21 1st Aug 2013 13:51

Just wondering if its easy to commute from the UK when working for cargolux? Many days off in a row?

ray cosmic 4th Aug 2013 18:29

trigger21: during the week plenty of flights by LG into London, during the weekend things get complicated due to the few available flights. Nothing is impossible, but you end up spending a lot of your time off commuting..

1975 27th Aug 2013 10:55

They are hiring pilots now, will they be able to find enough type rated pilots, or will the non-type rated stand a chance? I was contacted about a month ago, asked if I have a 747 rating, which I don't have.

Flightwatch 30th Aug 2013 13:23

Only in Luxembourg.........................................

Corruption, Sanctions, and Deal-Making: Luxembourg Style

Snafu351 5th Sep 2013 15:03

Wort.lu - Arab news portal accuses former Economy Minister of corruption


Wort.lu - Government could sue over cigarette smuggling allegations

In summary:

An unidentifable entity on the web make un-substantiated allegations.


1975 18th Sep 2013 11:54

Does anyone have any update for Non-type rated applicants?

nrn 25th Sep 2013 15:38

Does anyone have some information regarding the latest selection. I've been invited to Saarlouis. (allthough I can't attent the days they have got for me, I'm hoping to reschedule)

1975 25th Sep 2013 16:20

Have any non rated applicants been invited to Saarlouis lately?

turboseven 28th Sep 2013 06:05

Cargolux details
Anybody inside can shed some light on the atmosphere these days?

nrn 28th Sep 2013 09:47

Cargolux details requested!
Hi all,

I am not rated on the 747.

737 sfi 3000 hrs

blueskiesup 29th Sep 2013 07:08

Got the "thanks,but no thanks" email Friday. Didn't think I'd get a look-in, only Turboprop rated. Shame.

Kazak 29th Sep 2013 23:38


When did you apply?

I applied in May and have not heard anything back other then the confirmation of receipt of my application.

Thank you!

Cliff Secord 2nd Oct 2013 16:17

Has anyone heard anything in the last couple of week about interviews? I applied a few weeks ago, but I'm yet to hear anything. Type rated.


nrn 5th Oct 2013 13:13

Sorry guys for the late response. I've applied with Cargolux on May 23th this year.

I was able to reschedule my dates in Saarlouis.

Anyone has a good idea what to prepare?

Randy Spangler 9th Oct 2013 11:38

Fellow colleagues,

I've finally been invited to Saarlouis. Anyone has been there lately and willing to share what to expect? Why are they doing it two days now?
Found a pretty nice report earlier in this thread, however that one was from 2009, and the assessment back then was only one day.


blueskiesup 10th Oct 2013 09:24

Can those who've got interviews share their flying experience, do you speak German?

sled dog 10th Oct 2013 12:48

Why should you need to speak German :ugh: CV is an international company.

blueskiesup 10th Oct 2013 17:00

Because Sled Dog, the application asked if you could. I'm not saying it was a requirement, just asking if anyone was able.

B77L 10th Oct 2013 20:12

I assume German is required for is an official language in Lux, and what about French?

747rider 11th Oct 2013 00:20

No german is needed nor french.... Just english and a european licence/passport

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