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lostoverfrance 8th Feb 2014 12:43

the taxman

Are there any current CV pilots living in Germany that can give me the lowdown on the tax situation? there appears to be some rule in the double taxation agreement with Luxembourg that says if you're out of LUX for more than 19 days you get taxed in Germany. Obviously this is undesirable:uhoh:. Any info greatly appreciated as I'm contemplating moving house.



F/O 8th Feb 2014 13:59

How long does it normally take before you hear about the result of the assessment in Saarlouis?

varias747 9th Feb 2014 07:53

It is going fast, since if they screen then they need you. Right now is the right time to apply, although there are >1000 applications in the pipe.

1975 11th Feb 2014 17:36

Does anyone know how many are doing the assessement per month now?

Flightwatch 13th Feb 2014 14:38

From today's CV press release - make of it what you will. I suggest it means they are doing well at the moment. Remember only 4 -400Fs have left since the -8F arrived so already a net increase of 5 aircraft.

Cargolux places order for additional Boeing 747-8 Freighter
Luxembourg, 13th February 2014
Cargolux Airlines International today announced that it has ordered an additional 747-8 Freighter from Boeing as part of its ongoing fleet renewal and expansion program. This additional airplane takes the total orders to 14 B747-8F airplanes. It will support the airline’s growth on the back of an expected increase in cargo volumes fueled by a recovery in world trade growth and improved business confidence.
Cargolux currently operates 9 Boeing 747-8 Freighters and 11 Boeing 747-400 Freighters that are successively replaced by the newer model. The additional 747-8 Freighter is expected to be delivered in March 2015. In 2014, the airline will add LX-VCJ and LX-VCK, two of the new generation aircraft from Boeing, to its fleet.
Since the delivery of the first 747-8 Freighter to launch customer Cargolux in 2011, the new aircraft type has proven to be a valuable addition to the airline’s fleet with unsurpassed economics, lower operational costs and environmental advances. The new Cargolux workhorse has shown high dispatch reliability and, in 2013, has achieved an average daily utilization of almost 16 hours, one of the highest in the industry.

LAJ 15th Feb 2014 09:41

Hello fellow pilots

I am going to the personal interview after having passed the IBF selection in Saarlouis.
I have been informed that the interview will last around 3 hours.
Can anyone tell me what to expect?
Which questions?
Group exercises/discussion?

Any information is highly appriciated...


CLHPILOT 17th Feb 2014 23:17

Clh Pilots
Good evening,
I'm one of the Lufthansa Pilots who aim for CLX. I'll be scheduled for an interview early march as far as I know. We are supposed to have a kind of ATP theoretical test. It looks as I'll have to work trough the whole thread to find out what they will be, or can anybody help me out on this?
There are 24 vacancies for Lufthansa Pilots, for a 24 month contract with CLX. So a good chance for me totry out long haul.
I gathered a few information about CLX, but would still appreciate to talk to a clx F/O in personal to find out what it's like to be an CARGOLUX EMPLOYEE AND PILOT!
Maybe I have the chance to see the schedules of your last year.
Hope for some response
Cheers yours

Skystar02 18th Feb 2014 15:44


Apparently CLX should change their pilot requirements for a position in CLX. There are some "extra" requirements to be suitable. This leaves out of chance to pilots who comply with the requirements (issued) and have been applying for years...:ugh:What a waste of time...

Good luck anyway for those who have that chance...

1975 18th Feb 2014 17:49

Agree, this is sad news to those who are willing to commit for a future career with Cargolux, but have to wait while others come and go

CLHPILOT 19th Feb 2014 05:50

Just to make clear that its for LH Cityline Pilots, this got nothing to do with the LH Classic employees. These are 2 different companies with 2 different contracts. If you're working for CLH YOU'll be stuck on CRJ and EMJ. If you wan't to change to LH Classic you have to start by Zero! Even me, after 15 Years of flying "Lufthansa" Aircraft,would start as fresh new F/O with the first salary change! Even the students in Bremen will have a higher seniority than me when it comes to upgrades! As LH Cityline is phasing out their 17 CrJ 700, the company is looking for vacancies for their pilots before starting a social plan! We sent people to Condor, Turkish Airlines some Indonesian operator snd now to CLX.

Indrapoera 20th Feb 2014 10:09

@ Skystar02 & RedbullGaveMeWings

I honestly don't think there are extra "hidden" requirements. I've been waiting for an invitation for nearly 3 years, don't forget they have a huge stack of CV's. I guess it's just a matter of being paciente and sooner or later you'll get the call! (That's what happened to me at least :ok:)

shockcooling 20th Feb 2014 10:18

Well, and all you clh pilots did the ibf assessment too?
I worked my ass of for 2 days this month and got a short no thanks mail back. Just figuring out wether I didn't pass the test because of myself or if they got many fo coming over (paid by clh as it seems to be a 2yr deal?)
Did they recently made this deal? As I got my invitation already in November...

Anyway, I wish them all the best, it's a great company to work for :ok:

varias747 20th Feb 2014 11:59

CLX needs more than 30 pilots from CLH! With >70 new entries this year and possible new hierings in 2015 this is the time to apply.
As they say the deal with LH is a 2-3years deal we will see how many are commiting and how many are going back to CLH or LH, they will have to be replaced.
There are no extra skills requiered, but 70+ open positions and > 2000 applications, you can do the math. It's not much different than trying to join AF BA UA etc.
Good luck for every one trying.

Itchy bum 20th Feb 2014 18:23

I've an interview coming up for a temporary contract with Cargolux. Maybe only until end of the year. Anyone know what to expect for the interview?

zeddb 21st Feb 2014 15:54

I've sent you a PM


ATRISGREAT 27th Feb 2014 07:55

What is the roster like and can you live abroad and commute to Luxembourg, or do you have to live at your base?

I heard cargolux means 3 weeks away from home every month and hard work with days off downroute, is that true?

16down2togo 27th Feb 2014 19:53

atrisgreat, do the math yourself: one 3 day and one 6 day block off in every 28 day roster plus rest before off plus vac. How do you get to 3 weeks flying per month, it's all in the thread. As I said before, who's not able to extract this basic info from this formidable threat should probably not try the test at all.

varias747 6th Mar 2014 12:55

change in the process
The selection process will change since the contract with the agency which was responsible until now is terminated.
The SIM and Interview will remain the same, its done in-house.
It depends how many of the GSS type rated colleges are applying and making it and what the final number of the City Line pilots is (30-40). There is still a demand, the fleet growth continues.
All the best.:ok:

varias747 14th Mar 2014 23:39

Not yet clear who is conducting the new selections.
They know who will make the upgrade, it is a way to justify if they don't wanna give you the chance, psychological excuses.

trancada 20th Mar 2014 22:17

Any news? About the new recruiting company?

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