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sled dog 11th Oct 2013 12:35

French is the OFFICIAL language in Lux.........
Do we now have a German mafia in CV ? In my day it was Icelandic.

B77L 12th Oct 2013 07:30

I knew that, that's why I asked about it ;)

PH-JPC 12th Oct 2013 22:30

@ midnight cruiser
I dont speak German, nor do some of the other people hired last few years.

HURZ 13th Oct 2013 02:20

Not French, not German, not Burgerish.
It of advantage when you speak CHINESE!:ugh:

blueskiesup 14th Oct 2013 21:04

Ok, so we've ascertained that German's not required. Can those that have been taken on elaborate on their flight experience. I've only got TP time, so I'm expecting there to be hundreds of applicants with jet time.

coltrane 15th Oct 2013 00:37


Yep, close to 5500 TT with 2000 PIC 737, Have been waiting for "the" call for over 2 years now :( There must be loads of applicants, I guess we have to be patient and await our turn!

nrn 19th Oct 2013 09:37

Does anybody know if the skytest Cargolux thingy is usefull to prepare stage one at Saarlouis?

EAM 21st Oct 2013 11:14

Its always an advantage if you speak the local language and as french, german and lŽtzebuergesch are the official languages in Luxemburg, it might be an advantage to speak one of those languages.

sled dog 21st Oct 2013 19:16

EAM, see post # 1034 . All languages are used ( you missed English ) but only one is "official " .

EAM 21st Oct 2013 20:06

ahh sorry, didnīt know that has been changed recently.
Maybe you wanna update this:

LŽtzebuerg (Land) ? Wikipedia

16down2togo 21st Oct 2013 21:14

Guess he was talking about CV, look at the topics name, not Luxembourg,
All this bully about german or whatever you need to talk to join.
Neither are any Germans a majority in the last 100 of the senlist, nor is there any language preferred except english, which we speak on the line.

EAM 22nd Oct 2013 08:20

question on #1029 was: Why should you need to speak German

answer on #1032: German is required for is an official language in Lux,

reply on #1034:French is the OFFICIAL language in Lux.........

So we are talking about Luxemburg and why it would be an advantage to speak one of the THREE official languages in Luxemburg, french, german and lŽtzebuergesch when joining CV.
Of course it is not a requirement, but as said, it is always an advantage to speak the local language.
Guess we are done with that now.

Tank2Engine 22nd Oct 2013 09:57

People and Languages - Luxembourg.lu - Luxembourg at a Glance

The linguistic situation is special, as there are three official languages in Luxembourg: LŽtzebuergesch, French and German.
The website claims to be: "the official website of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. An international business card of the Grand Duchy on the web, the site is a gateway to non-commercial information about the country."

Interestingly enough there is neither a German nor a LŽtzebuergesch version of that website, only a French and English one. Nice and confusing: welcome to LUX! :{ :ugh: :8

Randy Spangler 25th Oct 2013 11:16

I'm using Skytest to prepareÖAnyone know if there's an ATP quiz?
Anyone has been lately there?

nrn 26th Oct 2013 10:18

I'm using skytest as well. Do we have to perform math questions?
Don't think there will be ATPL questions

Randy Spangler 27th Oct 2013 09:02

Haven't heard or read about any math...

Hotelpresident 27th Oct 2013 11:15

They normally look for pilots with long-haul experience. People who is used to oceanic flights.

16down2togo 27th Oct 2013 14:21

They only look for 21 year old Germans with 15 years long haul experience over Oceans and 10.000h in command of a 747-8, minimum 5 languages fluent!

sled dog 27th Oct 2013 15:41

:ok: :cool:

16down2togo 27th Oct 2013 21:59

I'm very sorry to be that ironic to all the interested new guys. I know, some of you have been waiting for a looong time for an answer. But I see a tendency in the last few pages of this, otherwise, very informative thread, to be hijacked by outside people which have absolutely no idea of the hiring criteria, to post more than ridiculous demands, tips or whatever.
Stick to what the company asks for, no booby traps, nothing, no german, long haul, super powers or anything else required. All this specials are mentioned by outsiders with, obviously no internal knowledge at all.
So my ironic quotes are strictly to these people and not anybody who seriously wants to join.

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