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victor charlie 28th Mar 2014 19:59

Cargolux medical check
Hi everyone,

Does anyone know what exactly to expect at the medical check for the cargolux assessment? I read the whole thread(and web for that matter), but no details to be found....:confused:

Appreciate all input!!


flexto 8th Apr 2014 11:44

Hello Hans,

Have you already been for IBF test or something else before they gave you "rendez-vous" for an interview in may?
I would like to know the selections process as dr Schwan is now gone...
My status is still ready for IBF for more than 3 weeks now but no news from CLX

Thanks everyone for you reply!

flexto 11th Apr 2014 16:35

Ok thanks for the info! ;)

Good luck!

Wireless 2nd May 2014 11:08

Anyone received recent invites? Applied a year ago and told application was awaiting a yay or a nay and had not yet been reviewed due the massive amount of people in que to be looked at. Have the GSS lads and lasses been taken on? See ppjn still says recruiting.


1975 6th May 2014 09:53

Does anyone know how many pilots are screened each month?

varias747 7th May 2014 00:34

Currently only applicants with positive test results are hired. Since Dr Schwan is not working with Cargolux anymore the recruitment process is on hold. They have to come up with a solution soon to keep up with the present pace of 6 new pilots per month. They will continue this amount at least until the end of the year.
The average failure rate is about 80%, so 30 candidates per month is a rough number of applicants going thru the process.

Ridinghigh 14th May 2014 07:47

Aeromedical center
Hello everyone,

The selection process at Cargolux changed from IBF to Aeromedical center in Holland.

Any one did the assessment there? There is no information on internet about it.



Diper79 14th May 2014 11:44

Also I am looking for info about selction done by aviation medical centre called gpss.


747-8driver 15th May 2014 04:05

Why not just call them.
Contact | Aviation Medical Center

Ridinghigh 15th May 2014 14:46

I did, but they said you can not prepare for it. I have a PDF file which shows you all the tests, but there is no software available.

1975 26th May 2014 15:16

Hi there.

Got an email stating that my application has been changed to "ready for assessement". Does anyone know the timeframe now until assessement, will it be weeks or years?

Regards 1975

victor charlie 4th Jun 2014 12:16

Hi guys,

also got the email today stating I am 'Ready for assessment' and that I will be contacted for an assessment appointment during the next weeks. Just have to wait I guess...

Riding high, would you mind sharing this PDF file with us?

Anyway, if anyone has some news, info or whatever, this would be highly appreciated!

Thanks and happy landings.

Ridinghigh 5th Jun 2014 13:50

You can find it on the aeromedical center website :)

Diper79 7th Jun 2014 12:47

Dear All,

I am invited for the second round of selection next week.

Does anyone have fresh information about group exercise, interview and sim screening? What questions can I expect during the interview? Is it personal questions or technical?

Would be highly appreciated!

Kind regards,


worldie 7th Jun 2014 17:00

Hi Diper 79

Congratulations. Do you have an update on the first round?

Kind regards

Morane1981 9th Jun 2014 19:23

Hello Diper 79,

Thatīs great news! Congratulations for passing the first round!

I donīt have any information about the second step but would be very happy for any details about the first step ;-)

What can I expect and how did you prepare for it?

Thank you very much.


victor charlie 21st Jun 2014 16:08

New screening
Hi everyone,

It's seems to be difficult to get info on the new screening process. Since it's so different from the old one, the 'screening-info' in this thread isnt of much use anymore. :ugh:

So I would like to ask everyone who has undergone the new selection process, (1st and /or 2nd round) to please share their information on it.

Many, many thanks to all!! :ok:

1975 19th Jul 2014 00:48

What!? More info please:ooh:

trancada 20th Jul 2014 08:55


16down2togo 20th Jul 2014 18:31

Nope! That's ground staff only! Pilot hiring and training will continue.

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