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Hi guys I went to Saarlouis recently for Cargolux;

Here are some informations for you about how it happen overthere :

1st medical examination:
eyes : -long and short distance
-3 dimensions picture (you must see an elephant and star)
- colors (you must see some numbers)
hears, heart, blood and pee sample.
breathing capacity
general examination by doctor.

2nd, you'll spend the rest of the day in front of a computer :

1) you have 4 geometrical figures, and a fith one with is changing all the time (about every sec), when it corresponds to one of the four, you have to press a key. Quite difficult because sometimes only one detail differs.

2)the screen is divided in two, on both sides you have some lines of number or letters combinations or geometrical simple shapes.
On the left line side some itmes are crossed; you have to cross the items wich are identical on the right side, easy but you must do it fast.

3)You have some picture of streets with some traffic (little bit like the one I used to see during my driving licence examination )
This pictures are just a glimpse , it just stays a fraction of second on the screen then you if to click on the following boxes if you have see that in the picture :
traffic light
road sign

4)For this exercice, you must use
2 pedals

on the screen you have a triangle wich stands on his top

you must maintain the triangle straight on his top by using the stick (if it rotates towards its right, move the stick to the left to correct).

This triangle must stand on a cross but it is unstable, it moves right/left and front/back from that cross.
Press the right pedal to move it towards you
Press the left pedal to move it right
in order to keep it on the cross.

You have to use both pedals and stick together, this is a coordination exercise.

5) other coordination exercise :
you must use the keyboard wich has some round colors buttons
red, blue, white, yellow, green.
they are also two square buttons in the middle (grey and black), the grey button is above the black one.
you must also use the pedals.

When you see a red round on the screen, you press the red button
(like this for all the colours buttons)
When you ear a high sound, you press the grey button
When you ear a low sound, you press the black button
Wen you have a grey round on the left side of the screen, press the left pedal
When you have a grey round on the right side of the screen, press the right pedal.

It all go fast and you must be quick,

6) you have a kind of city map in front of you with some symbols, it stays on the screen maybe 3 seconds, you have to memorise the location, the map appear again and you must locate the symbols wich are asked to you.
There can be up to seven symbol on the chart, you can cheat by using your fingers on the screen if there are no too many of write them down quickly on a paper, or use a erasable pen on the screen

7) this is an endurance test (important for long haul like cargolux), you have a white dot moving every second on a black screen, it moves around like a clock, but sometimes maybe 10 times on the 30 min test duration, it moves by 2 centimeters instead of the usual 1 centimeter, so you must press a key when it's the case, easy but boring and tiring. Trick, follow the dot with your finger to well notice the skip

8) It's like a classical IQ test you have 5 figures on the screen and you must chose the sixth one among a choice of 4 corresponding to the logical sequence.

9)Orientation test, you have a plane picture with an heading given, then an other picture with that plane, you must chose wich axis and wich direction were used to move the aircraft, sometimes different solutions, but use always the shorter way,
3 axis :

and also chose clockwise / anticlockwise

10) You have 4 easy shapes on the screen, and one shape corresponding to one of the 4 hereabove appear, you must click on the corresponding one,
very easy, the next shape appears once you have clicked, but you must be as fast and precise as you can.

11) It is like the exercise 2)
but sometimes the computer ask you questions and you must first answer the questions and then continue on your task as exercise 2)
The questions sometime refer to an agenda wich you must open by clicking on it or to a phonebook, you have all the answer choice in the bottom of the screen or this kind of question :

Martin is shorter than Jack wich is shorter than Alan, who is the tallest ?
Complete this logical serial : 2 4 6 8 ...
How much is 42 plus 26 divided per 2.....
When do you have to go to the swimming pool ..... (refer agenda)
Wich city lives Mr Smith...... (refer to adress book)

You have also a timer on the corner of the screen and some answers must be giver at a certain time, so write them down and don't forget to click on the answer at the giver time.

Also during the day you will have to answer to about 600 psycholigical questions, itís to find how is your personality,
Different aspects of the personality will be analysed like

-Introvert / Extrovert
-active / lazy

Here are a few questions that appareared :

Do you think love is more important than work ?
Do you work more than other people ?
Do you always respect speed limits ?
Do you like to drive fast?
Are you afraid by spiders?
Do you like gladiator movies?
Have you ever cried during a movie?
Do you sometimes feel so stressed that you canít sleep?
Do you like order?
Does disorder makes you feel angry?

I hope this will help you guys, I think that is very important to share vital information to everybody than keeping it for himself so other can benefit and can be better prepared,

Good luck guys


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