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Buster Hyman 19th Jan 2006 23:08

I could think of better places than AKL to have 5 days off though...:ugh:

CR2 20th Jan 2006 00:39

Hey Buster, wots wrong with AKL? They have sheep...
Ps, FNG in Mel seems alright. Bigger than you too :)

Spenda 20th Jan 2006 11:16

Is it possible to deadhead on company aircraft? I ask because I am wondering if I could commute from YYC. Any 5 day layovers in YYC?

acmi48 25th Jan 2006 05:47

ref cv x on a happy note some of the most outspoken opponents on the companies work rest and play policy have, and have had ,20 plus years service with the airline. while there shud be no comparison between the 1970's and today due to progress ,things have moved along quite nicely for all.

Buster Hyman 25th Jan 2006 05:53

Don't worry Ratty, I'm sure there's plenty of sheep for you...:rolleyes:


BTW...Did you ever send that "package"??:confused:

CR2 25th Jan 2006 16:08

New guy doing your old job with us.
Nope, didn't manage that. Sorry mate.

Buster Hyman 25th Jan 2006 21:03

No worries Ratty...I thought our "mate" might have been playing "funny buggers"!;)

Well, I give him 12 months unless the afore mentioned mate moves on first!:(

sonnyd 6th Feb 2006 06:19

Does Cargolux allow jumpseating by pilots of US carriers?

Buster Hyman 6th Feb 2006 06:29

Ratty. I see they're advertising again! Your new bloke moved on already huh?:p

luxfreight 6th Feb 2006 07:32

No jumpseating to anybody not affiliated to Cargolux. Which is a bit of a bind when it comes to us flight deck needing a ride with somebody else.:\

superpilut 8th Feb 2006 08:36

...so will cv take in some of the ex AAI guys, since there's still a need and there's 74 rated pilots becoming available? It would suck if they'd stop hiring non-type rated guys.. Rat, what can you tell all those hoping to enter without a rating?

CR2 8th Feb 2006 09:26

Not my balliwack superpilot; CV can issue ratings, more than that am unsure on. Have a look on the webpage, there is some blurb about it.

Flightwatch 23rd Feb 2006 16:37

Latest news on Cargolux recruitment is that they are urgently requiring more pilots.
In the unlikely event that there are any B744 type-rated F/O's out there looking for a job the start date is yesterday. JAR licence required for permenant employment but FAA etc. licences acceptable for contract work, just a full initial JAR medical to be completed.
For permenant employment details on the Cargolux website and for Contractors direct with the Chief Pilots office.
Any takers?:ok:

okap 22nd Mar 2006 22:36

hiring is still ongoing- good chance for one more aircraft in July 2006, and one in 07 ,one in 08 guaranteed. In 2009 th -8s will follow, in other words, yes hiring will continue, the strict minimum hrs as per ops manual is 15oo hrs !!!

good luck guys, but be aware thst the current work environment is not the best.


SX737 9th Apr 2006 21:18

Cargolux reqruitment.
I have about 1500 hours on the B737-300/400 and about 1800TT. Cargoloux is requesting 2500TT and I see on the interpersonal site that the positions for FOs are only 10 now.
Do I need to wait for the 2500 hour limit or will they accept my application as such????? Will recruitment really continue??? Does having a university degree make a difference?

luxfreight 10th Apr 2006 07:19

737azf, I wouldn't give up just yet. If you live close to Luxembourg or are prepared to move to Lux - you may stand an outside chance. From what I heard I heard lately, recruitment is on going and will be for some time. If your really commited to getting into Cargolux - show the personnel department how commited you are, keep applications arriving on their door step. Good luck, it is well worth the effort.

klink 11th Apr 2006 09:07

Originally Posted by CommitedToStay
And: No, these guys are not flying for LUXAIR (which ocassionally seems to have a negative impact on the outcome of applications sometimes).

Ehm... occasionally it doesn't. I think that during the last 30 years 6 were "allowed" to swap.

Which makes me think; what would you prefer FO 737 with LG or FO with CV?
Currently hardly any promotions within LG, so stuck on that seat for at least another 8 years.:{ Salaries will be frozen for the coming years.:{ "Promotion" thereafter to whatever RJ or TP they will have.:uhoh: Then fly 4 legs a day, 20 days a month, with anything but optimized turnarounds; so lots of duty. (Even FR schedues look better) :(
..But you're at home in your own bed every night.

Or CV, where you'll make a little more money, a brighter looking future, more interesting destinations, but where you're on the road a lot (if not the whole time..):ooh:

luxfreight 12th Apr 2006 08:44

to CTS
Let me dump some water on your pessimism and show you some realism behind my statement.

I have just flown with a colleage of ours who put his first application into Cargolux in 1988. He finally got into cargolux in 2002 after putting 3 to 4 applications in every year.He now lives in Luxembourg and you can't get the smile off his face (and he didn't come from a low-cost to get here). By the way I was LOT luckier I only had to apply once.

In +/- 2weeks time we will receive and extra 2 cheques in our pay envelope whilst a lot of other airlines including Luxair are struggling to keep their heads above the water. If you work out exactly how much you worked in the last year, you'll find out it was about 6 months all in.If you worked more than that you where selling something and you have yourself to blame.Not bad really and I accept that the rostering can be a little off colour sometimes - but hey - you got to take the rough with the smooth, we both have to work for our money sometimes.

I suggest that your mates are not making it into Cargolux because - interpersonal (who ever he is)- sees in them what he missed in you i.e. the whining trait that is dragging the our easy going company attitude into a pit.

I challenge you to find another job in Europe with the conditions and pay that you have here at Cargolux. When you do- go - you will find out that it is never to late.


Jungleland 12th Apr 2006 09:03

Luxair goes Cargolux?
Heard on the street that Luxair will lay off quite a few pilots, and that Luxair and Cargolux would 'make a deal' to take over 30 of them into CV ops. Is that somewhat true?

Also heard by someone calling interpersonal that they are very busy this year, and will have interviews every week all year, but as well see no end of it. Looks good. But do Luxair pilots have to go through them and IBF, or use the fast lane?


klink 12th Apr 2006 09:11

@ LF
Hey, I already thought you meant me!:}
But I don't think CTS meant it that bad, or is he always like this?

Jungle: nobody will be laid off.
Early retirements, voluntary moving and parttime should do the trick.
Nothing confirmed re LG-CV deal, although some are trying very, very hard.

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